Thursday, 2 July 2015

Postage Stamps and blue skies

Hi Everybody!

It's really hot here this week, 34° outside, and not much less inside -
I think it's summer!

Last Week the Queen visited Germany, and this was my inspiration for this journal page for Art Journal Journey, post and postage. The queen has been pictured on more stamps than I could ever try to count, and a few of them are here. I have often seem similar caricatures of the Queen, and I had fun drawing this one. The background of the A3 page has been painted with gesso, and I drew the cartoon with a Pentel pen and used Gelatos and India-Ink pens for the colouring. The golden trellis and post mark were stenciled. I had so much fun that I drew a second one, which I will show in the course of the month. I was asked if I do all of the journal pages for the month in advance, and have not yet managed so many. But I do have 17 ready made, which leaves me some time to join in other challenges, too.

Today started off with a great sunrise, and I was fascinated by the beautiful skies with little, fluffy clouds.

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. haha,deine Queen sieht echt stark aus,tolle post seite und die himmelsbilder sind fantastisch.
    einen schönen tag dir.

    hugs jenny

  2. This is wonderful! I adore that you used the postage with your cartoon. Bravo!

  3. Beautiful page inspired by the Queen! What lovely blue skies at this time of year.

  4. Wonderful page today, great cartoon of the Queen, al in all really fantastic. Love the photos too, the sky is beautiful Have a nice day, stay cool! Hugs, Sarah

  5. Well done Valerie! hahaa Made me lol!! xo

  6. Das ist einfach herrlich! Wunderbar deine Queen ... klasse! Großartige Idee!
    Liebe Grüße, Annette

  7. The Queen as I like her!
    I have an son in law in london. but I do not know if he would understand it. So ist es mein kleines Geheimnis, Dich hier gefunden zu haben.
    Ich blicke leider in der "Szene" noch so gar nicht durch. Wer ist Wer?
    Aber Spass habe ich, soooo viel Spass!
    Herzlich Pippa

  8. schon 17 bilder vorgewerkelt, huch!! schläfst du auch manchmal? dein Journal beitrag ist klasse, aber auch wieder die Fotos... zu den Pferden gibt's ja auch reiter:)

    1. Ich schlafe sehr schlecht, aber dadurch hab ich mehr Bastelzeit!

  9. Ich bin hin- und weg von Lizzy .. Du hast sie so gut getroffen- perfekt!
    Die Bilder sind herrlich und zeigen die Sommerstimmung, die endlich herrscht, großartig!
    Du bist die AJJ Queen of pages Valerie... Hut ab - Deine Ideen sind die besten!
    Bussi und keep cool

  10. Amazing photographs Valerie especially the flower and insect one.

    Love the post page and your caricature of the Queen in Stunning. I bet Prince Charles would buy this page to send a birthday card to his Mum.

    Have a great day

    Love Chrissie xx

  11. Valerie I am absolutely loving how creatively you have used those old stamps. Just love the slight sense of humour in your design too lol. Awesome country photos.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  12. Eine köstlich witzige Seite hast du da geschaffen, gefällt mir supergut,echt originell. Ja und deine Fotos sind auch wieder so schön.
    Wünsch dir einen schönen Sommer.
    LG Sabine

  13. Love, love, love your Queen Valerie! You made my day! Hugs

  14. Your page made me smile, it's fun and fabulous.
    xxx Hazel.

  15. such an adorable piece
    the stamps add fun to it
    lovely summery photos too
    hot over here as well
    sweet weekend to you

  16. I love what you've done with the postage theme, and the image of the queen! Wonderfully imaginative and appealing! The photos are great too, you are multi-talented!

  17. Beautiful creation, images and colours used. Have a great weekend..xx
    {aNNie My Personal Blog}

  18. Yup, I'd say summer has arrived by the photos. And man, what a spectacular page. You always come up with something very clever! It put a big smile on my face this morning.

  19. Ha, wie witzig!
    Die Zichorien haben doch so ein tolles Blau - ich liebe sie! LG Ulrike

  20. Wonderful page today Valerie. I am hypnotized by the shots you took of that fabulous blue flower, wowsers, talk about nature being the greatest art form of all! hugs :)

  21. Phew that IS HOT! I see the Chicory are blooming for you too...such pretty wild flowers!
    Your Queen drawing is wonderful ... you certainly captured her essence beautifully with her fine array os postage stamps as decos.
    That is a very powerful quote.
    Stay cool my friend (more time to stay inside and make art).

  22. Wonderful pages from the Queen Inspiration. You created her perfectly in the style and look. Love the stamps too. Gorgeous blue skies to coordinate with your hot weather. Love the horseback riders.
    Have a great day and stay cool!

  23. Great caricature of the Queen. It certainly looks like her. It was interesting to find that you do your pages ahead of time, rather than 1 per day. I am still working my way through posting cards I made a month ago.
    Oh my heart, that blue flower looks just like a fairy. How sweet!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely day in Germany. BTW, my new next door neighbour is from Germany. She is a lovely senior lady with a sharp sense of humour and a twinkle in her eye. She reminds me of my feisty Scottish Mum.
    Hugs & smiles,

  24. I'm sure the Queen will be very happy with her new portrait (better than some she has seen), and I'm glad her handbag was made in England, of course she is proud to advertise that fact. Clever how you've made the arch from a selection of her postage stamps throughout the years.
    You've made 17 in advance? - gosh, gulp, that's dedication and artistic genius and hard work too, of course.

  25. Another super AJJ page. I love all the stamps and your drawing.
    Your photos are lovely as always but I do love that magnificent blue flower. What a beauty! {{Hugs}}
    Hope you're managing to stay cool :o))

  26. What a fun piece! I'm sure the Queen would be flattered! Beautiful blue flower, and I see it had a little visitor, too!

  27. This one really made me smile :) Great capture of the essence of the Queen. Looks like a beautiful summer day there....we are rainy again today :(

  28. Gefällt mir super gut deine Seite. Deine wunderschönen Fotos auch.
    LG Dagmar

  29. A fantastic page and drawing of the Queen. Liked the words you added, a message whichmany would relate to.
    Super photos as well.
    Yvonne xx

  30. How marvelous your Queen. And the close up of those flowers, beautiful. I'm with you on heat, not my favorite thing. xox

  31. I just love your drawing of the Queen! Great job:)

  32. I just love that cartoon of the queen.

  33. Oh my word that Queen is fantastic- bravo from me!

  34. Brilliant drawing of the Queen, the photos are very interesting, especially the fabulous blue flower.

    Love and hugs

  35. Brilliant! I love your caricature! Spot on! Another great share for #ShowYourFace this week, thanks for linking. x

  36. You did a beautiful job on the queen .... looove ♡☆♡☆♡


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