Tuesday, 31 August 2021

New Challenge at TIOT

Hi Everybody!

Today we are staring a new challenge at TIOT - use book pages. As always, all projects are welcome as long as they fit our theme, and you have 2 weeks to join us. And don't forget to look at the lovely projects my teamies have made!

I made a journal page using a page from my Webster's dictionary. The image is from Gecko Galz. The quote is from the song of songs, sometimes called song of Solomon, in the Bible, and refers to the love between God and man. For my take I have altered it and showed 2 people in love. I drew half-circles in pencil as a guide for the lettering. I used stick-on letters for the English, and wrote the Hebrew words with black ink. The letters read 'Ani l'dodi v'l'dodi li'. I am also linking to Neet's type challenge at AJJ. This is the last day of her challenge, so thanks a lot Neet, this  has been so much fun for me, I really enjoyed the month!

Today I am carrying on with the photos of Bonn. I have added links to all of the important sites so you can read about them in English:

We got off the bus at the museum's mile and moved quickly to the German History Museum, as it was pouring. I would very much recommend reading about it, it was a fascinating experience:

This monument celebrates the re-unification of Germany:

This is the Godesburg

Lots of interesting buildings:

The bus drove along the Rhine and here you can see the 'Siebengebirge', although the hills are mostly hulled in rain and mist:

A picture from the town information:

Here you can see Schloss Drachenburg

After the re-unification of Germany  Berlin was once again made the capital of Germany instead of Bonn. This little kiosk opposite the old parliament building was once favoured by many politicians who popped out in the break for a hot dog, a chat and some normality:

The art museum in Bonn:

Outside the museum:

I hope you enjoyed your tour with me!
Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!

Monday, 30 August 2021

T STands for this and ThaT

Hi Everybody!

Hope you all had a good weekend. Here it has been very wet again, but better than too hot for me!

Today I have another piece to share for Neet's type challenge at AJJ, this time an 8" square piece. I used copies of the old documents to cut out the heads, not the real things!

Today is also Elizabeth's T sTands for Tuesday link party, so here a warm welcome to all of the nice ladies of the T gang who visit here. We saw this sign in Bonn on Friday,  almost at the end of our day out:

And I'm starting at the end of the day because this is where we got the food and drinks we were craving:

This was my dinner - and no, I didn't manage to eat it all, although it was very delicious, so the rest came home in a doggy bag:

The old pub where we ate was evidently Beethoven's pub, as he lived almost next door:

Here we are waiting to start eating, the waiter took the photo. I have my mask under my chin like a bib!

And this was a great was of saying 'No smoking!'

I loved the elaborate ceiling:

Beethoven was looking down at us:

I wonder how much beer goes in that barrel?

Ans this is Beethoven's house, now a museum:

When we arrived in Bonn we scurried around looking for the Tourist information centre to buy our tickts for the bus. This is the market place:

A drinking bear:

The old walls and gate:

A drinking fountain:

My friends C &  S hugging a fun statue of Beethoven in the tourist centre:

Then we hopped onto a hop-on, hop-off tour bus:
(Photo courtesy Stadt Bonn)
For more information please see here:

We got seats on the top at the front and could look down on the scenes all round us. During the whole drive we got explanations about the various sights, interspersed with beautiful Beethoven music:

The yellow building is a palace once used by the Bishops and Archbishop of Cologne; today it is part of the University:

The Minster, dating back to the 14th century:

The main station:

The old  cemetery where lots of famous people were buried:

The August Macke House:

The minaret of the Mosque. The wavy lines were created by the rain streaming down the window:

I will show the rest of the photos in my next post.

Some memes to make us smile and think:

Have a great day, take care;
and thanks a lot for coming by!