Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween and the last day of Architecture

 Hi Everybody!

Today is the last day of the Architecture challenge at Art Journal Journey, and as usual, I have made a collage of all the pieces I made this month. For many of them I made a trip down memory lane and used photos of the places where I have lived at various times. Do call back tomorrow to see the new theme!

This is the last of my A3 journal pages. The wall in the centre is a photo taken near the Rhine. The window and spiders were added digitally. I fussy cut some little spooks and let them fly around, and added some leaves, natural and embossed with Frantage.

We have had good weather for several days, so I have been able to enjoy my walks.

In spring the shores of the Rhine are planted with blue crocuses from one end of the town to the other. They seem to have got a bit muddled, and are blooming among the autumn leaves:

Somebody had picked 2 and laid them here:

We had another beautiful moon and a cold and starry night:

Have a great day you all, happy Halloween, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!

Friday, 30 October 2015

Lots of Strange

Hi Everybody!
This week went by really quickly again, and once again it is Friday. And tomorrow it is Halloween, so happy haunting if you have been invited to stir a cauldron or fly to the moon.

For Paint Party Friday I made an A3 mixed media art journal page. The central part is a hybrid mix of images made out of earlier creations and some digital add ons. The stone heads are from June at Dezinaworld and the Elizabethan gent  is a freebie from Foxey Squirrel. I painted round the picture using a mix of gesso, titan buff and ocker, and then further distressed it with pastel chalks, before adding some stenciling with DIs. I wrote various quotes around the edges, you may need to turn your computer, or stand on your head if you are athletic, to read them. Well, I called my journal page 'Strange'

For Art Journal Journey I have a hybrid page, using an altered photo I took last week as background, with additions from Dezinaworld and Itkupilli. I used an overlay with script over the photo before adding the various elements.

When I am on my walks I sometimes treat myself to a cappuccino at the 'Burghof', a restaurant, cafe and Beer garden at the Rhine. There is a collection of vintage cars there, all rusting in peace.

If you look into the windows you can see strange things, too:

(That's not a ghost, it's me taking the photo!)

The tables are made from long, thick planks cut from huge trees. You have to go into the Bistro/ wintergarten to order your coffee/beer or whatever you want.

There's a wonderful view of the Rhine from the terrace, that's why I like to drink my coffee there, so peaceful. (In summer, when it is packed, perhaps not so peaceful!)

If you look up when you go in to order your coffee, you see this scene:

And if you go through the bistro into the main part of the house, where the restaurant and gallery are situated, you see some strange sights in the hallway, too. And not just for Halloween, it's always like this.

And if you dare to venture into the Ladies' restroom, you can sit and admire the scenes on the ceiling and walls:

We do have lots of normal cafés and restaurants here, but this post is about STRANGE!

And I will leave you with a peaceful view of the Rhine:

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Autumn and architecture

Hi Everybody!

Once again the day has run away from me and I don't have much to show for it!

For Art Journal Journey, architecture, I have 2 pages. The first one is a hybrid piece. The background is a photo  of the evening sky, taken from my balcony, overlaid with an old family document. The building is a freebie from Itkupilli, and the statue and wings are from Dezinaworld. The blue moon is the photo of the yellow moon, shown at the bottom of the post, with altered colours. The lady is also one of my creations, here with a colour change. I have been very fascinated from the wonderful night skies and moons lately!

This journal page, A3, mixed media, shows one of the houses near where I grew up. The houses have long been pulled down, and although it was a rather dreary corner in the East End of London, I still miss it. I don't know why the policeman was standing there....I wonder what was going on? 

A little café near here has these beautiful lamps outside:

Autumn colours everywhere:

And the moon last night was a huge, yellow disc - very spooky!

Have a good day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!