Thursday, 8 October 2015

Architecture can be fun

Hi Everybody!

Hope your week is going well.

For Art Journal Journey, architecture, and Moo Mania and More, patterns,
I made another A3 mixed media page. The background is a brush-wipe page, collaged with a cur out from a magazine. The graffiti artist is called Stik and the drawing is on a house in Bristol. I added my own graffiti with a marker.

I took these photos here 2 years ago, somebody just added a smile to the 'eyes' in the wall of the public toilets by the Rhine. I love how the sunlight is reflecting from the stained glass windows of the Basilica opposite. I was rather sad to see that the powers that be painted over the smile :(

I watched the sky growing lighter from inside today:

This slug in fashionable leopard-look oozed across my path last week:

I never tire of watching the horses grazing:

These photos are from Bad Honnef, a little town further up the Rhine.

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. You have some fun house pieces today. Your piece is great. That house definitely has some humor! And I agree, that smile should stay on the building because it just bland but the smile makes it! And you do feeling like smiling after using the restroom. And who keep a horse statue on their deck. But how pretty it is around you. Hope those antibiotics are kicking in and you're improving!:)

  2. I really enjoyed this post, especially for the humorous house you shared in your art. It is wonderful. Of course, I wondered how the horse got on the second floor deck of that building, and laughed when I saw it. Such fun, except for the slug, which I agree oozes, whether it's crossing YOUR path or in my garden.

    Hope you feel better soon, because pneumonia is nothing to sneeze (or cough) at.

  3. I think street art is becoming very popular all over the world .. here in San Miguel there is some fabulous murals. Love your 'modern' graffiti. There must be some very beautiful horses around where you live. Horse ranches where they breed pure bloods? The old beam architecture - adore it. So much character. Hope you are feeling better today. hugs and love, Donna xo

    1. They are mostly places offering stabling and care for the horses. The owners leave them there as most people do not have enough room in their gardens. A lot of the one time farms here are now used that way, and they grow food for the horses on the arable land.

  4. Love your street art page, and your fun photos of the toilet house. There are bad graffiti that I don't like, but ones like this are great. Keep resting and take care! Hugs, Sarah

  5. such a cute page today Valerie! That is a fun smile on that house. So the horses have jackets on again now.

  6. Das Garffiti des Künstlers und Deins ergenen zusammen eine richtig geniale Seite! Super coole dieses Foto vom Graffiti um das Fenster! Tolle Aufnahmen sind das alles... das Pferd am Balkon ist cool!
    Das erinner mit an Pippi Langstrumps "Kleiner Onkel" auf der Veranda!

    Gute Besserung Sweetielein!
    Hab einen wunderschönen Tag!
    AJJ und MOO MANIA & MORE inclusive mir sind happy über Deine schöne Seite!

  7. sorry--ich bin noch nicht ganz wach.. die Tasten wollen nicht so wie ich...

    1. Es ist bekannt, dass die Tasten sich bewegen im Laufe der Nacht um uns durcheinander zu bringen am nächsten Tag!

  8. Fabulous mixed media page, love the humour in it and the background looks fantastic!

  9. Your architecture page really made me smile - so quirky and original. Wonderful photos too (except the slug - I just can't make friends with slugs!).
    Alison x

  10. eine schöne seite und tolle bilder,das haus mit dem pferd erinnert mich auch an pippi langstrumpfs kleiner onkel.
    hoffentlich gehts dir bals wieder gut,ich wünsch dir schnell gute besserung.
    einen schönen tag heute.

    hugs jenny

  11. Your page is wonderful with fun images and striking colours..the patterns are beautiful..

    Terrific photographs with beautiful buildings and the very unusual horse on a balcony

    Hope your day is going well

    Love Chrissie xx

  12. If you build it they will come - wonderful background colors.
    Happiness is finding a bathroom when you need it.
    Every Zebra needs a balcony.
    Love that gate and the view beyond!!!!
    Sandy xx

  13. A very fun page today; I can't image having the graffiti on a house that is so comical. Your additional graffiti with patterns adds a lot to the page. Love the added photos of the town of Bad Honnef and never tire viewing the photos of the beautiful horses. Rest more again today. We all want you well, my friend.

  14. Hi Valerie, Love houses with humor. What a fun design. Great photos from around your darling town. The horses are a favorite to see . Have a great day and feel better soon. cm

  15. Love the art!!! Great photos again..really love the snail and the horse on the balcony :) Hope you are feeling better ♥

  16. You are definitely fun! That page is so cute and imaginative. I love the smiley face windows. Did you do it? Come on, confess. ;-)

    1. Hmmm, do you think I would do something like that? :)

  17. Your collage is fun!
    And as always your photos blow me away. Are you photographing professionally or just for pleasure?

  18. Stik" has had a good time with his street art, enjoyed the link, and your "tribute" artwork with the pretty leaves.
    Your streets and buildings always look so well cared for.

  19. Brilliant street art :) Your photos are beautiful!

  20. Love the humour and your inspiration for this art journal page.

  21. Wonderful street art on the wall Valerie, its a fantastic page. I bet that horse on the balcony makes folk look twice when they see it. Super photos.
    Yvonne xx

  22. I am always so impressed with your posts. Your art, your photos and your words. I am off to a meeting.
    Have a great weekend

  23. Awe, your pictures are always so beautiful and your piece really made me smile, thank you! xoxo

  24. Love the house and your pics are gorgeous as usual. x

  25. ahhh I'm behind again. I was glad to see from your message that you've been good and resting in bed, bet its frustrating when you want to be and out and about, but hope its helping you.

    I really love your fabulous and fun artwork!
    I've never been to Bristol but I believe they have Graffiti dedicated areas and various events for this type of art.
    We had a 'Banksy' piece turn up out of the blue over night on a wall local to me, but the council painted over it.

    Slugs, skies and sensational buildings again - fab photos and post again .... Gill xx

  26. Ha, das Fenstermännchen gefällt mir total, hast eine schöne Seite daraus gemacht.
    Aber auch bei deinen Fotos ist dieses Mal viel Witziges dabei, das Toilettenhaus-Smily und das Pferd auf dem Balkon!
    Jetzt hätte ich fast die gescheckte Schnecke vergessen... eine dieser Gattung hatte ich doch fast mal im Mund, weil sie an meiner Bierflasche hoch gekrochen war, im Dunkeln auf der Terrasse! Brrr!
    LG. Ulrike

  27. OMGOSH! This is another new favorite Valerie!! You added Stik so perfectly!!i cracked up when I saw him! Well done!! xo

  28. Eine wundervolle Journalseite, Valerie.

    MOO MANIA & MORE schreibt "danke"

  29. Marvelous imagery and grafitti smile. xox

  30. Fabulous post ad ever Valerie. ..but I wish I hadn't seen the slug! Chrisx


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