Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Trees, coffee and cake

Hi Everybody!

Today I am sharing the tag I made for Tag Tuesday, where our theme this week is 'trees'. I used an 8" tag, distressed the background with a mix of DIs - wild honey, rusty hinge and shabby shutters. Then I used a CWS trees stencil and TH's spider's web, and went over them with rusty hinge. My 'trees' have been made from some oak-leaves and twigs picked up outside our house and dried in my giant Webster's dictionary. I glued them on with a hot glue gun, and am proud to say I did not burn my fingers this time. In October, trees are places for Halloween fun, so I added my witch and some bat die-cuts. I cut the fence wider than the tag, and glued it so that it gives a 3 D effect. The cat seems to have drunk some engorging potion and is probably wondering how he will fit through the cat flap when he goes home. The toadstools were in my stash.

On Sunday when I was out with my neighbour in the forest, the sun sometimes shone though the trees, making a wonderful and almost surreal atmosphere.

Inside the  grounds of Landsberg Castle were several fountains, but this was my favourite.

I enjoyed seeing the plants and flowers, too:

Love the figure on the wind-vane:

Today is also Elisabeth's T stands for Tuesday, so a big welcome to her and the T gang. My neighbour gifted me a 'Stollen', a German Christmas cake. Alas and alack, it will not last that long! Anyway, help yourselves to a slice or two!

And my drink is, of course, coffee with foamy milk and chocolate sprinkles - what else?
I wrote this 'ode to coffee' some time back, and am repeating it here for those who don't yet know it.

Give me coffee, but not tea,
Tea is not the drink for me.
Coffee, frothy, brown and hot,
I can always drink a lot.
Coffee topped with whipped up cream -
This with joy will make me scream.
Café au lait with chocolate sprinkles,
Makes me happy, stops my wrinkles.
And if the point you have not seen - 
A day without coffee makes me mean!

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Lovely autumn tag, stunning photos and I love your 'ode to coffee'. The stollen cake looks yummy!

  2. Pure autumn splendour, Valerie. Love those leaves and a wonderful photo journal once again.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  3. Love the whole post, great art, photos, and food! Hugs, Sarah

  4. Your stollen looks a bit like our fruitcake, but much better because I doubt it has the dreaded candied citron in it. It looks delicious, though.

    I think you were talking about ME when you wrote that Ode to Coffee. It was so funny and made me laugh, especially the last line, which is me to a T!

    Your cat looks a bit scary in the tag. I guess it's the eyes. The colors are so vibrant and gorgeous. You always have such great composition, and that holds true with this tag, too. I was certainly impressed with the wonderful 3-D effect you created.

    Your photos are all wonderful again today. However, the one that caught my eye was the building with what looked like a copper drain pipe that was oxidizing. That one made me very happy. The ones of the light shining through the trees were fabulous, too. They made me think I had joined you on this journey.

    Thanks for sharing your tag, your photos, your stollen, your coffee, and your perfect poem with us for T this Tuesday.

    1. When I was in hospital for my knee operation, the first thing I asked for when the doc woke me was a cup of coffee, and I got it!

  5. Terrific Tag ... love the 3E effect you've created with the cat/fence part. The castle grounds are so inviting .. just want to come with you and poke around. Yes, the fountain is very beautiful. Thanks for the stolen ... have had some during my trips through Europe. Good stuff. Love the 'man' in your coffee! made me laugh. hugs and have a great day, Donna

  6. Ha, love the face in the coffee LOL....awesome tag and love the look of that yummy cake, looks like one mum used to make. Lovely colours used and gorgeous creations today..♥

     {The Journey Is The Start  aNNie  my personal blog}

  7. Ein wunderschöner Anhänger mit so liebevollen Details! Ganz passend zum Herbst, wie auch deine wunderbaren Fotos!
    Liebe Grüße, Annette

  8. Yummy coffee with an apt verse to go with it.

    Terrific photographs the sunlight through the trees is so atmospherical.

    What a beautiful Autumn tag with the real leaves adding such wonderful texture and the cat making it all fun.

    Have a good day

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. What a great tag!
    Thanks for taking us on a walk through the park. What beautiful photos! Nature has its attractions in every season. Yes, I like the weather vane too. It looks like a lady with her hair in the wind....
    I'm drooling over your friend's stollen. Yes, please I'll have a piece (or two). Does it have almond paste in it? That would be even better. My husband and I will be celebrating Christmas with my mother in Rotterdam and there I can buy stollen too, so we won't go without this year.
    Have a good week and thanks for visiting me earlier,

  10. Love the face in your coffee! That is so much fun! Your tag is gorgeous too.I love how you used real leaves and twigs on it. I always get a kick out of that cat die. And what a beautiful time of year to visit the castle. Those sunbeams....thanks for the good wishes about my husband. Enjoy your day!

  11. How on earth do you put your face inside a chocolatey heart, that's genius.
    Great walk again today, a lovely autumny one.
    Enjoyed seeing your tag and all the photo angles brought out the 3D-ness of it, like the toadstools. The extent of your stash always amazes me. Love the large cat, very amusing.
    If only I could have a slice of that delicious looking cake, I might have to go and make one.
    Happy day!

    1. The extent of my stash always amazes me, too, and even more so when I actually find what I am looking for!

  12. I love your Halloween scene cat, although I'ml sorry the kitty had the "engorging potion" and may have trouble getting home - LOL! The shots are magnificent as usual, especially the one of the man climbing the stairs into the light. Blessings!

  13. Dein Halloweentag ist spitze und die Aufnahmen im Wald sind einmalig Liebes!
    Von dem Stollen nehm ich sehr gern - dankeschön♥♥♥ und Dein Kaffe und das nette Gedicht dazu könnten mich fast vom Pfad der Tugend abbringen! LOL!

    ( Hatte weil ich noch im Traumland war heute morgen glattweg wirklich nicht geguckt... verzeih mir Sweetie!)


    1. Jetzt bin ich traurig, weil Du hast nicht von MIR geträumt!

  14. Wow! A 3D tag...how cool. <3 the photos with the sunlight streaming through the trees. Has such a magical feel.
    Happy T day!

  15. super tag-I love those teeny mushrooms! My neighbor makes stollens each Christmas and gives us one which hubby devours most of in one day:) Gorgeous photos of the castle and surroundings too. Happy T day!

  16. Your dimensional tag is great--the real twig and leaves are cool. I liked your "ode to coffee", even if I am a tea drinker, LOL! Hugs and Happy T day!

  17. Hi Valerie, Your tag is adorable!! Love your forest photos with the sun streaming through the trees. Really a great capture. Wonderful castle pics too and I love your edit with the coffee.
    Have a blessed day. cm

  18. Hello and Happy T Day!! WOW, your tag is so AWESOME!! I love Halloween and TREES especially, such a treat this was!! I wouldn't have had the patience to work with those small pieces and such, thankful for you and others who have the patience and talent and share the results with others.
    Such gorgeous pictures too, each one is amazing. What a nice place to visit and enjoy.

    Your cake looks so yummy! Love and laughed about your coffee, I am a tea drinker but appreciate those who love their coffee the same.

    Have a good week.

  19. I love your autumn tag. I like how you did the oak trees. And that cat! :)

    The Christmas Cake looks delicious. It reminds me of fruit cake, which I've always liked. Thanks for sharing some of it. I'll join you with coffee.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  20. I cannot imagine you being mean liebe Valerie!
    Fun poem with that special cup of you ♥
    Your tag is bursting with Autumn goodness.
    Oh my on your Stollen.
    I have a recipe but haven't made it in years.
    Maybe this will be the year :-)
    Happy T Day to you

  21. So much to love in your Tuesday post!! cute little poem...I must have my coffee and chocolate also! Your spooky tree tag is gorgeous, as are your photos with sunshine streaming down...thank-you for sharing your Stollen with us...it would not last long at my house either, probably because I would be the one who couldn't stop eating it! happy T day ♥

  22. I oooohed and aaaaawhed over your photos, then laughed at your poem.....such a great post this week. Thanks for sharing. Your tree photos belong on greeting cards and post cards!!
    Happy T-day

  23. love that coffee..how fab and your light in the trees is magical and the tag is fab

  24. Valerie, I always enjoy your tags when you add real leaves to them. Your photos are spectacular and the cake scrumptious. It appears you are feeling well again because your adventure this day was extensive.

  25. Wonderful tag Valerie. Really spooky looking too. I could just eat a piece of that lovely Stollen. Hugs Rita xxxx

  26. Your tag is so cute! Now I kind of want to make one. I need to do a bookmark since I always lose mine.

  27. Gorgeous photographs. I love the sun shining through the trees.

    I like the leaves on your tag. They look so real.

  28. An excellent poem! I love my cappuccinos frothy, but mostly drink black coffee. The horse-chestnut looks like some alien creature to me, lol.
    Thanks for your comment on our holiday/T post :D Happy T Day :D

  29. Love the tag and of course, the pictures you share, Valerie!

  30. A great post. love your ode to Coffee,a super poem. The natural pressed leaves look beautiful on the tag. As for those photos..... all of them are.........FANTASTIC.
    Yvonne xx

  31. Beautiful art, photos and I am with you coffee over tea any day.
    Have a great day

  32. Spookilicious tag Valerie and gorgeous photos. Scrummy looking cake and your coffee ode goes so well with it too.
    Fliss xx
    PS: Thanks for your well wishes when I was ill and happily I'm feeling loads better!

  33. Oh dear Valerie - my eyes alighted on that Stollen - it looks so delicious - it USED to be one of my favourites! lol! I love your XXL kitty and your tag! The light through the trees looks amazing! Chrisx

  34. Wonderful dimension on your tag, especially the picket fence and such great colours.
    TFS the lovely photographs, the light shining through the trees is beautiful.

  35. Your dimensional tags are so pretty. I'm impressed with what you did. I enjoyed the scenery as well. Wish I had a slice of that cake. I'm about to sit down to dinner and that would be a perfect dessert.

  36. Love the cats eyes and wonderful autumn colours on your fabulous and fun tag Valerie - I adore it!
    And your photos are really beautiful, especially the ones with the light coming through the trees - really magical! (they'd look wonderful printed out for wall art)

    Love your cake and coffee and your wonderful rhyme.
    My husband often makes us Stollen cake at Christmas, does yours have marzipan going through the centre?
    I wasn't certain if the face in your coffee was happy or not - may it was not happy as they were dying to drink it and didn't want their photo taken.

    Gill xx

  37. Tolle Herbststimmungen zeigst du hier. Die Fotos mit den Sonnenstrahlen zwischen den Bäumen sind großartig! LG Ulrike

  38. Bitsy mushrooms and a great black cat. Photo of the chestnut shell if perfect. xox

  39. Well - I'm in a tizzy... how to figure out which one I loved seeing the most... your fabulous tag, your Stollen, or your poem!!!!!!!!!! What an incredible post - so fun and the pictures too are wonderful. So lets see... I think the poem has to win this time.... but I really really love the tag too. That fence just sets it all off perfectly. And I have never heard of Swollen. I have a friend in Landshul Germany that sends me cake and candy at Christmas every year - something we so look forward to but I don't remember anything like that. I am going to ask her!!!!!!!!!! Looks so pretty in your pictures. Thanks bunches for another SUPER glimpse into your world dear Valerie. j.

  40. Love your ode!The rhymes are perfect!And I also love your surreal forrest photos.They are magical!But your cake is superb!Happy T day!


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