Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Wednesday this, that and the other

Hi Everybody!

We have had wonderful, golden October weather here for the past 2 days,
so I was able to enjoy lots of walks outside.

For Art Journal Journey, architecture - which runs until Saturday at Midnight, when the witching hour starts! - I have 2 pieces to share today. The first one is a hybrid piece, made using my own photos with some additions. The background is a photo of seedpods, and the gull has been digitally cut out of the photo to fit in here. The statue, and the top hat she is wearing, are both from Dezinaworld.The overlay and lantern are both freebies from Foxey Squirrel via Algeradesigns

This journal page was stamped and stenciled onto a sheet of music paper and painted into an A3 sheet. Quick, easy and I think effective.

And as some people asked, here is a photo of my scratchy brush, called Jack:

For Wen's Neutrals I have made another collage of photos, all taken along the shore of the Rhine:

Yesterday and today started off with a wonderful sunrise:

I enjoyed being out in the colourful landscape:

Even the dead flowers have a beauty of their own:

The sunset at the Rhine was also beautiful:

This little gull looked hungry:

And something was fluttering across the moon last night - I don't know what it was, but very fitting for Halloween!

Have a great day you all, take care, 
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. you have outdone yourself with these gorgeous photos today Valerie! Interesting effect the first AJJ page has. And the 2nd page is lovely as well.

  2. Happy to meet Jack! Lol! That's hilarious. Wonderful images and collages, that blue background looks like a neon almost. Awesome sauce!

  3. Beautiful. Love this inspiring creation today and colours used are just gorgeous. Jack is one gorgeous tall brush.x
    {The Journey Is The Start  aNNie  my personal blog}

  4. Love it all, great art and photos. Nice to meet scratchy Jack at last! Hugs, Sarah

  5. Your journal page reminded me of a blueprint, and it went so well with the quote. I see where you got your hungry bird that you digitally altered, too. It's a lovely piece.

    Your autumn colors are simply stunning. I don't see those kinds of colors here. Our tree leaves just go from green to dead. I love the photos of your walk. The colors are so vibrant, even the dead leaves.

    I called your scratchy brush scruffy. I like Jack! It's a great looking brush.

  6. Enjoyed your post - loved the vibrant blue journal page of music and buildings. Very effective. The colours and textures this time of year are very special - your photos represent the season so well. I could fall in LOVE with Jack. Very handsome indeed. hugs, Donna

  7. ooohhh val,was für sagenhaft schöne seiten und deine herbststimmungsbilder sind einfach wunderschööööööön,bei uns strahlt auch die sonne,herrlich,ich liebe den herbst.
    hab auch gerade noch eine seite gemacht,aber erst trinke ich meinen cafe,bevor ich hochlade *LOL*
    dein pinsel sieht alt und schön aus.
    eine schöne woche,liebe valerie.

    hugs jenny

  8. Oh Du meine Güte.. was für ein sagenhafter post heute! Ich bin platt - weiss gar nicht wo ich anfangen soll! Einmalig Valerie!!! ALLES!

    Hab einen feinen Mittwoch!

  9. Heute gibt es bei dir ja ganz besonders viel zu sehen! Wow! Was für ein fabelhafter Post! Ich bin überwältigt und sprachlos ....!
    Liebe Grüße, Annette

  10. Amazing photographs and some just right for Halloween

    The month has passed by so quickly at AJJ and I am not sure I will have to time to paint any more for the theme which I have so enjoyed and feel I have learnt so much this last month from the challenge.

    Your pages are wonderful as always with richness in colour and images

    Have a great day

    Love Chrissie xx

  11. Glad you've had some gorgeous weather-we've been VERY cold and now the rain is arriving! Love both of your art pieces today- but that blue on the music sheet and the white images-how perfect is that. Like a blue print too. And your photos! How pretty it is there right now! I can see why you've been walking. Enjoy these last few days of the month...time is flying!

  12. Beautiful art and photos Valerie, the gull does look a bit sad, doesn't it! Weather here is quite mild but very overcast and dreary. Enjoy your day. Xx

  13. Hi Valerie.... I'm behind again :( had workmen in for a few days and not been online..
    Hope all well at your end of the world.
    Love both pieces of your artwork, fabulous digital editing/extractions and love the 'frozen music' colour and imagery - that's cool!
    Wonder what that was flying across moon - bird, bat, ET???
    Jack? Do all your brushes have names? :)
    Have a lovely day ...... Gill xx

    1. Err, no, just Jack and his sister Jill - we've been together through thick and thin (paint) for so many years....

  14. Awesome photos today, love the mysterious moonlight ones. Fabulous journal pages and quote. Can imagine Jack being very useful around the painting table and Jill being quite tall and thin.
    Yvonne xx

  15. Valerie-Jael I love your photoes, and especially the moon ones are fantastic with that flying something! The neautral collage for Wens Party is beautiful, and show all the joy of walking along the Rhine !
    Greetings, Dorthe

  16. Hi Valerie. I love them all. But that moon photo is so awesome with that thing flying in front of it! Have a great day! Hugs, Sue

  17. Valerie, I do find this artwork quite amazing with the way you put it all together! Fabulous journal page! Jack is well loved for sure and the photos again are spectacular! Hugs!

  18. I loved your "Neutrals" contribution for Wen's Linky party! And all your photo's here are beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing 'the Rhine" - - and Jack : )

  19. Loved the first one particularly for the seagull and the autumn photos for the German connection.

    Firstly the boat I'm about to start is named 'Seagull'.

    Secondly I was a Seagull (my call-sign) in Germany 1979 - 1984

    1. Wow, just watched the video, wonderful! Then you really have a special connection to seagulls!

  20. Beautiful pages and photos, Valerie. That gull is very small. I wonder if it was a baby.

  21. Your first page is fabulous with a beautiful composition of images. And I also love the second page, the blue background looks so amazing. A great Rhine collage too. Fabulous post today, Valerie!

  22. Your photos are gorgeous with the autumn colours, and the ones of the creature flying over the moon are tremendous, would make an unusual Halloween card.
    The fifth last photo with the red of the leaves against the grey-blue sky is a spectacular composition.

  23. Got carried away with admiration of your photos.
    Your Architecture creations are great, especially the one with the gull, lamp, statue and special background, and I really like your neutral piece - it would make great wrapping paper.

  24. I LOVE meeting Jack! And your beautiful blue "Frozen Music" (I LOVE THAT!) is just so striking and elegant! xo

  25. You crack me up with "Jack & Jill " brushes :) Great art today and really awesome photos too. The Moon shot with the UFO Bird is great :)

  26. Great pages all. Love Jack the brush. I have some of his relatives here...xox

  27. You have done it again Valerie - had me captivated from the start! Great to meet Jack the scratchy brush too! Chrisx

  28. Beautiful art, beautiful photographs and an introduction to Jack .... such a great post!

  29. Your photos are just beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing them Valerie...makes me feel like I was there!

  30. Amazing today. wow, made my day.xx

  31. Great shots Valerie, wonderful photos! I love love your beautiful photo collage. Wonderful art pages as well. And hello Jack! :) Wishing you a beautiful day, xx

  32. Hi Valerie,
    so nice to meet you:) Thanks for talking us along your walks. Great photos.
    Thanks also for stopping by and for your lovely comment:)


  33. Stunning blue page today, Valerie, and I also like the first one with the statue and lantern. How lucky to capture the full moon. I attempted to do the same in California, but my shots were not so great. It was dusk and the camera didn't pickup the texture effects of the moon like you were able to capture. Love the one with the birds in front.


  34. Gorgeous photographs, all of them, but I love love love the collage you made for Wen's party.

  35. Hello Valerie,

    What beautiful photos. I especially love your collage from the Rhine. Have a good week,


  36. Val, your digitals are so fun! Love this one as well! xo


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