Saturday, 30 June 2018

It's weekend

Hi Everybody!

Here's wishing you all a happy weekend. It's scorching hot, so I will be going out early for my walk. I made a quick journal page using stencils and my hand-carved stamps over a brush-wipe page. I added more colour with pencils. The frame and quote were added digitally:

The pictures were taken last weekend on my Sunday walk. This is the end of our road:

I enjoyed walking through the fields to the Rhine:

The corn is taller than I am:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Lots of colour

Hi Everybody!

Hope you are having a good week. It's hotting up again here, not my fave, but at least it got the laundry dried in record time.

I have been playing with the stamps I made at my group these past weeks, and have been printing them onto rather large (A2) sheets, just having fun and relaxing. 
I am linking to Paint Party Friday.
This  head is about A4 in size so 4 fitted nicely onto one sheet:

I kept the Buddha heads all the same colour:

The cheeky cat faces:

And with a digitally added quote:

Colourful ladies:
(I need to use a ruler next time I try this!)

The photos were taken on our way home on Saturday afternoon:

Flowers 'on the rocks'

There were 3 herons searching the field for edibles:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!

Monday, 25 June 2018

T stands for a SaTurday walk

Hi Everybody!

On Tuesday we are staring a new challenge at TIOT -
Things with wings. This could include birds, butterflies, winged insects, planes etc - let your fantasy fly!
I made a piece using an altered sunrise photo as a background. The birds were die cut and placed onto the photo, the text (from Thomas a Kempis) was added digitally. The town where he came from, Kempen, is an ancient walled town not far from here.

And you still have a week to join in Wilma's lovely 'Gemini' (twins) theme at 
I made a hybrid tag using elements from Mischief Circus on a hand-painted background:

Tuesday is also Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday, so here a warm welcome to all of the nice ladies of the T Gang. My drink can be seen in one of the photos below.
On Saturday I went for  a hike with 2 of my buddies, G and H. It was not too hot, sunny/cloudy and no rain, so ideal walking weather. We walked along the road to Wittlaer, the next little township down the Rhine. We then walked along this narrow path named after Max Clarenbacha German artist who lived and worked here for many years, and the landscapes we see today can easily be recognised in many of his paintings:

We met some friendly cows who came to the fence to talk to us:

Morning gymnastics:

This is the ancient church:

And we visited his favourite pub, 'Brand's Jupp' next to which he lived.
This shows the history of the place:

Here is the Max Clarenbach Stübchen (Parlour) in the pub:

We took our drinks outside to the beautiful beer-garden, which overlooks the Rhine. The men chose alcohol-free beer and I had water:

It's a wonderful place to sit with beautiful views:

More photos to follow!

Have a great day, take care, 
and thanks a lot for coming by!