Friday, 30 December 2016

Last page for light and darkness

Hi everybody!

This is my last post for this year, so I hope you all enjoy 
New Year's Eve and have a great

For Art Journal Journey, light and darkness,
I have another hybrid piece. Thanks to Eva and Kristin for 
hosting the party every week. I used some designer paper for the background, which I panted over with splodges and dabs. Then I melded it digitally, using a mask (Serif) with a photo of a decaying tree stump 
covered in spiders' webs. I added the photo of the statue, 
and a face drawing I made, I just altered the colours.

I have not made my usual collage of all the pieces I made in 
the month, as this month was a very hard one for me, and I don't want
to think about it again:

Today I am sharing some glass from the glass museum, 
they have such a treasure trove of antique glass there:

Have a great day, and a good start in the New Year.

Thanks a lot for coming by!

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The sky disc of Nebra

Hi Everybody!

Our challenge, light and darkness, at 
Art Journal Journey is drawing to an end - thanks 
to all who entered in spite of holiday preparations
and general stress.

I have a hybrid piece today, showing the Nebra sky disc - 
an ancient disc made of bronze and gold, and the oldest depiction
of the cosmos, dating back to 1600 BC.
It was found in Nebra, Saxony-Anhalt, by treasure
hunters, and after being illegally sold several times
for astronomical prices  it was brought into state property after
a night time raid on dealers who were about to sell it again.
You can read more details here
The background was painted with black gesso, the stars are from 
Mischief circus and the image courtesy of Wikipedia. I am
also linking to Paint Party Friday:

This morning we had a wonderful sky with the pale yellow
sun rising through the clouds:

Ad now for some more of my glass, hope you  
 are not all bored to tears by now.
First some small pieces; the largest one at the back is about 3" high.
I made these,  too, at the glass blowing course, 
and as you can see I did not get them straight:

This is an antique jug that my husband bought for me many years ago -
I love the patina:

This little flask is made of glass which is made to look like
stone, and is called stone glass:

This vase is very tiny, less than 2 inches tall and made of very thin 
speckled glass, and was also a present from my husband:

One of my visitors asked if I still had my first bird -
yes, here it is:

These are elegant cut glass vases, but not really my faves:

This speckled and very thick glass vase is from the
1970s, they made a lot of cool stuff:

This was another wedding present, and again, not really a fave:

More wedding presents, and we got 24 of each sort.
Also not my faves! 

These tea glasses were a present from a Turkish student,
and I love the colour:

More small pieces:

And more vases from the 70s again, rather huge, and standing on
the top of the book shelf, which explains the strange angle:

This is a fun piece with nice colours:

There's still more to come, but not today!

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

This and that on Wednesday

Hi Everybody!
Today we are starting a new challenge at


As always, projects of all formats are welcome and you
have 2 weeks to join us, so hope
to see you there!

I made a tag using background paper and an image from Gecko Galz. 
I faded the paper for the background behind the tag 
and used it as it is for the tag:

And this is the tag I made for Tag Tuesday yesterday,
where our theme is
'A winter walk'

Here I used a photo taken in the lane behind the castle ruins by the Rhine.
I added a couple of shadowy people, and a photo of Erica 
in her winter finery:

And for Art Journal journey, light and dark, I have another hybrid piece, using
one of the shadow images from the tag on a painted
background with a quote by Helen Keller:

And I have some more of my glass to share.
First of all some very elegant Art Nouveau vases:

Lots of birds:

Ronneby Art Glass in Sweden makes beautiful pieces- I love their technic of making patterns inside clear glass. The pieces are all rather heavy, and feel so smooth and cool:

Here we are in the swinging sixties with some space age pieces:

I love the repeated reflections here:

And this vase with the abstract flowers is one of my faves, and
is from the 1930s:

I will show some more another time!

Have a great day, take care,
ad thanks a lot for coming by!