Thursday, 25 August 2016

Summer's Bounty

Hi Everybody!

Another week has flown by, and it' time for Paint Party Friday again, 
hosted by Eva and Kristin. I am also linking to Art Journal Journal, nature's wonders, and Moo Mania and More, Nature's beauty.
The painting of a rose is one I was not happy with, so I digitally 'cut out' the part I liked best and added the sentiment from Gertrude Stein, part of the poem 'Sacred Emily' written at the beginning of the 20th century.

This is a digital re-working of 2 paintings made last year, combined with the photo of Saint Swidbert. The first was part of a painting of the Basilica windows, placed over a painting made of a house nearby, with the photo of St Swidbert's statue placed in  between. I love to be able to combine art and photos to make new art, and this is very exciting and fascinating technique for me:

We have had hot and sunny weather this week, giving us blue skies and 
blue water in the Rhine:

The Nile Geese:

The ducklings have grown. They are almost as large as their parents, but still hang out together as a family. Mr and Mrs Duck can be proud of their 6 young ones:

I love the sharp contrasts in light and shadow:

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

New Challenge at Moo Mania & More

Hi Everybody!

Today we are starting a new challenge at Moo Mania and More -
Nature's Beauty. This fits well to our theme at Art Journal Journey,
Nature's wonders, so I have one piece for both challenges. The background here was made in a marbling techniques, dripping colour onto  wallpaper-paste and taking the colours off with a sheet of paper. With this sort of marbling you can control the colours a bit, move the drips with a tooth-pick, or make patterns with a comb etc. This looked to me like a tree and water, so I scanned it into my computer, and digitally added the texts and the photos of the birds. The Hebrew word is 'shalom' - our world so needs peace right now.

Some of the wonders I see when I go out walking:

This tree-stump has been totally colonised by fungi

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!

Monday, 22 August 2016

The quiet wonders

Hi Everybody!

Today is T Stands for Tuesday over at Elizabeth's blog,
so a big welcome to all of the T gang -
and of course to everybody who visits today.

For Art Journal Journey, Gill's lovely theme of 'Nature's wonders', I
have another hybrid piece. The background is a very loose landscape painting I made with acrylics, just trying to give the impression without drawing or painting in details. I added Mr Umbrella Man, who like me, enjoys just standing somewhere watching what's going on. The birds were added with a stencil, and the horses, ship and fairy tale castle are digital add ons. The castle is a free image from June

And a quick reminder here that you still have a week to link your creations using book pages at TIOT

My drink today is - need I say? - cappuccino from one of my thrift shop mugs.

These are the spice bars I made last week, I have just eaten the last one - they keep well in a tin. (If you don't eat them beforehand!) Some people asked for the recipe, so here it is. I don't usually measure or weigh, so these measurements are all more or less!
400 grams flour
100-150 grams sugar (depending on how sweet you like it)
I teaspoon of bourbon vanilla
1/2 - 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and a good pinch of ground ginger
200 grams butter
1 egg
I pinch of salt.

Rub all the ingredients together, or mix them with a dough hook till they resemble breadcrumbs. Line a baking sheet with baking paper and press 2/3 of the crumbs onto it. Spread on a layer of jam (I used homemade apple, almond and cinnamon jam). You can also sprinkle some chopped or ground nuts onto it. If you like it spicy, sprinkle some more cinnamon and ginger over it.
Cover with the remaining crumbs, and bake at 180° for about 20-25 minutes. Decorate with dark chocolate melted and squeezed through a piping bag. Cut into bars when cold.
I sometimes make a variation where I put a layer of crunchy peanut butter under the jam. This can lead to addictions!

I always enjoy my coffee on market day:

The market place is dominated by this bronze. Elizabeth thought recently it should perhaps be x-rated.... today I decided to show his other side - not bad, either!

We had a rainy weekend, with several rainbows in the course of the evening:

I enjoyed seeing the glistening spiders' webs today:

Thanks to those who sent get well wishes, I have a bronchitis just now, so need to take things easy for a few days.

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks  a lot for coming by!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Monday Mix

Hi Everybody!

For Art Journal Journey, Gill's lovely theme of Nature's wonders, I have a hybrid collage, put together using a painting, a background, various photos, and a book title from Mischief Circus. These are some parts from my paradise.

And this was my feminine tag for Tag Tuesday last week, I forgot to show it!

The ever changing clouds and river belong to nature's wonders, too:

The Nile geese are not frequent visitors:

And I saw Excalibur cruising along the Rhine - if Arthur is still looking for it, it's here:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!