Monday, 28 September 2020

T sTands for This and That

 Hi Everybody!

Hope you all had a great weekend. This week I have a lot to do, with challenges, doctor's appointments and the usual everyday madness. On top of that the trams and buses will be striking at least for part of the week, and that means walking everywhere, so hope the weather won't be too bad.

For Sandie's challenge at Tag Tuesday I have another book-print tag to share. You still have a week to join in, and it would be nice to see more people making a tag!

Elizabeth's T sTands for Tuesday begins Monday evening, so here a warm welcome to all of the lovely ladies of the T Gang who come by!

I had a cup pf coffee at my fave café again, and enjoyed watching the people walking by!

And on another day I had a huge mug of cappuccino at the cheap coffee shop, and it is always good:

The windows of the shops in our little town are always filled with tempting things:

I like this sign in the window of the shoe shop -
'where there's a will there's a shoe store':

Last week I visited a farm with shop. You can buy farm produce, bread, cakes and lots of fruit and veggies here, and there's also the possibility to save money by picking fruit and veggies yourself!They have their pumpkins on display just now:

And they have created an outdoor café on part of the meadow:

The bees are still busy:

I saw lots of herons along the Rhine, they seem to enjoy the cooler weather:

The gulls are always there:

Flowers growing out of a stone wall:

A neighbour's beautiful garden:

Another lovely sunflower:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!

Saturday, 26 September 2020

Weekend post

Hi Everybody!

It's weekend - enjoy! Stay safe and have fun whatever you are up to! 

Today I am sharing another A3 journal page for Jo's challenge at AJJ:

The middle part was started a couple of years ago. Now I have finished it. I painted the edges of the page with blue and silver, and then used lots of little scraps cut into small pieces to make a mosaic round the edges. The picture in the middle represents the Rhine and the buildings along it:

Look what I saw when I looked at my plant which has been spending summer outside:

This evening we had some pretty clouds after a windy and cloudy day:

Friday morning started off well:

And in between I had an appointment in Düsseldorf and walked through Hofgarten on my way back home:

Please do not feed:

The Nile geese were having a noisy discussion up on a lantern:

My next post will be on Monday.

Have a good weekend, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!