Monday, 18 February 2019

T sTands for Tags and more

Hi Everybody!

We have been blessed with wonderful spring weather these past days, so I have been out and about as much as possible, soaking up some sun and warmth. Our little town was full of sun-seekers yesterday, walking by the Rhine or sitting outside to drink their coffee or whatever.  It won't last forever, but I think we are all trying to make the best of it.

For Tag Tuesday I made another tag, using some scraps of paper, card, a TH ballerina and some vintage German scrap figures. I sewed it all together. There is still a week to join our challenge:

I am also linking to Simon Monday Challenge, typography

Tuesday is also Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday, so here a big welcome to all of the ladies of the T gang. On Saturday I visited my friend N, who lives on the opposite side of the Rhine, and after walking along the river we took the tram into the centre of Düsseldorf and visited Cafe Byzantio, a Greek cafe with wonderful cake and coffee. We sampled a good variety of chocolate cakes and washed it down with delicious cappuccino. We shared each of the pieces, so didn't eat too much:

This one was my fave:

It was very crowded around the glass cases with the cakes, but by using my elbows I managed to get some photos:

 I bought myself some daffodils for my vase, and a neighbour bought me the tulips. The vase they are in is from the 1930s with an abstract tulip design, blown in the glass, not painted, and I love it as it belonged to my great aunt:

When I visited N I walked from the tram station in town past Hofgarten park and across the bridge. The geese were evidently enjoying the midday sun, too. This  one was standing by the railing watching the passers by:

A second one was feeding:

And these ones were enjoying a sunny snooze:

This time there were no wild winds trying to blow me off the bridge.
The concert hall, which used to be a planetarium:

A view of the Altstadt taken when we took our walk along the other side of the river:

Friday, 15 February 2019

Sunny weekend post.

Hi Everybody!

It was so lovely to be able to go outside today and not freeze, and to feel the warm sun on my face and neck. Lots of people were sitting on the benches by the Rhine, their faces turned to the sun, just enjoying the warmth instead of biting winds. I know it won't last forever, but I'm determined to make the most of this spring weekend.

I am sharing another double-page from my journal using paper-scraps from my table, some pieces of a vintage ledger and some collage images from Tumblefish Studios. The background was gessoed and then darkened with my home-made, vintage brown ink, which I also splattered with a quill pen over the finished collage, as well as adding some random stamping:

I am linking to Paint Party Friday and Simon Monday Challenge, typography.

A beautiful sunrise:

The little market by the Rhine:

More spring flowers:

Crows at the castle ruins:

This old house by the Rhine used to be the customs house:

From the tower the customs officers had a good view of ships sailing by:

My long shadow stretched across the stream:

Have a great weekend, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Better weather on the way

Hi Everybody!

💖Happy Valentine's Day to all who are celebrating it!💖
The weather here has got better since the weekend storms. We had some sunshine the past couple of days, and it should be feeling springlike till the weekend, so it sounds great. I went for the tests the specialist recommended last week, and I am pleased they are now all done. I will be seeing the specialist again on the 25th, so hope to learn more about my blue toes then. In the meantime, I plan to enjoy the good weather coming our way!

At Tag Tuesday our theme is mushrooms / fungi, and I made another fantasy tag. I used a piece of painted paper for the background, and the die-cut gates were in my stash. The images are vintage German scrap, to which I added some re-used textile leaves. I did a bit of sewing round the edges, and have a tag which can stand up by itself:

I am also linking to the Frilly and Funkie challenge, three of something, here, 3 words, 3 leaves, three mushrooms, and to Simon Monday challenge, typography.

I also made a vintage journal spread at art group. The photos show Erika as a child, and I gave them a vintage background and surroundings. The papers used in the background are all pertaining to her family history from the time when she lived in Uruguay:

I am linking to Paint Party Friday, hosted by Eva and Kristin.

These are the original photos, taken by a photographer in Hannover, I think about 1918. (Google tried to change the name to 'hangover'!!)

 On Monday afternoon the sun came out, so I bundled up and went down to the Rhine to greet it:

Yesterday morning started off cloudy but the sun squeezed itself under the clouds:

And the spring bulbs are showing themselves everywhere:

A blossoming tree:

And the first daisies showed their pretty heads, always a lovely sight:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!