Monday, 21 January 2019

T sTands for CelesTial Treats:

Hi Everybody!

Here's wishing you a great, new week. It's still very cold and frosty, but sunny here, and weather which would usually see me outside taking lots of frosty photos. But as I had a nasty cold I stayed home and rested, and had to be content with the sun and moon photos I could take from my balcony or windows. Just now the sky is beautiful and the sun will be rising in a few minutes, always a magical time for me.

Our 'Mail-art' challenge at Tag Tuesday is still running, and has another week to go, so hope to see YOU there. I made another tag, a digital one, which was made using a journal spread done at the weekend, so I'll start with the journal spread. I grabbed lots of fave stamps - including my beloved Mary Poppins - and stamped them onto tissue, before pasting them onto my prepared background made with gesso, water-colours and wax crayons. This way I could get MP looking in 2 different directions just by reversing the tissue. The Victorian lady in the middle is an old stamp from Paper Artsy, as is the Paris stamp on the right. I added postage stamps and did some random stamping with mail-art stamps. Elizabeth asked today on her blog if stamping is going out of fashion - I don't know. Sometimes I have very shaky hands, (which is a side effect from my medication and NOT from hitting the bottle), and then I can't stamp well, but I always have a certain amount of background stamps on the go to use when I make journal pages:

I then digitally cut out the Victorian lady in my graphics programme. The background and tag were also cut digitally from my journal page and I added a few elements from Serif to complete the tag:

Tuesday is also Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday party, which always begins Monday evening, so here a warm welcome to all of the lovely ladies of the T-Gang. A lot of cafes and pubs here have a rack with free postcards which can be taken, and my friend H always keeps me supplied with generous amounts of them. I thought this one is very suitable for TSFT, and I will gladly send it to one of the T-Ladies. Please let me know in a comment if you would like it. If there are more names than one I will pull a name out of my hat:

These photos were taken at the cafe-bakery with my friend N:

Sunday was a real sun day, but started off cold and frosty:

The sky, before and during the sunrise, was very beautiful:

The moon was up while the sky still had the afterglow of sunset, and although I didn't get to see the lunar eclipse, it was still wonderful:

The wild geese on their way home to the lakes:

As it grew darker, the moon was large and very bright:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!

Friday, 18 January 2019

Sun, moon and mail art

Hi Everybody!

Today the sun is shining over frosty fields and the grey mist is beginning to lift. I had a hospital appointment much too  early this morning, and it was very dark and icy when I went out. The worst part was going down the frozen steps from the tram station to the path - 22 steps!. I wanted to hold onto the hand-rail, but my glove froze onto it straightaway. I was rather terrified, so went down step for step like a toddler, and arrived safely at my destination.  After this post has been written I'm heading back to bed to catch up on my missed sleep!

I made this mixed-media journal spread last week at art group, using stamps, stencils and some tissue paper that Sue sent me at Christmas - thanks again- over a gessoed and water-coloured background The tag is an old one which has been recycled. I stripped all the embellishments off it, added some tissue, lots of stamping and a stamp-image, also from Sue, and fixed it to the page. The string was also recycled from a birthday parcel. I am linking to Tag Tuesday - mail, postage stamps etc, Paint Party Friday, and Simon Monday challenge, recycle something.

The moon photos were taken a few days back:

Winter sunrises are always spectacular:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Mail art

Hi Everybody!

Today I have 2 more tags for our challenge at Tag Tuesday - mail, postmarks and postage stamps. The background here is one of my collected envelopes. The tag is a printed version of a journal page I made some years back using Mr UM with some of the president stamps on a stamped, stenciled and collage background. The quote is from Gracie Allen. A rather scary thought when I think of who might be in a new series of stamps....

The second tag is a mixed media collage tag on corrugated and stitched card. The face has been stamped onto a used coffee pod - I made a huge amount of these some time back and now have them at my disposal. I am also linking to 

And this is a repeat of an old mixed media journal page, which I digitally chopped up and used to make my header. It was made using a copy of a vintage letter placed on an A3  painted, stenciled and stamped page:

I wonder if herons get cold feet?

Digitally changed into a pencil sketch:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!