Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Frosty weather and a winter landscape

Hi everybody!
This morning the fields were frosted white when I got up, and although it was a clear and sunny day, it was cold an windy. I walked to the sculpture park, and then down to the Rhine damn, and the wind in my back helped me walk quckly. I enjoyed it very much, sunny days are always such a wonderfl gift.

This sculpture is still frosted where the sun hasn't yet reached it:

I don't know what sort of tree this is, never seen one blooming in this weather:

The long and winding road was also frosted, with icy patches, so I had to 'walk circumspectly' so as not to land on my butt:

At Tag Tuesday the theme this week is a winter scene. Now, this is not really a scene, but I didn't feel like making a scene today.... The black tag has been cut from an old calendar, stamped,  and white embossed with my fave script stamp. The tree and fence have been cut from card painted white and glittered, and the bird and snowflake were in my stash.

And last but not least:

I wish you all good health, happiness and creativity  for 2014.
Thanks a lot for coming by so often and leaving nice comments; thanks for being there.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Making the best of a rainy day

Hi everybody! 
The past couple of days have been wet and cloudy, but I still managed to find a slot here and there where it was dry enough to get out for a walk in between showers. I also finished the second journal page in my giant journal. The page was painted with acrylics over gesso, and then doodled and stamped. I used sequin waste as a stencil, and my beloved Mr UM has made an appearance, too. I found more figures lurking in the background, so they have also been drawn in. I used pastel chalks to highlight the colours.


 This looks rather like grey sky over blue water,  but it is just different layers of the sky over the meadows leading down to the Rhine.

There were hundreds of wild geese on the river, every few seconds, a group of them took off, about 20 each time, and flew away in their wonderful v-formation.

And somebody has evidently thrown their Christmas tree into the Rhine - things like this really annoy me, as they all get collected for nothing by the refuse disposal.

 Raindrops keep falling on my head....

Is this poor chap going to jump into the river?

 And others were walking waddling along Market Street:

 Have a great day, take care, and may all your rain clouds have silver linings!
Thanks for coming by!

Friday, 27 December 2013

Time to say Thanks

Hi everybody!
Friday began here with a wonderful sunrise, which greeted me as I crawled out of my warm bed and enticed me onto the cold balcony to take some photos:

But the day soon grew wild, wet and windy, and I had to battle again the wind and rain to get my shopping, and arrived home soaked, in urgent need of hot coffee and a warm bath.

I was very happy to receive many cards and presents for my birthday and Christmas from blogging friends, which  really gave me a lot of joy. The generosity of fellow bloggers always astonishes me, especially when they show more kindness than family and neighbours. Some I have already shown, here are some more:

Yvonne (Meggymay), who always makes such wonderful, vintage cards, sent all these treasures. I love the stamps, especially the peacock on the left, and I am going to have fun decorating those totes. And what wonderful fibres!

Chrissie sent me this stylish card, some ATCs, which I already showed, and this pretty butterfly stencil. I have lots of stencils, but none with butterflies, so it is very welcome in my collection!

These beautiful cards and goodies came from Jeanette in Hamburg. I love those cute serviettes with owls, and all those pretty goodies. The little bag is also filled with pretty stash. The fizzy bath tablet was wonderful, and gave me a very enjoyable soak in my tub!

The cards with Zen-doodling came from Lonetta, who makes intricate and flowing designs which never fail to amaze me.

The cards and bookmark were made by Anja, who is justly famous for the amazing colours she uses and blends together so cleverly:

Diane made this beautiful card with birds, which she knows that I love. She always makes cards which are STYLISH with a capital 'S', and which always impress with the details, like matching envelope liners and stickers on the back of them. I love the lace and pearls, too!

These goodies all came from Sue (the Iron). I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw all those goodies in the box, and the beautiful stamp, with numbers - which I so love to use in my journal pages, and a wonderful stencil which was also missing in my collection:

These beautiful creations were also in the parcel - I think she knows that I love owls. The colours of the giant tag on the right are really glowing, it is so beautifully made- there are even Hebrew letters on it:

And that's not all - these gorgeous serviettes and the birthday hanging were alos n the treasure box:

And last but definitely not least, this fantastic birthday card, a double easel card was in the box:

Suze sent me beautiful cards for Chrsitmas and my birthday. I especially love the birthday one with the little 'quackers' on it, I wonder how she got the idea to do that....

This box was neatly wrapped and packaged when Suze sent it - Somebody, whose name I will not mention, couldn't wait to take a photo before digging in to that selection of English candy bars and Horlicks - YUMMY! I had Horlicks and maltesers one evening - paradise! Not to talk of the chocolate frogs and  buttons, Galaxy bars, Cadbury's flake and everything else that was in that box:

And believe it or not, I got a new cutter for my birthday from Alex. My old one has been cutting wonky edges since it fell onto the floor some time back, and this one is two machines in one - great!

A very big thank-you to all of you. Your gifts are all much appreciated, and the beautiful cards and hand-made creations will be treasured.

Have a great day you all, take care, and thanks a lot for coming by!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

A journal page and some pictures

Hi you all!
Hope you have been enjoying some worthwhile time with friends and family and celebrating Christmas in style. I am sure it's good to get together, see people, eat and relax, and just have some quality time together.
I have been doing 'business as usual here'. On Christmas Eve  it was very stormy, I thought I would get blown away by the wind at the Rhine, but I'm still here. I know that a lot of places in France and England were hit much worse by the storm, so hope things get back to normal for them soon.
I have been busy finishing off more journal pages started in the past, and now brought back to new life.
This piece has been painted in acrylics over gesso,using blues, greens, yellow, gold and some red and terracotta sprays. I deepened some of the colours with pastels. I thought I could see some figures hiding on the page, so went round them with a white highlighter, and then added some more, made with the umbrella man, just without his umbrella. I added a real MR UM for good measure. The other figures have been doodled and scribbled on. Two of the shapes reminded me of grave stones, and I have written the Hebrew letters 'P' and 'N', which stand for 'Here lies'. I added a selection of alphas and numerals floating about, perhaps to represent all the things that remain unsaid, but are still somehow 'in the air'. The birds at the bottom reminded me of the ducks that are always wandering about Market street! The quote is from a book I read some time back, but I don't remember who wrote it.

I am linking to Paint Party Friday, hosted, as always, by Kristin and Eva.

On Christmas Eve I was enticed onto the balcony to take photos of a nice sunset after-glow.

As I stood there watching, you can imagine my amazement when I suddenly heard bells and quickly took a snap before they were gone....

 These two pictures were taken on one of the sunny days we had - I love walking along the Rhine, and watching the shadows of the trees:

The little shadow on the right is me:
Also linking to Paper Saturdays.

Have a great day, take care, and thanks a lot for coming by!