Sunday, 18 December 2016

A spark of light

Hi Everybody!

I am sure most people are still very busy getting things
ready for the holidays. These days I don't
celebrate anything - saves  a lot
of work! I have baked enough cookies
to put into bags for the postman and others,
so I feel I have done my duty....

For Art Journal Journey, light and darkness, I have a hybrid piece in which I combined a background photo with some stars (Itkupilli) and the 'paper town' images from Serif.

The photos were taken on my Friday walk through our little town,
except for the raven, who waits patiently every morning
for me to put out some food:

The tree stump is sprouting fungi again:

The ferry is on the other side of the Rhine. The restaurant 
is a popular place for Sunday afternoon coffee and cakes:

Looking along the tow path:

The next village down the Rhine, I hauled it in with my zoom:

The bridge up Rhine, taken from near the Basilica:

And here I brought it closer again:

The square by the basilica is one of my fave places, 
it really has good vibes:

The gull was waiting for its mates to come back:

The lovely flower shop:

It seems that they will be closing shortly, what a pity:

The old town hall:

Have a good new week, a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Your post today is really happy and peaceful - love the journal page, and the paper town merges well with your photos of KW, you always keep the theme so well! Have a good start in the new week! Hugs, Sarah

  2. Gorgeous page Valerie, very mysterious. I wish you all the best for the rest of this year and a Happy, Healthy and Creative 2017. Cheers xx

  3. Beautiful page with the wonderful row of houses

    The photographs today have interesting different levels of light and it adds to the interest. A wonderful Variety as always
    Love Chrissie x

  4. Schöne neue Lichtseite. Die Fotos von eurer Altstadt sind wieder so schön, der Blumenladen mit den Pflanzen und der schönen alten Laterne davor, ist mein Liebling.
    Liebe Grüße

  5. I am always amazed by the ideas you continually manage to think of Valerie - todays piece is yet another masterpiece - love it!
    Loved my walk with you through your photos too - thanks for sharing them.
    Enjoy the rest of the day.......... Gill xx

  6. Beautiful page for AJJ today Valerie, enjoyed your photos too.

  7. Oh I love this piece, I think it is one of my favorites! Your pictures are lovely too, you go such beautiful places...

  8. The moon is shining bright on this wonderful journal page, the paper buildings look great. Super photo from your walk, the zoom you use, takes Fab photo shots.
    Yvonne xx

  9. I like how you use your photos in your hybrids. This one is perfect for light and darkness. I also enjoyed your photos today. We got about 8 inches of new snow yesterday on top of a few inches on the ground, so I enjoyed seeing bare ground. :) Looks chilly but at least no snow. Happy new week to you. Hugs-Erika

  10. Your light and dark piece is wonderful.
    Happy Holidays, my friend.

  11. I so enjoyed both your AJJ piece and your walk. I am constantly amazed a the "flower" boxes on so many of the windows in your town. Seems they display such beautiful flowers in spring and summer and wonderful greenery in winter. Very impressive use of your zoom lens. I really loved everything about this post!

  12. Amazing pictures, well written post.

  13. Wonderful dramatic piece with those stars and lovely atmospheric photos! Have a peaceful last week before the big day and I am sure everyone will enjoy your cookies!

  14. Was für eine dramatisch schöne digitale Seite! Super! Und so viele herrliche Aufnahmen - einige der Orte kommen mir sehr bekannt!
    Wunderschön ist es bei Dir!
    Eine schöne neue Woche!

  15. Valerie, your work of art is absolutely wonderful! I love your quote and everything about it! So perfect for this theme. And as always, thanks for sharing your amazing photos with all of us. I enjoy them so much. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family! HUGS!

  16. thank you Valerie, for your beautiful pieces and reminders of Hope and Light, and Peace. you are a beacon of all of these yourself!
    sending love & hugs, Jackie

  17. A magical light and dark page, and such lovely photos of all the architectural detailing. I'm so sorry to hear that wonderful looking flower shop is closing... it looks amazing.
    Alison x

  18. Certainly a fabulous post. You are lovely making goodies for others, I always give the postie and our delivery lady something. We used to give the garbo's beer but not now...xx

  19. The art today is so stunning have definitely gotten the light a & dark contrast going very well. Great quote too. The photos are great but I was also saddened that the little flower shop will be closing. I hate to see small businesses go under for any reason. ♥

  20. What a very lovely walk through your own neighbourhood, and I enjoyed seeing my favourite virtual walk by the side of the river with the benches and the "new" railings. And I always love to see the architecture.
    I hope the little gull's friends come back for him soon, he looks so sad.

  21. Wonderful journal entry and of course a fabulous sentiment and oh so true!
    Loved your pictures -
    Sad news coming out of Berlin today - Germany is famous for its Christmas markets. My heart is quite sad and I send my best wishes to the families affected and to the people of Berlin.
    Sandy xx

    1. Yes, it's very sad, we are all devastated.

    2. It is always such a shock when something like this happens - I still feel the sting so I imagine the people in Germany feel far more than I.

  22. I love your art!!!
    I saw my ravens today too! Thank you for sharing where you live! It's so beautiful!! Sorry about the flower shop that is closing! It looks like a very nice store. We celebrate here, but it's more of my family getting together. I know a lot more people go all out for everything! I think you giving your cookies out is so special! Big Hugs!

  23. I always love it when you show us where you live and the area near you. Beautiful -- wonderful photos (especially that fungi!) And the art piece is really lovely.

  24. ❤❤~♥ღ¸♪♫•*❤❤´~♥ღ¸♪♫•*❤❤´~♥ღ¸♪♫•*´❤❤ Happy Holidays to you too dear Val. Much love to you.j. ❤❤~♥ღ¸♪♫•*❤❤´~♥ღ¸♪♫•*❤❤´~♥ღ¸♪♫•*´❤❤


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