Monday, 26 December 2016

Let your light shine

Hi Everybody!

Hope your holidays were good!

For Art Journal Journey, light and darkness,
I have another hybrid piece. I merged photos of the watchman, seen in Kettwig, and a grungy wall here by the castle ruins, and placed them on a very grungy background with a collaged quote.

And here is the night watchman 'at home'

 Tomorrow is also Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday, so here a hearty welcome to all the nice ladies in the T Gang.
 I recently had another coffee in the K20 art museum cafe, where 
some strange figures are always hanging out:

The cappuccino there is really good;

Recently several people  asked if I collect glass, as I often visit the glass museum. The answer is yes, I have collected bits and bobs
of glass since somebody bought me a little glass bird 
when I was a child. Perhaps not the best hobby for
someone who likes dusting as little as I do!
Anyway, here are a few things from my collection:

This glass bowl  is extremely thick and heavy:

This Scandinavian bird is one of my faves:

The blue and white one is one I made myself (with a lot of help from
Sepp, the glass blowing instructor), when I did a course many moons ago.
It's not quite straight, but I still like it:

Birds are still my favourites:

This ash-tray from the fifties is a so called 'rest of the day' piece,
as the glass blowers used to make this sort of glass 
from leftovers melded together. I would never allow anyone to use it for ash!

I have more to show another day.

Have a great day, take care, 
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Love your page and the quote. Great photos, too, I see you still have the vase my mum gave you. Off out now to visit her, hopefully back soon! Hugs, Sarah

  2. So much inspiration right here, Valerie. Love your journal page with the autumn hues. A blessed festive season to you and your loved ones.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  3. Beautiful page for AJJ and an impressive glass collection, thanks for sharing!

  4. Eine wunderbare Seite - toll kombiniert mit den Steinen der Burgruine und Deine Glassammlung ist mehr als sehenswert!
    Happy T-Day schon mal - bin ja morgen nicht da.

  5. What a beautiful collection of glass! I hope you had a great birthday and that your holidays are wonderful! Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!

  6. I love the style of your light!!!
    And as usual I have had a lovely bright time seeing your tour!!!

  7. What a lovely art piece and your glass collection is wonderful. How fun the birds are and I am so impressed that you made that beautiful blue and white piece!

  8. Oh, your glass collection is amazing, the colours and variety of pieces are wonderful, you definately have an eye for beautiful things! Your grungy light digital piece is lovely, wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  9. I love rust, so of course, I love the grungy rusty backdrop of your Watchman.

    OK, you know I love cobalt blue glass, but that rocking horse was what made my day!!!!!! I also liked the two ladies like the statues you have shown in the past. Of course, even looking back to find the name of one, I couldn't remember it.

    Guess I need a cappuccino like the one you shared with us at the K20 museum today. It's so full and frothy, too.

    Thanks for sharing your art, your gorgeous glass, your cappuccino, and your ROCKING HORSE with us for T this Tuesday. I don't always have rocking horses on my mind, but I did during this post (grin).

  10. Forgot to mention how much I like that ashtray, and I would NEVER let anyone use it, either.

  11. I forgot to mention how much I like that ashtray. I would never let anyone use it, either!

  12. Great hybrid although I wouldn't want to meet the fella on any road. Fascinating glass. We walked by a glass gallery today that is filled with work like this. Never seem to have too many folk in it though. Yum on the coffee. xox

  13. Thank you for sharing your wonderful glass collection, Valerie. (Did you dust them before the photo shoot? lol). Every piece is delightful in one way or another. I love the squawking bird with head that looks like an olive. The blue & white vase you created is beautiful!! You - the artist - see the flaws. We the - art lovers - see the gestalt.

    Happy T Day!

  14. in addition to your lovely art piece on shining the light, i would say that your photos are full of gorgeous light as well! happy day to you! xo

  15. Interesting and unique art page, Valerie. Merry Christmas.
    hugs, teresa

  16. You know I hate that image - it gives me the willies!
    Your glass collection is gorgeous - I love the ash tray the best!
    sandy xx

  17. I think that museum cafe would be an interesting place to go, and the museum! Thank you for sharing pictures :) Happy T Tuesday

  18. Thank you for taking us back to the museum. I like those figures floating from the ceiling. With a bit of imagination, they look like human forms....
    Your glass collection is absolutely beautiful. I love glass and will always visit a glass museum if there is one. Before we came to Spain, we lived in Bristol (UK) for 23 years. Bristol is famous for its blue glass, and some of your pieces are reminiscent of Bristol Blue glass. I love the piece you made. It's beautiful. I also like the two women. Yes, I spotted the rocking horse too. Elizabeth will be pleased.
    Happy T-Day and also a happy new Year,

  19. Fantastic page Valerie in your own unique style.

    Wonderful photographs and especially your collection of glassware which all looks sparkling and bright. I look forward to seeing more.

    Have a great day

    Love Chrissie xx

  20. Its a fabulous grungy page, love that background.
    The photos looks wonderful with those floating figures.
    But I was drawn to seeing your own collection of glass, its beautiful, As to the dusting phew, it must take you quite a while to keep looking so bright and sparkling.
    Happy T Day Valerie.
    Yvonne xx

  21. What an uplifting quote on your watchman piece. I adore your glass collection. Blue is my favorite color and your cobalt glass is so striking. Have Happy T Day and have a good week.

  22. How clever to to juxtapose your artwork and pun with the 'real' watchman - it really works!

    The glassware is fun, really enjoyed it

  23. Just sunk in that it was your collection and that you made some of it yourself ... how magical is that?

  24. I really do love your watchman piece. That dark with the gold -- stunning.

  25. OH MY GOODNESS your glass collection is stunning AND the piece you made with Sepp's guidance (I have an Onkel Sepp ♥) is absolutely gorgeous!!! Mr Magpie made me a round ball one year for my birthday at a date night they had a glass blowing studio in Baltimore. I treasure it.
    That watchman is special and you used him brilliantly in your collage.
    Such a great theme!
    You have me drooling over that yummy cappuccino with it's fine head of foam!
    Happy T Day
    I have missed you liebe Valerie oxo

  26. Wow-what an exciting post today Valerie. First of all, I loved the art. I wondered what inspired you to use the image you did, but then you showed us the photo. Great image and great choice. And I really love seeing your glass collection. You have some interesting things. Glass is such an interesting medium to work in- all the textures and colors and shapes and things it can form. I think its cool you learned to blow glass too. Happy T day. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday too. Hugs-Erika

  27. Love your art today ♥ your own glass collection is amazing!!!! I love every piece ♥♥♥ and I can't wait to see the rest of your collection !!

  28. Your hybird work truly amazes me Valerie! This piece is magnificent.!
    I LOVE all your blue glass and the birds are so pretty, I don't think I've ever seen any like those.
    Happy T-day

  29. Oh My! Your page is just fabulous - I love that watchman! Your glass collection is wonderful! Hugs, Chrisx

  30. I remember the Watchman, he looked good in his setting and he now looks good in your art.
    I always enjoy a little peek into your apartment and had a little look round while enjoying the glass. The Scandinavian Bird is certainly a fine chap.

  31. I missed tea on Tuesday but wanted to see what you posted for us. The Watchman image is really interesting. It was so much fun to see your glass collection. I'm impressed with the bowl you made.

  32. Hi Valerie - hope you're having a good week.
    What a great post - I always like seeing your night watchman and love how you have used him on your lovely page. (love that grungy textured background!)
    Your glass collection is amazing and I was bowled over by the fantastic piece you made yourself. Love the colour of the blue glass and that ash-tray was incredible for left over pieces. (definitely too nice for anyone to use as an ash-tray)
    Gill xx

  33. Love the hybrid piece so much. Very clever. Love your glass collection as well. The bowl you made is awesome!

  34. ╔═════════════╔╔╔══¸.•*´`*•.¸══╗╗╗══╗





  35. Wow - you really have some wonderful glass pieces. I love how colorful they all are, however I guess I am even more adverse that you towards dusting, because I try to stay as far away as possible from beautiful 'knick knack' :). Happy New Year, Val!

    p.s. Sorry for being so late to make my T-day round...

  36. Gorgeous glass displays Valerie!!

  37. Ok, now I found out, you don't like to dust! LOL! Your house is so cool! I love it! So artistic!! Your glass collection is amazing! WOW!!!
    Love your art piece and love the Night Watchman!
    Big Hugs!


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