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Tall, dark and Undead....

Hi Everybody!

Today I am writing about a book written by my good buddy Sandra:

It's easy and fun to read, with a surprising ending. And even if you're not a fan of vampires - well, have you ever heard of vampires who are sort of vegetarian?!

Book Blurb
Gutsy, kick-ass Suzanne James has no intention of complicating her life by falling in love…especially with a vampire. But it’s hard to stay objective when a drop-dead gorgeous male rescues her from three assailants in a dark alley. All but unconscious, she could swear her hero has glowing red eyes and two sharp, pointed teeth.
Adrian Caine has spent the past hundred years, in vampire parlance, a vegetarian. When he rescues a beautiful blonde in a dark alley, it takes all of his formidable control not to backslide. Attraction turns to desire. Even though it’s not in Suzanne’s best interest, he can’t stay away.

Book Excerpt
Three men jumped me and kicked their asses.”
Kess gave me a pained look. That’s why you’re black and blue and in a 
hospital bed instead of upstairs doing your job?
Details, details.” made a dismissive motion with my hand.
Yowere out walking late at night again by yourself, werent you? How 
many times have told you to take a taxi when you work late? You take a few kickboxing classes and think you can take on the world.” He tapped a toe encased in spit-shine, black leather. His face registered extremdisapproval.
It’s rude to say told you so’, Kess.” sat straighter and tried for injured dignity.
“A lot of good it does. You dont listen.”
In this case you were right.” I ran thfingers of my good hand through my tangled hairI must look a mess.
I’m always right.”
And modest too.”
He grinned. Are you going to tell me what happened? He took another 
gulp of his rapidly cooling coffee.
That’s what I’ve been trying to do but you keep interrupting me.”
Donwhine.  It’s unbecoming Justell me what happened.  I heard a GooSamaritan brought you in then disappeared.
Iwas pretty odd, Kess.”
I’m not sure ‘odd’ is the worI’d use for getting beaten up and a shoulder dislocated.” His voice dry, his glance shifted tmy shoulder. He frowned.
sighed. Kess just wasnt going to let this go.
“Not that part. MyerrGood Samaritan.” I fidgeted othe bed and plucked at thsheet.Somehow 
thterm Good Samaritan” just didnt fitGoosebumps roughened mskin 
and my heargalloped as remembered fangs and glowing red eyes. Kess?
Do you believe in vampires?
If you donwant to talk about it you could have just said so.” He lifted his chin and started trise.
I looked at the door. No one was in the hall. I hunched forward and whispered, still clutching the sheet. Kess, he had fangs and his eyes glowed.”
He frowned and straightened. They told me you didnt have a concussioor any kind odamage tyour head. Apparently, they were wrong. I’ll have Dr. Brown run an MRI. should havmade them do it last night.”
Theres nothing wrong with my head,” yelled.
Suz, you think you were rescued by vampire.”

I can warmly recommend reading this fun book!

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  1. This sounds like a fun read, I didn't know about vegetarian vampires! Enjoy your day, hugs, Sarah

  2. How wonderful that you were able to review Sandra's latest book. I know others have reviewed it and this was possibly the most comprehensive of all of them. I found your review quite impressive and got a laugh out of the vegetarian vampire. Great review, Valerie.

  3. Sounds interesting. And vegetarian vampire is a great oxymoron. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. Good luck to Sandra with this book!

  5. So nice to read this, I do enjoy visiting Sandra's blog.
    Good luck to her with this book.

    All the best Jan

  6. Its a super book review, I will watch out in the library for this one. I like the idea of a vegetarian vampire.
    Yvonne xx

  7. This looks like fun, I’m a big fan of vampires..
    xxx Hazel.

  8. thanks sounds similar to the twilight series vampires as they were vegetarians too and only fed on wild animals off to check it out thanks

  9. congrats to your friend on publishing her book, a real accomplishment! xo

  10. Hi Valerie sounds like a fun book thankyou for the review xx

  11. Sounds good, not much of a book ready nowdays, puts me to sleep but the review sounds interesting. Have a lovely weekend what's left of it.xx

  12. Fabulous i hope she does well with it. I used to read a lot but dont now for some reason. Hugs June x

  13. Cool how you have a friend who is a published author. It sounds like a good summer read, but the cover isn't very interesting-maybe you need to design some art for it. Hugs-Erika

  14. How lovely to review Sandra's book! I hope it goes so very well for her.

  15. I love Sandra! So happy to see her book spotlighted here today. A vegetarian vampire? I'm curious! :)

  16. This does look like a fun read! Chrisx

  17. Thank you so much for the lovely post, Val.
    Also thanks to all your buds and mine for the well wishes and purchases:)

  18. Sandra is a sweetheart and I wish her all the best with her book!!! Big Hugs!


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