Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Tuesday this, that and the other

Hi Everybody!

Hope your week is going well. I am a bit under the weather just now, so need to take things a bit more slowly this week and get plenty of rest. Luckily I always work in advance and have my journal pages ready!

For Art Journal Journey, architecture, I made an A3 Collage using scraps of paper serviettes. I painted the background light grey, as I was only planing to collage the middle of the page, but somehow got carried away and filled the whole page. This left no place for journaling, so I got out some huge alphas I had in my stash and just stuck them on top.

At TIOT there is still a week to enter our colours of Autumn challenge. My new knitted jacket has the right colours, so I'm showing it here. I started knitting it last year using a bag of wool I bought from the charity shop, and had to stop as my fingers were so painful. But bit by bit I got it finished. I had to knit the design according to the wool I had, so it is an asymmetric pattern, which I like.

Today is Elisabeth's T Stands for Tuesday, so I have some related topics for the T gang.

For drinking we need cups - this is a set I made last year:

And of course, my cups have to be filled with coffee - hot and strong, no sugar, and some frothy milk with a sprinkling of chocolate on top.
I was not feeling up to baking this week, but remembered that I had some frozen pineapple upside down cake in the freezer, so got it out for you - help yourselves!

I should be showing my tag for Tag Tuesday here, but will do so tomorrow as this post is already rather full.

And last but not least, a few photos showing the colours of autumn:

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon. These fall colds are just not fun! Great collage. Those are really cool serviettes you used. And I think your sweater is gorgeous. Love how it isn't symmetrical but it still looks very stylish!

  2. Sorry to hear you are under the weather, feel better soon! Your sweater is gorgeous as is your architectural page. You are such good baker and drink maker too.

  3. Love your art, as always, and the photos, but please take care of yourself! Hugs, Sarah

  4. Was für eine tolle Collage Seite Valerie .. Deine Cups sind sehr elegant auf dem schönen Tag mit dem Schmetterling und Deine Jacke ist richtig toll geworden! Bravo!
    Verführe mich nicht wieder mit Deinem super Ananaskuchen! Boah..sieht spitze aus!
    Herrliche Aufnahmen hast Du auch wieder gemacht! !
    Happy T-Day und werd bitte ganz schnell wieder gesund Liebes!


  5. The collage is amazing Valerie with so much variety and beauty.
    The exclusive design of your cardigan would grace any catwalk for sure. You are so talented.
    Terrific tea cups and delicious cake-yum yum

    Love the photographs showing the peacefulness of nature.

    Hope you soon feel a bit better

    Love and a hug Chrissie xx

  6. Sorry to hear you are not feeling so good! Your page is brilliant -love those big letters! I am so impressed with your jacket - fabulous colours and far more than I could knit (although I have a plan for the dark nights) Your coffee looks good - pineapple upside down is one of my favourites! Look after yourself, warm hugs, Chrisx

  7. Golly Valerie. This is a very full, fun filled post. I was inspired by the AJJ piece and to think you had all those napkins (that's what we call them in the States) that had those lovely places on them. That was incredible. I have a few napkins, but none look like that! I'm not sure which I like better, Paris or London. Maybe Venice. Gee, I can't decide.

    Those are wonderful autumn colors in your sweater. I used to knit and crochet, but my hands started cramping, then they went numb, so I was no longer able to do either. I can understand how this might take you so long. I also like the design. It speaks to me.

    Your cups are wonderful. And plentiful. We can each choose which one we want to drink from. I don't need the one with the spoon, because I always pour my cream first, then add my coffee. Instant blending. But since I drink coffee all day and all night, I might take the largest one.

    How did you know how much I LOVE, love, love pineapple upside-down cake? It's my second favorite cake after carrot cake. It looks wonderful. Of course, the coffee is just the way I like it. Strong and white. Never had it with chocolate on top, but it sounds decadent. And that is a gorgeous cup you fixed it in, too. I really like the design on the cup and saucer.

    Great autumn photos, especially of the brick wall, fungi, and horse. Thanks for sharing them, your art, your sweater, and your coffee with us for T this Tuesday. I'll take that cake now!

  8. I forgot to mention that I hope you are back on your feet soon, and feeling yourself again. It's no fun to feel bad, so DO get plenty of rest and sleep.

  9. Good Morning, Valerie. The pilot is warming up the plane and I'll be there shortly for coffee and some of that delicious cake! YUM! It's 3:15 am here, and you've made me hungry .. lol. The collage piece is gorgeous - agree, you have some fabulous napkins. And your SWEATER! WOWZA! You are so very talented. Very stylish indeed and it will suit you to a T, keeping you cozy all winter. Take good care of yourself. hugs, Donna

  10. Wow Valerie, your knitting is awesome! I actually had a dream about knitting last night. I haven't knitted since I was a teenager and was rubbish at it as my tension used to go all tight. In my dream, you guessed it, someone ripped out my knitting because it was too tight. Weird how things stay hidden away in the back of your mind! Your cake looks yummy too, I do love pineapple. Hope you're feeling better soon. Take care. Xx

    1. At school I always got my knitting ripped out too because it had holes in it! Freud must have unlocked those memories for you!

  11. A wonderful collaged journal page and your knitting looks very warm and cosy and I hope you will be feeling better soon.
    xxx Hazel.

  12. Around the world on a A3 piece of paper lovely. Your knitting is so inventive colours are super. The fungus growing on the tree bark is a great picture

  13. I love your graphic journal spread, and a really good idea with napkins. It was good to you engulfed by your side.
    Hugs, Susan

  14. you touched all my senses with this beautiful post and I'm leaving here very hungry!

  15. Eine klasse Seite deiner Stadt, Valerie! So schöne warme Farben, dass es einem warm ums Herz wird.
    Für die körperliche Wärme hast du dir ein wirklich kuschelige Jacke gestrickt, schön! Stricken geht mit meinen Arthrosehänden leider gar nicht mehr...Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  16. Wow, I can´t decide what´s more amazing: your London-page or that autumn jacket! I like the cup, too, it reminds me of a Royal Copenhagen pattern that I admire. Hope you feel better soon. Lots of tea may help, I´m sure... ;-) Happy T-Day!

  17. This post was filled with so much that was interesting. Great collage. I got stuck on the knitting pictures though. I've been knitting quite a bit this past year - sort of got back into it after years of putting it aside. I'm really impressed with your sweater creation.


  18. My gosh there is so much beauty to see here ! Your collage is beautiful, the sweater is gorgeous, you made it, how wonderful! The food and treats look very tasty and the sunset is also very beautiful. I hope you feel better soon. Take care, Shirley xx ps.. I'm suffering from seasonal allergies, bad this year....

  19. Stunning journal page with the black lettering, and some fabulous images. Love your knitted jacket - it's a fabulous design and looks very warm, perfect for your Autumn walks.
    Great photos again, love the first one with the plane landing in the morning sky.
    Hope you feel better soon, Take care,
    Avril xx

  20. OMGoodness, I love the way your journal page turned out!!
    Pineapple upside down cake is an OLD favorite of mine, my Mom used to make it all the time....mmmmmmI can smell the aroma!!

    Fab. sweater you knitted. I'm in awe since I don't knit.

    Your tea cup page is so wonderful!
    Happy T-day

  21. brilliant architecture page-it would make a perfect poster! Loving your fall sweater too-it looks so comfy and warm. Nice patterns on the coffee cups. And a wonderful display of fall with the pictures and warm coffee and comforting cake.Happy T day!

  22. Aaaaw feel better soon Valerie!! What lovely pictures you showed this week! Fall is showing itself here too... Thank you so much for stopping by TWICE this week! :) Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  23. Oh my goodness, so much eye candy here! Your collage is fantastic...love the big letters on top and all of the bits and how they work together! The sweater is absolutely gorgeous! it makes my fingers hurt just thinking of how long it must have taken, but how proud and warm you'll be when you wear it. ;) Yummy looking coffee and cake...and stunning fall photos. So enjoy visiting you and what you have to share....happy T day! Feel better soon...♥

  24. Oh I hope you feel better soon! It is no fun to be in pain or sick. Your art journal is lovely and I really like those big alphas and they way you placed the letters. I can't even begin to know how much time it took for that amazing sweater! Wowzers! And of course I have to thank you for the cake! Yummy! Awesome sauce pics as well! ~Niki

  25. Valerie, your page today is a favorite; I love it! It is amazing all of the talents you have and now knitting. I knitted a ski sweater years ago and Christmas stockings for the boys with their names at the top. Now my daughter knits and all of my needles and patterns are in her hands. I'm eager to taste the pineapple cake and share a cup of coffee with you. Wouldn't that be grand! Take care of yourself and get more rest the next few days.

  26. Goodness, Valerie, what a fantastic blogpost.
    Your jacket looks so cosy, I could just shrug it on right now, and I love that is asymmetrical and is made out of the wool you had, that makes it even better.
    Your cup of coffee and cake is jumping right off the page, mega yum, thanks!
    Get better soon!

  27. That sweater is perfect! I'd love wearing that when it got cool. :) I'll join you for pineapple upside down cake anytime. Happy T Tuesday!

  28. Valerie its always a feast for the senses popping in here. Its like opening a lifestyle magazine. Just adore your stunning jacket, it has such lovely texture and autumn colours. Yoy are definitely a lady of mant talents and such an inspiration.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  29. Valerie I always enjoy your this and that posts. What a lovely journal collage page. LOVE your knitted sweater. What a beauty you designed and I love the Asymmetrical style with the yarn. You are such a talent my friend!!
    Lovely walking pics and I love the foliage growing on the brick wall.
    Have a great day. cm

  30. What a brilliant architectural collage, I love the great images, the scraps of serviettes are fabulous. The tea cups are fantastic and your new jacket is really a creative design.
    Yummy pineapple cake!!!
    Take care of yourself, Valerie!
    Hugs, Mar

  31. I used to knit and crochet but I haven't in a thousand years and will have to kinda learn all over again. Is there ANYTHING you can not do!!!!!!! Your pineapple upside down cake looks so delicious. You now I love it when you post the foods you make!
    Your journal page is wonderful - everything seems together so well.
    This has been such an exciting post Valerie!!!
    Sandy xx

  32. I forgot to tell you how beautiful your sweater jacket is Valerie - it is really stunning and I know you will enjoy wearing it!!
    Sandy xx

  33. Love your London page. Hubby and I got to go for a meeting a few years back and we had extra days, such a wonderful trip. Wow, great sweater, good for you, the knitting looks grand. As does the cake, yum. xox

  34. Love the collage background on todays page Valerie. You will be cozy and warm in your beautiful knitted sweater.
    Look after yourself and I hope you feel better soon.
    Yvonne xx

  35. fab photos and love that cardigan

  36. boah val,deine seite ist soooooo schöööööön,und deine jacke sieht spitze aus,bravo!!!
    dein kuchen sieht soo leecker und saftig aus,da tropft es auf meiner zunge,yummy.
    wunderschöne bilder hast du wieder gemacht,der baum mit den pilzen dran ist ja klasse.
    werde ganz schnell wieder gesund,du liebe.
    schöne gute nacht,schlaf gut.

    hugs jenny

  37. Sorry you are under the weather too !!! :'( We can feel sorry for each other and share a box or two if tissues. Love the art... I almost always get carried away with collages.... :) That sweater is beautiful!!! I have to knit and crochet slowly now and little bits at a time ...the hands just don't work as well as they used to . Feel better and thanks c for the coffee and pineapple cake ...one of my favorites ♥♥♥

  38. Valerie, your journal page is lovely as always! The desert and beverage sure look as if they will help aid in the healing process. Hope you get to feeling better quickly! Hugs!

  39. Hello and Happy T Day! Sorry your not feeling well, feel better soon. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post full of good stuff. The art page is great, the sweater is so pretty and perfect for fall. YAY for fall pictures too, love horses. I took a piece of cake too, thank you for sharing it with us. Take care and rest well.

  40. Valerie, you do more when you are not feeling well than I do when I am feeling great.

    I LOVE your sweater. How talented you are.

    Your journal page looks fantastic and your cups are darling.

    Yum! I didn't know you could freeze cake like that.

    Get well hugs,

  41. I am so sorry you are under the weather- fell better soon Dear Valerie!!
    I do love your collage and that upside down cake-YUM!!
    and your sweater!!! WOW!! Gorgeous!! You are so talented!! Love the colors and the design! xo

  42. The sweater - ohhhhh the sweater.... I'm totally in love. The colors are FABULOUS... my, my ,my - it's just STUNNING beyond words. I'm over the moon crazy over your sweater Valerie - seriously. What a masterpiece.

    This post is just filled with yumminess. Really really like the architecture collage and think it looks amazing all the way to the sides. Each one of the buildings looks perfectly placed and the colors are so rich.

    And I promise you - that pineapple upside down cake looks SPECTACULARLY MOIST and LUSCIOUS. Not even my fav type but it totally makes my mouth water!!!! Sure hope you are feeling better now though. Gotta have my Bastelmania fix each day!!!

    Your cup stack is so fun - love the designs and your real cup of foamy coffee is so pretty. I would so enjoy a cup right now!

    And then - I just can't leave out the fall ivy on the brick wall - that is gorgeous to see. What a great post Valerie!!! Hugs. j.

  43. Wow! that was an extra long and extra fabulous post! Naughty naughty Valerie - aren't you supposed to be resting?
    Your collage is amazing, I love the vintage imagery used.
    Your jacket is gorgeous, just perfect for autumn and if you walk among the trees you will be well camouflaged!
    Your pineapple upside down cake looks very yummy hope it cheered you up :)
    keep strong and take care.......... Gill xx

  44. Oh I love your orange jacket/cardigan! And I'd gladly accept a piece of pineapple upside down cake. Yum!
    Have a good week,


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