Thursday, 29 October 2015

Autumn and architecture

Hi Everybody!

Once again the day has run away from me and I don't have much to show for it!

For Art Journal Journey, architecture, I have 2 pages. The first one is a hybrid piece. The background is a photo  of the evening sky, taken from my balcony, overlaid with an old family document. The building is a freebie from Itkupilli, and the statue and wings are from Dezinaworld. The blue moon is the photo of the yellow moon, shown at the bottom of the post, with altered colours. The lady is also one of my creations, here with a colour change. I have been very fascinated from the wonderful night skies and moons lately!

This journal page, A3, mixed media, shows one of the houses near where I grew up. The houses have long been pulled down, and although it was a rather dreary corner in the East End of London, I still miss it. I don't know why the policeman was standing there....I wonder what was going on? 

A little café near here has these beautiful lamps outside:

Autumn colours everywhere:

And the moon last night was a huge, yellow disc - very spooky!

Have a good day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Lovely pages, love the blues and gorgeous fall photos.

  2. oohh val,was für eine wunderschöne mondseite und die andre ist auch klasse.
    wunderschöne herbstbilder hast du wider gemacht,die herbstfarben und die klare luft sind einfach herrlich und man geht raus zur inspiration.
    dieses männchen auf der lampe ist ja klasse *LOL*herrlich was sich manche einfallen lassen,superkunst.
    ich hab mir gerade einen cafe gemacht,den werd ich jetzt genießen.
    einen wunderschönen tag,liebe valerie.

    hugs jenny

  3. Your work is wonderful again, love both pieces, and both are so different. Great photos too - you always show so much, much appreciated! Have a nice day, hugs, Sarah

  4. Great pieces, Valerie. Particularly love the East End London piece ... it's all gone now .. all up scaled into something artificial. Time marches on. Aren't the lights fun? Enjoyed your post today. hugs, Donna

    1. Yes, it's all gone. The houses may have been old and not up to modern standards, but a thousand times better than the soulless highrise blocks they have planted there!

  5. Die Blue Moon Seite ist herrlich und Deine East End Architekturseite gefällt mir auch sehr gut, der Spruch dazu macht mich nachdenklich! Was für nette Lampen das sind! Suoer und Deine wunderschönen Herbststimmungsaufnahmen erfreuen mich auch - leider macht das miese Wetter hier
    einen Strich durch die Rechnung mit dem Herbstgenuss..aber angeblich wird es zum Wochenende wieder sonnig bei uns und bis zu 20 Grad...mal sehen.

  6. Love what you did with your moon, love the page with the old photograph and you will be surprised when I post my page because I used an old photograph as well.What fun lamps you found they do look very different. Love the beautiful photographs with the great colours.

    Have a good day

    Love Chrissie xx

    1. This is not the first time we've had similar ideas!

  7. These pages are both wonderful! I looked up Itputkilli and I am very tempted! The Autumn colours do seem to be much brighter this year and your photos are brilliant - love those figures near the cafe too! Hugs, Chrisx

  8. Love your pieces today! They are so different from each other.You did a great job creating the feel of each. I never thought of blue as so mysterious but it works well in that piece. Love those little people lamps too-how fun! And of course the leaves are looking so pretty!

  9. Those lights are just so adorable! Both pieces of art and your photos are really lovely today. The moon has been spectacular here the last few night, too!

  10. As always there is so much to see here :) Your Journal pages are beautiful and so are the photos. The lamps at the cafe are quite interesting. I hope you are having a wonderful day, xx

  11. Yay I'm on time for todays post - 2 totally different fabulous pieces of artwork. I especially like the one with vintage photo of East London, I wonder what year it may have been. Agree with you about the souless buildings now there too - very sad.
    Those street lamps are fun - what a clever design.
    Have a love day Valerie xxx

  12. The colors of fall are gorgeous in your area and I love those darling lamps at the cafe. Love your two pages. WOW they are awesome and I love the vintage look of the second.
    Have a great day. cm

  13. I love your two pages. Especially the Blue Moon, it is just breathtaking. As are those photos! You have such a talent. They are so beautiful. I feel like I could reach out and touch those leaves. And the light figures....too too cute.
    Off meant a lot that you took the time to buy and read Ghost For Sale.

  14. Dear Valerie-Jael,
    what a wonderful post with your nature photoes, so beautiful, and the lamps are very fun and sweet.
    Your blue moon is amazing, and love the old house near your home, now all gone, memories in books are great !!
    Hug from Dorthe

  15. What a beautiful piece you created to remember your roots and how neat to grow up in London.
    Your blue moon page is gorgeous too liebe Valerie.
    AND your autumn leaves are breathtaking...
    nature really feeds the soul doesn't it...
    again and again...
    day or night!

  16. Superb contrast between the two ladies and clever use of the moon.
    I enjoyed seeing your old home area and maybe the policeman was just on the beat keeping the peace - they did that on those days, now we hardly see that here.
    Great autumn photos, love them, it's been an amazingly colourful autumn, and still is.

  17. Love your art ♥You are so good with collage and layering so many different things together :) Those lamps at the cafe are fantastic!!!!! WE have more fall color this week but I'm still not getting out and about much yet. We have had clouds for three days now so I wasn't able to see the full moon this month :( Today it is finally clear so I'll get to see the waning full moon tonight .

  18. Awesome art Valerie. The first one has me humming a rather old song 'Blue Moon'. Loved your London pages in vintage sepia colours, very atmospheric. Super photos as well.
    Yvonne xx

  19. Certainly very beautiful pages. Valerie, I know what you mean about the moon as I also love to look at the moon, I find it so soothing.

  20. Hi Valerie, back from a wonderful time with family.

    Love the blue page and the autumn foliage in your photos. The page of London using a photo from the 30s is very interesting. You continue to spoil me with your talent and knowledge. I will be looking back at your posts the last week or so to catch up. I don't want to miss a thing. Hope you are well and the weather is cooperating. It has turned cold here and we have turned our heat on in the house.
    Love hugs,

  21. I came by earlier, but got pulled away by unexpected company. I loved the way you treated the Blue Moon. It was a great use of color. Then I was surprised to learn that you grew up in London. What a marvelous life you must have led so far. I'm super impressed and love the row houses that were similar to ones you remember from your childhood. Seems gentrification took over that part of your childhood memories.

    Those lamp posts are incredible. I really love the one that looks like a person. And your autumn scenes are so, so colorful. You have captured the signs of autumn around you to the fullest.

  22. Those street lamps are so cute! Fabulous pages. I love the old building.
    Have a great weekend.

  23. the lamps truly are fun!
    love your autumn colors too. It has been raining, so our colors will be ending soon. Rain knocking the last leaves to the earth.

    your building art is wonderful to see.


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