Friday, 25 December 2015

A face, a collage and more....

Hi Everybody!
 Hope you are all enjoying the

For Art Journal Journey, collage, and 99 faces I have a mixed media face, and a collage which I made out of it. The lady looks rather cross, perhaps she doesn't like the colours I used. I re-used some cardstock, drawing over the background with black ink, and painted her with water colours, and added lots of random stamping (LaBlanche)

For the collage I made a hybrid version, digitally removing the head from the original background and placing it on a collaged and gessoed background. I altered the colours digitally to match, and then various objects, a London skyline and a text.

The moon was beautiful the past 2 days, here it is rising on Wednesday

The sunrise on Christmas Eve was also spectacular:

As was the moon in the evening:

On my walk though town I was pleased to see that even my feathered friends are joining in with the celebrations:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. I was enjoying your post,, as usual, then came to the photos of birds, hahahahaha! brilliant, love it.
    Great portrait of the lady, but she looks a bit cross, maybe she has to go to work on Christmas Day.
    Your sky photos are sublime too, wonderful of the moon, and the sunrise, yes we had a lovely red sunrise like that too, but it was swiftly gone.
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas Day.
    Christmas Hugs.

  2. Oh what fun, I almost wet my pants when I saw your Christmas birdies! Love the face, she looks like Miss Gresham, do you remember her? Great collage, too, and love the moon and sun pics as always. Enjoy your holidays, hugs, Sarah

  3. Hmmmm, that lady looks as if she is not enjoying Christmas.... hope you are, the collage is wonderful as are the photos! Love your merry Christmas birds too, they certainly seem to be enjoying the season....

  4. Menno Valerie.. toll gemacht mit Deiner etwas überfordert dreinguckenden Lady - so hab ich dreingeguckt letztes Jahr beim Sale in London schätze ich...hihi...beide Variationen gefallen mir ausgesprochen gut- sie haben Stil und Charakter! Fantastische Aufnahmen vom Mond und Deine Weihnachtsvögelchen sind absolut spitze!!!
    Ich wünsche Dir einen schönen St. Stephen's Day !


  5. Wonderful collage Valerie with a very strong face -love it.

    Terrifuc photographs and so good to see the full moon

    It has been so cloudy here we can't see the moon at all. I have just been to the door for a look and it is raining cats and dogs. Just love the feative birds they made my day.

    Just had a quiet day while Vuc and Bill went hospitL visiting. Hope you enjoyed your day

    Love Chrissie dx

  6. Your face is lovely! I think it's very cute how you've decorated the birds! Happy holidays!

  7. Lovely cute face, gorgeous photos and added beauties.xx

  8. Great page. Your moon photos are glorious. Too cloudy here .. socked in. Looks like the birds along your walk have been shopping ... too funny! hugs, Donna xo

  9. Beautiful mixed media face. I have been enjoying the moon tonight, last night it was too cloudy. Those birds made me do a double-take, hahaha

  10. Actually I read your lady as determined, not cross. Her chin is set and ready to meet whatever happens next. I especially loved the collage of London swinging. Although I have never been to London, I am always enthralled about my ancestry and this is a glorious silhouette.

    Of course, I almost we myself when I saw the birds. I am STILL laughing. Clever you, dear Valerie. And happy Boxing Day, too!

  11. ooh val,was für tolle seiten,die lady gefällt mir sehr.
    schöne bilder hast du wieder gemacht,einfach prachtvoll die aufnahmen.
    wünsch dir einen schönen st.stephens day.

    hugs jenny

  12. ahh- just getting to your posts now, I see you did see the beautiful moon as well!!(but no dancing involved!heehee)
    Yes, she does look cross, perhaps she remembered she forgot to leave cookies and milk for Santa?

  13. Brilliant collage Valerie - fabulous expression on the ladys face.
    I think your birds are having more festive fun than her :)
    Hope you're having a lovely Christmas.
    Gill xx

  14. Those birds are a riot. I laughed for a long time after reading this- before I could even write this. Your lady is great too-I bet she is just cranky she didn't get one of those gold tiara's like you showed on your face the other day. The digital collage is great too. Hope you had a happy holiday yesterday and are enjoying your day!

  15. Your festive birds are so much fun!
    Your lady looks like she is using her "vision" to really focus on something. You used her nicely in both creations!
    Happy Day after Christmas oxo

  16. Heheheheh - Love that your birds were in the Christmas spirit - they sure found some cutie hats!!!! And my mind created a story about your collage gal.... Letters arrived from a friend inviting her to spend her holiday in London but when she arrived... no one was there to pick her up at the airport so she was a bit vexed about what to do and where to go in the big city!!! Her friend finally showed up and all was well :) Have a great weekend Valerie!! j.

    1. Love the story, something like that happened to me in Chicago!

  17. Haha, deine Weihnachtsvögel sehen total cool aus und deine Fotos sind einfach traumhaft.

    LG Gaby

  18. I love your digital art, especially the festive birdies. hugs, Teresa

  19. Liebe Valerie, durch meinen Familienbesuch bin ich gar nicht zum Blog-Gucken gekommen, gerade hole ich alles nach, kann aber nicht zu jedem Tag etwas schreiben.
    Deine weihnachtlichen Vogel-Freunde haben mir Spaß gemacht - Humor ist immer gut! Du bist ja mit schöner Post überschüttet worden, wunderbar!
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  20. Haha, I love how you did those birds :-) Wonderful use of old work in your digital collage. Wishing you all the best for the new year, and that your creativity will inspire many more blogposts!

  21. What a fabulous post! Great art, gorgeous photos and BIG smile at the end! Hugs, Chrisx


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