Thursday, 30 November 2017

Under my skin

Hi Everybody!
Today it's cold, grey and damp outside, so I'm pleased
to be back home again in my warm flat and have some

For Paint party Friday I have an A3 journal page
another  of 'my' heads to share - okay, sometimes
I have a strange sense of humour. I am also linking
 to Simon Wednesday Challenge, anything goes:

And for Wendy's lovely theme at Tag Tuesday -
anything goes with some lime green - I have a 
tag made for my neighbour's birthday on Friday. He
doesn't read my blog, so it won't spoil the
surprise for him! Mr UM is going on safari again -
 I still have a huge stack of animal print card to
use up!

After we the indoor ski-resort last week we went to
Knechsteden, a cloister Church from the middle ages.
After we go out of the car we saw this flock of
friendly - and hungry - sheep in an old orchard:

The old gate house:

The man standing at the front was singing. The church has
an excellent acoustic, but his performance was such
that I was glad when it was over!

Ancient frescoes:

And yesterday we had a nice sunrise before the sky
clouded over:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. I got you under my skin. As in, deep down, we're all alike. There's a leopard of a different color. Spots look good in lime green. Wonder if the ram is used to getting treats so came over to see if you had a goodie for him. So the man singing was making a joyful noise unto the Lord? =^,.^= Beautiful architechture and art in the church. I like how the tops and bottoms of the columns are all painted. I've never seen that done before. Looks a lot like the colors of sunrise (or sunset)

  2. This is a fantastic head, and very typical for your black humour with a deep meaning underneath! Love the card for your neighbour, he will surely love it. Great photos, I have never heard of Knechtsteden, but it looks very pretty. Did you feed that ram? Have a nice day, keep warm, hugs, Sarah

  3. Fun tag and interesting thought-provoking page and a lot of fantastic photos!
    Happy start of the weekend ahead!

  4. Enjoyed Mr. UM:) The first piece is unsettling in a good way.
    You find the best places to visit. Don't the horns on the ram look majestic?
    I had to chuckle about the singing.
    Hope your day is filled with sparkle.

  5. Ooooh! Are you alright dear? (grin!) I do love your art Valerie! That church looks amazing! It would be on my list if ever we visit your area! Love those sky shots! Hugs,Chrisx

  6. that is a very clever creation your tag is, lol,, its great! I love sheep,,,,beautiful photos,,amazing,,

  7. Creative piece for AJJ and a lovely tag! Sorry about the singing but I enjoyed the photos!

  8. I laughed out loud when you said you were glad the performance was over! I've been to things like that too. Sometimes you wish the acoustics weren't quite so good! It's a beautiful church.

  9. Beautiful photos. While I don;t think I am religious, I loved visiting the churches in Germany and England very much. And also love your safari man tag.

    1. They are just beautiful places with great vibes

  10. Well, it certainly is interesting to see what goes on in your head lol.... great creations and stunning photos like always.

  11. I think inside your head is a clever lady, who creates amazing art.
    Its a great page today Valerie.
    The tag looks fantastic I love Mr U's camouflage suit.
    The church photos are beautiful, such amazing fresco paintings and stained glass windows.
    Hope you haven't got the snow like we have today.
    Yvonne xx.

  12. That's a really interesting journal page today Valerie. You draw skeleton faces quite well. Nice tag too. And the ancient art of the church is really interesting and beautiful. We don't have that here. Makes it even more amazing that it could survive so many years and still look so wonderful. happy Friday. Stay warm and cozy. Hugs-Erika

  13. You took the quote quite literally and I love it! Your half-skin, half-skeleton face is fabulously done although a bit creepy. Any human without skin gives me a bit of the willies. But your artistic rendition is right on. And it made me think of that wonderful Frank Sinatra song.
    Also, I am loving your leopard printed umbrella man. I am so ready for a safari!
    Have a great end of the week Valerie!

  14. Beautiful cards, Valerie. And great photos. I especially love the church. And sheeps are my favourite animals. Yeah! Kisses, my friend.

  15. Brilliant description of what's in your head, we all have a skull of course. Fantastic photos, love the viewing.xx[aNNie]🎄

  16. I absolutely adore that beautiful head shot (or rather head art). It's incredible and so well done.

    As I was reading, I thought it read "Old Goat House." Had to back up and reread it. I love the header and I love the church. It's a fabulous post and incredible photos.

  17. Terrific photos of the church and its interiors. An interesting take on the head. I am sure your neighbor will love the card. Happy PPF!

  18. a very creative journal page. i love the way you did umbrella man with a touch of lime! and gorgeous photos as always. xo

  19. A fabulous journal page and brilliant tag - I hope Mr UM enjoys his Safari.
    xxx Hazel.

  20. Did the man in the church realise you were listening to him or did he think he had the place to himself? The acoustics in churches are always so wonderful I’ve often thought of bursting into song myself – but I promise you I haven’t. It wouldn’t be a pretty sound.
    Your tag Tuesday tag is wonderful, and I enjoyed all your photos, thank you for sharing them. Keep warm and have a lovely week. Hugs Barbara

  21. At first I was taken aback by the skull, but when I read your quote it made me giggle! How very clever! Love your safari piece, Umbrella Man looks great in camouflage! Wonderful photos, the sheep are so amazing! hugs :)

  22. Thanks for sharing your beautiful church photos; luv the Tag collage best
    Happy you dropped by my blog today Valerie

    much love...

  23. I am totally enjoying what you are doing with your 'heads'. Like Umbrella Man as well. Happy PPF

  24. Lovely creations ~ favorite is the silhouette of the man and what history in your wonderful photography ~

    Happy Weekend to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  25. Wow! what a contrast in art this week! You did well with the "skin" one. I love the umbrella man with the safari images. Your photos are gorgeous. I can't imagine living so near all that historic architecture. It is such a contrast to what is considered "old" here. Beautiful church photos.

  26. I love your "head shot." Hmmm, it makes me wonder what's next... you going to tackle an "ear worm"...? (My kinda humor, too.)

    That cathedral is breathtaking. The architectural details are gorgeous. And you, dear lady, took some great photos of it.

    Cute goats. I'm glad they were so friendly. We wanted want you to be bothered by any baaaaaad ones... :)

  27. once upon a time I loved winter...I think. Beautiful photo's. I love the ram..I love them all. Yes we are the same under the skin except...spirit..we are each our own fingerprint..awesome art. stay warm dear friend.

  28. Oh my...your photos are amazing! That wonderful architecture, and the adorable ram! The artwork was very makes you think! So interesting!

  29. haha, you have a wicked sense of humour ;-) The quote fits perfectly ... Love mr UM too, he looks ready for his safari!

  30. I so enjoyed seeing the inside of the Church, the stained glass windows and frescoes are so nice.

    All the best Jan

  31. The quote is perfect! Love it! The church and photos are so beautiful. Looks like a lovely day. Sorry you didn't get to hear better singing with the great acoustics! ;)

  32. Lol, I love your head shot and your humour! Always great to have fun with painting and creativity :D) especially sharing it with us!
    We're having a lot of rain and cooler temperatures today, so I'm feeling at one with you - even though thousands of kms and different seasons apart :D)
    Enjoying your post very much, kind thoughts, Sue xx

  33. Omgosh Valerie!!! hahahahaaaa You have me LOL!! What a riot your head/skull is!! You are so funny!! Well done!

    I love that you have given him a name, Mr. Um-how clever! heeheeI am sure your neighbor will be digging his tag- it is really quite cool!

    Oh my what a glorious chapel and sights you have again visited! Do cloisters still reside there? I love the Santos statue with Christ- it is exquisite!
    Happy weekend my friend! xoxo

  34. That was a humorous painting! lol I also adore your photos. Just lovely.

  35. Oh you made me giggle... love the other card too with the animal fun! Stay warm!!

    Peace Giggles

  36. What a brilliant head piece Valerie, dark and deep but it still makes you smile! The church looks amazing but I feel your pain about the noise - especially when the one on the next street to us has it's bell ringing practice ;-) xx

  37. Hi Valerie. I love your animal print card! The Under my skin is a little creepy but funny at the same time. I always enjoy your photos. I especially like the sheep this week.

  38. Oooh the tag is so wonderful and your Under My Skin piece is so creative! I love the places you visit, thanks so much for sharing them.

  39. Your head is amazing - very thought-provoking, and I love the look of Umbrella Man on your tag. I'm sure your neighbour will love it. Thanks so much for sharing another wonderful set of photos of one of your expeditions - and those fantastic skyscapes too.
    Alison x

  40. Both your art pieces are so cool! Love your head one!!
    Cute sheeps! LOL! Love all your pictures! Truly gorgeous!
    Big Hugs!

  41. Your work is very creative and wonderful. Love it. Thanks so much for joining in at Simon Says Stamp Anything Goes Challenge. Gayatri xx

  42. Incredible ART. I love the church it is beautiful. . . love sheep. Blessings, Janet

  43. Love Mr umbrella man, the animals are an inspiration. Hope he loves his card.

  44. An awesome Tag Valarie...loving all your photos too...
    Sorry I've not been around this last week or so ..catching up now..x


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