Thursday, 9 November 2017

Coffee, woods and lakes

Hi Everybody!
For Chris'  nice theme, '101 ways to keep warm', at
a digital piece. The images are from Serif.
This is one of my fave ways of keeping warm. For those
who need more exercise I recommend doing
some fun shopping first....

Yesterday I went on a trip with G & H, 2 of my good 
buddies. We went to Duisburg, a neighbouring town.
 First we went for a walk through the 'Sechs Seen Platte', 
an area with 6 huge lakes and wonderful wooded trails. 
The weather was cold but sunny,
and we enjoyed marching along the trails and admiring
the beauty of the autumn landscape:

G kindly acted as leaf holder:

More photos of the lakes and the other places we 
visited will be following!

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by


  1. Love the dew/water droplets on the leaves Valerie and the photos don't look 'cold' in fact they are warm to me. Your digi project is fabulous...bright and cheery. Take care and hope you are well[aNNie]🎄

  2. Beautiful journal page, I know how you like to keep warm with coffee! Brilliant photos, too, you visited a lovely place again. Have a nice day, stay warm, it's very chilly here! Hugs, Sarah

  3. I think your ladies are into shoes and clothes. And of course, coffee, too. really adorable digital entry.

    My favorite photo was the single leaf on the ground. It spoke to me. Looks like you captured autumn in all its glory, too. Hope you are feeling well.

  4. A gorgeous digital piece Valerie.
    Such a beautifully serene walk to have taken with your friends. I love all the colours in the leaves and from reflections of the lake.
    Good cheer to you :D) xx

  5. moin valerie,

    deine seite ist einfach wunderbar,so ein restaurant besuch mit freundinnen kann viel spass machen.
    die waldbilder sind traumhaft,war schon lange nicht mehr dort umsomehr freue ich mich über die schönen bilder hier bei dir.
    einen schönen tag dir.

    hugs jenny

  6. That is a fun page today. :) I think that will be me tomorrow-and it is suppose to be really cold- like winter temperatures, so I think so hot tea will be what I need. And that lake looks like a fabulous place to walk. It might have been cool but it looks like a gorgeous day, and as long as you dress correctly, a brisk walk is always a good thing. :)Happy Thursday. Hugs-Erika

  7. You have some great ideas about keeping warm. Good food, good company, good tea, good outing. Your photos are just gorgeous. I tried capturing dew drops on some clover that's still blooming, but the iphone camera just didn't make it look good. Or I didn't know how to make it look good. One or the other or both. Have a lovely day

  8. You have such a fun page today! What a lovely lake area, thanks for sharing.

  9. What a lovely walk. So glad you and the buds had fun.
    I love this piece! It's just all kinds of fun and girlie.
    Have a day filled with sparkle.

  10. ich habe mich jetzt richtig amüsiert über dein tollen schönen Cafebesuch und ich höre wie sie schnattern und lachen ... ein grossartige Idee!
    Deine Fotos von Duisburg mit der wundervollen Herbstlandschaft ist so schön!!!
    Ich wünsche dir ein kuschligen Abend!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  11. Your journal page I love and your scenery. Stunning work.

  12. What a fabulously fun page! I love your ideas for keeping warm, what could be better then meeting up with friends or sitting with a good book over a cuppa - perfect 😁. The woodland looks so beautiful with those pretty autumnal colours, I really enjoyed walking the trails with you 😁. Enjoy the rest of your week! J 😊

  13. Your art is such fun today. And your photos are mesmerizing. What a beautiful fall you are having!

  14. Thank you for such a fun page - you really made me smile with your shopping exercise idea!! I loved seeing your walk - the colours you captured are beautiful! Hugs, Chrisx

  15. I can almost hear the hum of the chatter as the girls on your journal page sit together and enjoy a warm cup of coffee.
    The woodland walk looked a lovely area. The leaves are a wonderful colour, did they crunch as you walked over them. I love the sound it makes.
    Yvonne xx

  16. Great journal page ♥ Those photos of your walk in the woods are fantastic!!!!! I need to get out and do some hiking soon. I did work in the yard a bit today...winterizing some of the more delicate perennials... keep your fingers crossed. :)

    1. I hope you manage to get out and about a bit, this is such a wonderful season.

  17. Great ways to stay warm, especially the exercise part. LOL. Gorgeous fall photos. I love those with the enchanting pathways in the woods. hugs, Teresa

  18. What a fun digital page! Those ladies look like they are having so much fun at that cafe. And those woods are Amazing!

  19. I love all your ways to keep warm. I think I need a coffee date with some girlfriends!! Happy PPF!

  20. I love your digital page and all the beautiful photographs of your walk.

  21. Fall is my favorite time of the year, therefore I absolutely LOVED each and every one of your gorgeous photos. And wow! Your digital piece that you made for AJJ is FABULOUS! So fun, creative, and imaginative! Thanks so much for giving me a smile this morning! HUGS!!!

  22. I'm always stunned at the lusciousness of this kind of countryside, with its vivid greens and changing colours in autumn - so very different from where I live (South Australia, beautiful, but much drier and no colour changes in autumn, well, not many).

    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely photos.

    Best wishes,

  23. what a happy and fun collage scene! Your photos of the scenery along your walk are again just stunning! Really takes your mind away from any troubles...
    happy PPF!

  24. What a fun piece for keeping warm Valerie!
    I so enjoyed our hike through the woods- Natures splendor at its finest! xx

  25. Wow what a great piece for keeping warm. It looks so nostalgic. Wonderful photos too.

  26. Love your fun page - it's brilliant.

    I so enjoyed my walk with you around 'Sechs Seen Platte' ... your photographs are all so lovely.

    All the best Jan

  27. What fabulous vibrant digital pieces! Love those scenarios... Great Fall photos too!!

    Peace Giggles

  28. the digital pieces look fantastic Valerie. Visiting From PPF. Oh, my new blog is now live on my new wordpress site and I'm doing a giveaway tomorrow (Sunday). The giveaway will include a DIY Altoids tin with magnetic half pans, pencil & eraser, Hahnemuhle Grey Book toned paper sketchbook, Micron sigma pens, a Grumbacher watercolor brush and a bee magnet! Hope to see you there!

  29. I love your art piece! It is wonderful! Made me smile! Your photos are truly breath taking! Wow! Would love to go there! Big Hugs!

  30. I love each lady. . .amazing. The Trees and river are beautiful, what a great walking area. Blessings, Janet


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