Wednesday, 1 November 2017

2nd on the 2nd on the 1st

Hi Everybody!

Here's wishing you a good,  new month.
The leaves are falling fast here, some trees are almost
bare. The nights are growing longer, and it's getting
colder. Winter is stretching out its cold fingers, so I'm trying to 
hold on to the warm colours of autumn as long as possible.

Tomorrow is '2nd on the 2nd' at Elizabeth's blog,
where we share a previous post. This one is from 2014.
I have chosen a canvas showing some of my ancestors.
 I chose a vintage style, and used crackle glaze  to age some 
of the pictures. Others were given a coat of milky glaze 
to make them look far away and faded. I used fussy cut photos 
and photo  transfers done with Golden gel interspersed with 
scraps of letters:

For Sandie's 'Book-print' challenge at Tag Tuesday I have a hybrid
tag using various elements from Serif, Mischief Circus and me.
I used scraps of book print combined with figures from
children's books, who have emerged out of the story:

And some picture of autumn before it disappears:

I love watching the moon:


Beautiful skies:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Happy November for you!
    Fantastic piece of art to review and lovely tag and thephotos as always are amazing!

  2. Hi Val, I'm glad you re-showed that family painting, it is really beautiful and well worth a second look. Love the pretty tag, too, great idea with the book-figures. The photos are wonderful, as always, my faves today are sun and moon. Enjoy your holiday, we've still got family here, least said soonest mended....Hugs, Sarah

  3. Fabulous post my friend love the 'ghostly' family painting and your gorgeous tag...Of course your photos are fabulous....sending you an urgent [aNNie]

  4. Wow, fabulous moon shot. I noticed last night in my bedroom window when I was going up to bed. A nice spooky moon it was for Halloween. And I love seeing your 2014 piece. The milky glaze really gives it a cool effect. I like how it makes the faces look. :) And funt ag. This weekend I hopefully will have some play time to make some pieces for all the new challenges that seem to be starting up. :) Happy November. hugs-Erika

  5. Wonderful second look piece, love the faded crackled look! The tag is lovely too and the photos like always are wonderful, - that moon shot looks amazing!

  6. It was good to see your ancestors canvas again Valerie, it has a super vintage look.
    Its a fabulous tag and the images from the childrens books are great.[ I think I have some images like this stored in a file, will have to look]
    Wonderful pictures of the moon and the sky is an amazing colour.
    Yvonne xx

  7. Beautiful canvas from 2014 how quickly the years go by. Lovely book tag and stunning photos today.

  8. The artwork using the photos of your ancestors is super and suitably "ghostly" looking for the day after Halloween. Really. Old photos are captivating, anyway, but you took them to a new level.

    Love your tag, too!

    And the sky shots... wow! The last one would be the PERFECT cover for my next book. :)

    1. You are always welcome to use any of my photos! Help yourself!

    2. WOW! I just may take you up on that. I would, of course, credit the photo to you. Thank you.

  9. Happy November-your art is always so beautiful and thanks for the reminder of second on the 2nd
    In a couple of your photos I can almost feel the colder weather coming-we are doing the reverse-much warmer here tomorrow
    Happy second on the 2nd hugs Kathy

  10. Your layered canvas is simply amazing, collecting all those generations of ancestors and so full of meaning and beauty. I adore your photos today too - magnificent moon and lovely leaves!
    Alison x

  11. Fabulous canvas Valerie, love the depth you've given to the layers and a lovely tag.
    Gorgeous autumnal photos and it's an amazing photo of the moon.
    Avril xx

  12. I love how you treated the various photos on your page to denote their scale on your ancestral tree. It is marvelous. Your tag is sweet too. hugs, Teresa

  13. A wonderful canvas with beautiful photos of your ancestors and your tag is lovely. Amazing photos.
    xxx Hazel.

  14. I love this second look- such lovely details and gorgeous crackle! Your tag is fabulous I love those images! Autumn is looking so lovely in your part of the World and your photos of the moon are superb! Hugs, Chrisx

  15. Your canvas has so many amazing old photos! Your family must have been fabulous at passing down history. I wish mine had gifted me with such heirlooms. I just love the cool crackly texture you have achieved.
    As for the tag, who doesn't love little kids story books. These kids are adorable and look perfect on that chalkboard/bookish background.
    Lovely makes, Valerie!
    Happy Wednesday,

    1. Yes, I was lucky to get so many fantastic photos.

  16. Oh how lovely and ethereal your first piece is and the tag is charming. Such lovely photographs of the moon too!

  17. wunderschöne nostalgische Art diese älteren Fotos zu benutzen mir gefällt das auch und die Bearbeitung bin ich immer wieder erstaunt wie du das machst!!!
    der Tag ach wie süss!
    Die schönen rötlichen Blätter und der tolle Mond wie nah er ist vom zoomen und herrlichen Sonnenuntergangstimmung.
    Bei mir fehlt einfach dieses Jahr eindeutig die Sonne.
    Ich wünsche dir eine schöne Woche!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  18. Gorgeous artwork Valerie and the first piece is very ethereal looking. Lovely pics as well and especially the moon photo which is so striking.
    Fliss xx

  19. Oh, I love this tag - the book characters are fabulous!!
    And what beautiful autumn photos; thanks so much for sharing.

  20. Your second look canvas was the absolute perfect piece to share again. It is stunning.

    I really like the tag you created for TT. It's a real beauty and has given me ideas.

    I can't believe how your autumn is nearly gone here. Your photos are so telling. It's still green here, even though we've had two hard freezes.

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring tag, your wonderful autumn photos, and most of all, your Second on the 2nd canvas, which is simply PERFECT for this second look.

  21. Whooo love love, tag and all...

  22. Love the texture on your tags. And the photos are amazing. The path through the trees is my favorite. Happy 2nd on the 2nd!

  23. Love your header:)
    Once again you got some great shots.
    The texturing really added to the first piece. And that second is awfully cute.

  24. I love your second Tuesday and this one particularly resonates with me. You are amazing with vintage photos and all the moody layers. And that moon. Oh, my!

  25. I love your ancestral piece Valerie. It is beautiful.
    The last of Autumn trees are gorgeous, branches with just a few leaves remaining look lovely.
    Magnificent golden skies - your photos are so nice to see as they record each moment of an everchanging scene. Happy November! xx

  26. Fabulous 2nd look post, Valerie. I love the ghostly look you've given your ancestors. It's especially poignant today - All Saints Day, as well as Dia de Muertos here in Mexico. Both fading and the crackle glaze are very effective. Crackle glaze is now on my wish list;-)

    Gorgeous fall photos too.

  27. Happy November.
    I love this month and it's so good to get out and about to enjoy the many colours. Your photographs show this so well.

    All the best Jan

  28. your journal page takes my breath away! love that adorable tag as well! xo

  29. Your art and your photos today, are truly stunning! Wow!!! You have such talent with your art and with your photo taking! Big Hugs!

  30. Your two pieces are beautiful. Love the colors and sentiments that go with them. Bravo! Your photos amaze me! The moon pictures you take are out of this world. And the sky colors! Stunning. Leaves are almost all gone here, too- but I am trying to hold on to the colors of fall. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Loving your Tag Valerie..the images of the children are just gorgeous..
    Thank you for joining in with Tag Tuesday's Challenge...x

  32. A great project you created for M.M.M....I love the rainbow..reminds me of your blog as you always show such beautiful and colourful photos...x

  33. WOW Valerie! You really were able to create an aged and worn look to this piece- just amazing!! I love the vintagey-ness with your old photos- beautiful!

  34. Wonderful art work as usual. Love the canvas and the photos brilliant.
    Hugs Wendy


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