Monday, 25 July 2016

TSFT, coffee and more

Hi Everybody!

Our theme at Tag Tuesday today is tea or coffee, so I'm sure you can guess that I chose coffee!  Today is also T stands for Tuesday at Elizabeth's blog, so
here a big welcome to all of the T Gang - help yourself to coffee and biscuits!

For Art Journal Journey I have a double spread in my new/old journal - flowers and butterflies are in moment very much in evidence everywhere.

At TIOT our challenge 'make us smile' runs for another week, so you have plenty of time to enter. I made another double page in my journal, using DP as background, and stamps from Lost Coast Design.

This morning started off a bit cloudy, but the big heat soon came back. I am looking forward to being able to do a bit more when the temps drop a bit, just now it is too hot to do anything:

 I watched one ship towing another along the Rhine, the motors must be very strong. It's good to see that they help each other in

I like watching the crew do their work:

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. beautiful coffee tag and lovely pages today! The heat can't last like that for much longer! I like the orange and grey dock colours.

  2. Lots of goodness on your blog again today. Love the fun pages for TIOT, and the spread for AJJ is very pretty, as is the tag with your fun poem. I've never seen a boat being towed like that, either. Hope it soon cools off for you Hugs, Sarah

  3. You KNOW you made that coffee tag just for YOU and ME. A day without coffee would make me pull my hair out and probably go on a rampage. So, if the tag wasn't meant for me, at least the cute poem was. I LOVE IT.

    I had to laugh at your TioT entry. It was perfect and fit the theme so, so well! Of course, your AJJ spread is wonderful, too. Although the butterflies are the focal point, I loved the background with the stenciled numbers, harlequin images and dainty lacy look.

    I hope the heat is lessening a bit for you, but at least you have the river to help cool you down. I read somewhere that any body of water cools the surrounding area by about 5 degrees. Not sure if that's true, but it sounds cool when I write it.

    What a gem to have photos of the two boats on the river. I would not have suspected one was pulling the other until you shared it.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful art and great photos with us for T this Tuesday. But most of all, thanks for that impressive poem!

  4. Love the coffee quote Valerie, it suits me too.
    Love the journal page, lovely colours and images, so full of summer. We've lost our summer heat! in fact we've had a chilly wind all day - good for drying the washing!!
    Avril xx

  5. moin valerie,

    hui,ein schönes coffee tag,ich liebe coffee auch sehr,trinke den ganzen tag über welchen,am liebsten bis in die nacht und mit milk foam genau wie du,tee trinke ich ganz slten mal.
    deine seiten sind traumhaft und die schönen bootsaufnahmen sind soo klasse,ich bin gestern boot gefahren,durch die natur,das war sehr schöööön,ich hab auch noch seiten für ajj gemacht,ich komm so langsam in fahrt wieder.
    jetzt trinke ich noch einen cafe und dann geh ich ins bett,gute nacht schon mal,schlaf gut sweetie.

    hugs jenny

  6. what a super tag and coffee poem-so me too! Beautiful journal pages, and my fave part of being near the Rhine would be watching the many boats go by and watching the work too:) Happy T day!

  7. Love the journal pages and tag. You have such a beautiful view of the river.

  8. Sweet tag you made and the coffee quote speaks to me too.
    A nice cup of cappuccino is always my favorite... with biscuits all the better.
    I adore the beautiful Asian girl on your butterfly and flower pages.
    What a beauty she is.
    The heat is not slowing down your creativity one bit.
    It is good to have something to escape to like making art isn't it.
    Happy T Day liebe Valerie ♥

  9. Beautiful art Valerie and how I have missed all your photos of your area. Feels like I've been goon for years instead of a couple of months.

    Happy T-day

  10. schön setzt du deine stencils ein! ich wünsche dir/uns erträgliches wetter;)
    happy t-day!

  11. Fantastic tag with your poem with is brilliant.

    The pages are all wonderful and the one for TIOT is just so funny. Just made me think it would be nice to have a journal full of laughs.

    The boats seem to get longer and longer Valerie and they look amazing. Nice that you could see them at work along the way.

    Enjoy today

    Love Chrissie xx

  12. Ein tolles Kaffeelesezeichen hast Du fabriziert Valerie und eine sehr feminin charmante Doppelseite. Die schönen Lost Coast Design Stempelchen sind toll verwendet für Deine philosophische Doppelseite. Da hast Du wohl eine nicht so oft stattfindende Situation unter Schiffen festgehalten!
    Bist eben eine sehr gute Beobachterin!
    Happy T- ---Coffee Day Valerie!!!

  13. Is that one of your poems Valerie, on the T Tag, it is brilliant.
    Have had another good smile at your fun pages , we do need more laughter, there is so much sadness to cope with .
    Love the beautiful garden pages and the photos.
    Happy T Day.
    Yvonne xx

  14. Love this gorgeous creation, the colours and pages are spectacular as always.xx {aNNie}

  15. The coffee tag is so clever and I know many of us feel just that way about our coffee. The fun pages are priceless! As always, I enjoyed seeing a bit of your area with the boats and crew.

  16. What a lovely tag!Gosh you are so talented! I love the little poem, although I cannot identify with that as I don't drink a lot of coffee.
    I love seeing pictures of the Rhine. The barges (flat ships) are a familiar sight to me as I grew up in Rotterdam, where the barges are moored six or seven deep, and people just jump from one to another to get to their boat. The families used to live permanently on their barge (I don't know if they still do) and there was a special school in R'dam for the children who would travel up and down the Rhine and would go to school in Holland, Germany and sometimes Switzerland.
    Thanks for visiting,
    Happy T-Day,

  17. Wonderful tag Valerie, and I love all those stamps you used on your pages. Great photos of the sky. I've often wondered, do all the boats make a lot of noise out on the water? We don't have boats on our little lake. hugs :)

  18. Love the art today and you know that coffee tag and quote are my favorite. Pretty river pictures today and nice to see the boats helping each other out. Barge work is hard work and only for the young.

  19. Love your artjournal pages... I always say i'm going to start one and i never do...ahhh maybe when the craftroom is up and running..Pssst they are working on it today. :) Your pictures of the Rhine are divine...they look nice and cool even if your not. :) Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  20. I got a kick out of your coffee poem. I like tea and coffee, but I take them both black. No frothy, creamy additions for me ;) Happy T Tuesday!

  21. As always, great pieces.
    It's hot here too!

  22. Beautiful tag and journal pages and as always the photographs are wonderful. I've scrolled down to see some of the other lovely artwork that I've missed as I've been away. Take care, Shirleyxx

  23. I am afraid I have got behind with seeing your blog posts(in fact most folk's blog posts) I hope to have a good catch up next week but as I am here for T stands for…I must say I love your coffee rhyme - can't imagine a day with coffee! Mine gets stronger daily at the moment!! I love you journal spreads! Sorry you still have hot weather - it has cooled down here again following the heat of last Tuesday! Your photos look cool though! Hugs, Chrisx

  24. "Am I my keeper's brother" made my head spin philosophically for a bit, then I did smile at the improbability of the question, nice one, Valerie.
    Your AJJ page is rather beautiful and quite unusual, maybe because of the contrast between the two ladies?

  25. Love your coffee tag - did you write that poem? It suits you to a tea. Well I could hardly say it suits you to a coffee!!
    Your journal spread is fabulous - Is the pretty lady a Geisha? I hope I spelled that correctly.
    Sandy xx

  26. Wonderful pages Valerie. I love the 3 monkeys. Am trying to get sleepy with some wine right now sitting here and it isn't yet dark. Many photos when I get back Hugs. Erika

  27. Valerie, you have been busy with three projects to share today , and all three exceptional. Using the light yellow background d provides a cool appearance on a hot day. Even when it is hot, hot coffee is a must. Interesting about the ships and beautiful photos. Hugs,

  28. Adore your yellow pages so summer and also so calm. Your brother's keepers certainly made me smile the juxtaposition of the two trios is very witty. XOXO Zoe

  29. haahaaahaaa Absolutely delightful prose!! You are too cute Valerie!! Great tag!

  30. I like your clever use of words and imagery in your "Make Us Smile" inspired page spread. Blessings!

  31. Your coffee tag and quote fits perfectly! Lovely journal pages, the old/new images of the ladies are wonderful and your soft Summery background is beautifully created. I so enjoy your walks along the Rhine too. Wishing you a Happy belated T Day! J :-)

  32. By the way, I'm loving your layout design and your exciting new font! Beautiful! J :-)

  33. Didn't realise I was a couple days glad I didn't miss this post.
    Fab tag, I drink both but would choose coffee over tea as a choice and you make a cool cup of it!
    Beautiful AJJ piece - butterflies and flowers never fail to make me happy.
    TIOT piece made me smile too.
    Gill xxx

  34. inspiring painting and drawings of the girl in the garden. Loved it. Everything else I scrolled down to I loved.


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