Saturday, 9 July 2016

This and that and happy mail

Hi Everybody!

Hope your weekend is going well. We've got pleasant weather here, so it would be nice if it lasts for a few days....

For Art Journal Journey, in my garden, I have another hybrid project. The background and tulips were hand painted. I combined them here digitally and added some splodges from Mischief Circus. The blackbird is a photo of one of my balcony birds.

I saw lots of hollyhocks again on my walk through our little place, they are now all taller than I am:

I always enjoy quiet corners:

The Rhine has receded further and is almost back to normal:

I love standing at the end of the street and watching the ships chugging by:

This huge mobile is on the roof of one of the houses at the Rhine:

Our little stream is also back to normal:

And last but most definitely not least, the postie bought me happy mail
today from Annie in Australia. I admired this card on Annie's blog a couple of weeks back, and said I had never seen a rocker card - well, now I have!:

Annie's attention to detail is fabulous, and her colouring and shading just AMAZING!! Annie, you rock!! And to crown it all she is a lady with a BIG heart! Thanks for this wonderful act of kindness!

That's all for today!
Have a good one, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Another wonderful collage, love the colours, and the photos fit the garden theme so well. The card you got from Annie is fantastic, enjoy. Have a nice Sunday, hugs Sarah

  2. Another gorgeous page Valerie, love the beautiful tulips. Super photos, its good that things seem to be getting back to normal on the river.
    Yvonne xx

  3. What lovely tulips, they look great combined with that background and the little bird is sweet as well. The photographs are lovely too and how sweet of your friend to send you that card.

  4. beautiful gift card. Your page today is fabulous, I love tulips! So glad the Rhine is receding to normal levels!

  5. Your AJJ hybrid with tulips spoke to me. And I loved that your friend sent that rocker. It's a genuine beauty with all that shading and glitter.

    Both rivers that surround my neighborhood are cresting tonight or tomorrow morning and there are flood warnings for towns south of here until Monday. So it was good that the Rhine is receding. Have a super Sunday, dear.

  6. Beautiful poppies! Also loved your photo selection!! I love hollyhocks!!

  7. I am so happy your surprise is nice to send happy mail as it does not happen often enough in life...
    Love your fabulous photos, as you know they take me to a place that I am sure I would love to see personally.
    Your gorgeous page is just that 'gorgeous', the tulips are wow....have a lovely Sunday and keep

  8. Wonderful journal page again, Valerie. I really like this theme and you make it very special. The photos are delightful too and I'm happy to read the Rhine is back down and the flowers in full bloom. When I was a child we made dolls from hollyhocks, using the full flower for the skirt and a bud for the head. Memories...memories. Hugs,

  9. I will send you another one Valerie to give to your neighbour...from you, I won't write inside of the

  10. Gorgeous page, that sentiment is just perfect. XOXO

  11. A beautiful page Valerie, the tulips are gorgeous.
    xxx Hazel.

  12. Wonderful page Valerie, the bright colours look so cheerful!

  13. Your hybrid page is fabulous, the background you have created really shows off those red tulips and blackbird! I have never seen a rocker card either, it was very kind of your friend to send it to you, I love the detail and sparkle. The hollyhocks look really tall, they would be taller than me although that wouldn't be hard as I am only 5ft :-). It's good to see the water levels are getting back to normal too, the Rhine seems always to be busy I could sit and watch what's going on all day :-). Happy Sunday to you! J :-)

  14. I love when you combine your art and photos. The tulips are gorgeous.
    And again you have created stunning photographs of more different views of your area. I love the houses and flowers and the view of the river with the boats at the end of the street.

  15. Beautiful hybrid journal (I have no idea how you combine them digitally), the painted tulips are gorgeous. I love the window photos, fabulous! Beautiful rocker card from Annie, she creates gorgeous cards. Happy Sunday xx

  16. Great quote on your page Valerie. Its a beautiful page. Love all the hollyhocks you saw too. They are so pretty and don't do well, like poppies, in my garden. Its nice seeing all your buildings near you. It looks very pretty there. And I love the rocker card- that's a new name for me too. Enjoy the end of your weekend. Happy new week. Hugs-Erika

  17. Eine tolle hybrid Seite ist das wieder und wunderschöne Aufnahmen.. so schööön bei Euch und eine fabelhafte Karte von der lieben Annie!
    Sorry dass ich heute so spät dran bin-- hatte Internet Probleme !

  18. So glad the rains have slowed down for you and things are becoming more normal. Your art today is beautiful and love all of the lovely photos you share of your world. We have finally gotten enough rain here to return us to normal and things are all green and growing well.

    1. I am happy to hear it, no rain is a bad thing.

  19. A lovely page Valerie, love the painted tulips.
    Gorgeous photos and so pleased you have pleasant weather which will help with the water levels.
    Lovely happy mail, so kind of Annie.
    Avril xx

  20. How lovely of Annie to send you that gorgeous card and then to promise another for you to give to your neighbour. The Internet really does make neighbours out of all of us, doesn't it?

    Your page is gorgeous. I love the colours and your beautiful tulips. hugs, Teresa

  21. Such a beautiful page Valerie with your wonderful artwork.

    Fantastic photographs with so much to see.i love the steps with the weeds.

    Nice card from Annie and always nice to receive happy mail

    Love Chrissie xx

  22. Beautiful artwork Valerie, I love that you added a birdie! Those hollyhocks are amazing, and what a sweet quiet corner you found. I agree, I love those little spots as well. hugs :)

  23. Very moving and colorful collage you created liebe Valerie
    It touches my ♥
    Oh those hollyhocks have stolen my ♥
    Speaking of ♥'s in the photo where you like to look at the end of the street at the Rhine I saw a sweet blue he♥rt sign with adult and child and bike. I am guessing it is a kind of share the road sign?
    p.s. sweet rocker card from your friend too!

    1. Yes, the sign is to remind pedestrians and cyclists to be fair and considerate and share the path!

  24. Love the colors you used - I also love the stone walkway where the hollyhocks are - looks to me like somebody better start tending to the weeds before they really get out of hand and start to affect the terraced pathway.
    Love all of your pictures all of the time!
    Sandy xx

  25. Valerie, your use of color makes my heart sing -- and those hollyhocks are terrific. I've never had good luck growing them. Sure wish I did!


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