Sunday, 17 July 2016

Summer garden fairy.

Hi Everybody!

The weekend is nearly over here, hope you had a good one!
I had a Sunday afternoon nap, but woke up feeling rather disorientated, 
and thought I had to go to physiotherapy at 5 o'clock. Shock - it was already 4:30! After a frantic scramble to get ready and get there on time, I looked at the clock, which has a built in day/date, and saw that it was Sunday. I then decided that a coffee was needed!
Good that I looked before running all the way there!

For Art Journal Journey, in my garden there is, I am showing a 6x6" canvas made recently. This is my summer garden fairy, made from a glass vial, a vintage doll's head and some wings. I used my hot glue gun to stick it ll together. The background was painted, textured and crackled over an old kid's Disney canvas that I got for a few cents at the thrift shop. The glass vial was painted, heat dried to give texture and then rubbed with iridescent wax  (LaBlanche) for some shine.

 Today I took a walk along the little stream before going along the Rhine, and the path is almost overgrown - the rain and the warm weather have turned it into a jungle!

This fellow let me take his photo:

The hydrangeas, hollyhocks and poppies are in a neighbour's garden:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. I have sometimes got muddled with dates too, and taken the wrong child to the wrong doctor on the wrong day, it happens! Love today's creation, good to see you doing other projects again. Wonderful photos, that red insect looks great on the yellow flowers. Have a good start in the new week, hugs, Sarah

  2. aw Valerie that's horrible when that happens, for me usually its because I've got over hot or suddenly woke up from a deep sleep.
    Thank goodness you noticed your clock.
    The last few nights have been really humid and hard to sleep here, and when I do, I have had weird dreams. Last night I dreamt I was bitten by a spider :(
    Your canvas is fantastic - glad you took different angles of photos as there is so much detail and lovely textures to see.
    Lovely photos again - I especially like the one of the river, could sit all day with a view like that.
    Wishing you a better night and a great week.
    Gill xx

  3. I took my friend Sally to an appointment a few weeks ago. She thought it was to have blood drawn, then learned it wasn't for another month. So, I understand your confusion. Sometimes I wake and think it's morning, when it's actually 12 hours earlier. Glad you were able to have coffee instead of a false trip to therapy.

    I adore this mixed media entry. It is beautiful and I was so impressed with both the composition and the crackle you got. I can tell you have played with flower arranging before, too.

    The red bug stands out on those yellow flowers. You took some really interesting photos today. Hope you are having a lovely Sunday.

  4. Lovely work on the canvas! The flowers are stunning!

  5. What an amazing post today Valerie. Your garden angel is gorgeous. Maybe she can help you not be so disoriented after a nap-ha-ha- I hate when that happens to me. Always when I end up sleeping just a little too long. And I must say your photos are extra spectacular today. I love that red insect on the yellow flowers. What a cool shot. Gorgeous blooms. Have a great Monday! Hugs-Erika

  6. Wow, this is wonderful summer garden fairy.

  7. Fantastisch ist Dein Elfenkeilrahmen - wow...und herrliche Fotos!
    Eine schöne neue Woche für Dich!

  8. Good job you realised what time it was before setting off for physio.

    Beautiful canvas ideas and lovely colours influenced by the many beautiful things you see on your walks I'm sure.

    Love the path with the overgrown look and the flowers are all so beautiful.

    Have a nice day

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. A gorgeous canvas Valerie, these are one of those times when you want to reach out and feel the fantastic textures.
    Its Monday as I write this so today's the day for your appointment. You made me smile, its something I think anyone could do especially after a refreshing sleep.
    have a good day
    Yvonne xx

  10. Your summer garden fairy is gorgeous, love everything about your post today....have been unwell so may have missed a post or two..x {aNNie}

  11. Der Wachsengel ist ja schön!
    ... und ja, die Natur ist so üppig überall - einfach ein Traum! LG Ulrike

  12. Love your beautiful garden fairy Valerie x you also made me smile as I too have made a similar mistake recently 😊
    As always your photographs are gorgeous

    Have a good week
    Annie x

  13. Your fairy is beautiful, Valerie!
    and your pictures of the flowers are wonderful.
    Thanks for your lovely comment.

  14. WOW WOW!!! Love this post Valerie! Your 3d work is always so amazing, you have a way with colours and textures! Love it! Your photo of the stream is incredible, what I wouldn't give to be living in a 'jungle' like that! Beautiful flower shots too, I'm actually starting to recognize a few flowers now. tee hee. hugs :)

  15. Valerie, your garden fairy is delightful!! I am sure the walk amongst those gorgeous flowers was perfect inspiration for the piece. I love he! Hugs,Jackie

  16. OMG, she's perfect. I love her. And I'm sure she brightens a garden.
    You did really, really good.

  17. WOW! Your garden fairy is fantastic!!!! SO much yummy details and texture ♥♥♥ Beautiful photos again and love the flowers... but then you know that :) It's hot and humid here...icky stickies as my friend calls it. So I'll be spending most of my day inside catching on those chores.

  18. Hi Valerie, I love your gorgeous garden fairy. This piece is a treasure. The details are lovely. Beautiful flowers along your way too. The blooms are struggling here in very HOT Texas!! We keep watering but did have some welcome rain last week.
    Enjoy the day and new week ahead. xo

  19. Your garden fairy is delightful and I love the way you use products for the various effects, texture, cracks, etc. Sorry about your scare that you would be late for physical therapy. You must have slept sound.

    Again, your photos are outstanding and the flowers so bright and cheerful. Hope your Monday is going better. We took our young son to the airport this morning. He was not so happy going back to California when it is so beautiful here.

  20. The assemblage looks fantastic. I like the way you had put it together using various elements and textures.

  21. i'm in love with your fairy page. it is so touching and really speaks to my heart. thank you for sharing about your ancestors at my blog. we have so much to thank our predecessors for! my grandmother took a very brave cross country trip in the US to create a better reality for her children as well. take care! xo

  22. Gorgeous peg fairy I love all 3D project like this and yours is a little masterpiece. XOXO

  23. Your lovely gardening angel on that beautiful crackle background turned out great!
    What beautiful flowers in your neighbors yard.
    You have a good eye liebe Valerie.
    Thank you for sharing.

  24. What a delightful garden fairy! Love the walk you took! Chrisx

  25. Oh my goodness Valerie - your canvas is fantastic - I sure hope you hang it in your home. What a beautiful make with fabulous goodies!
    Sandy xx


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