Tuesday, 19 July 2016

A Rose, Shakespeare and more....

Hi Everybody!

For Art Journal Journey, in my garden there is, I have a double spread in my new journal no. 2. The background was painted, and then stamped with a scripts stamp and a frame stamp. The criss-cross strips in the background were cut from an ancient book, and Shakespeare arrived in my mail box in a prospect. Then I added the rose and butterfly transfers and some white spray and wrote the well known text.

Today was very hot, but at the Rhine it was pleasant. This ship was so long that I couldn't get it onto one photo, and then I saw it was made up of 2 ships fixed together in the middle - hope they don't need to go round any narrow bends!

The crew were having breakfast:

The people on this boat were also enjoying the river:

I watched this crane going up and up and up....

And this fungus has grown in a couple of days:

Here it looks like a squashed nose and fleshy lips - ugh!

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Great to have Shakespeare in your garden with roses and butterflies and his words, it's a really lovely double spread, probably very large too.
    Fascinating to watch the boats, loved the long, long one and loved watching the crew having breakfast.

  2. Your Shakespeare pages are beautiful and look really vintage. Lovely photos of the ship's, I can imagine how pleasant it was there. Those fungi do look strange! Hugs Sarah

  3. I love this spread - Shakespeare would surely have approved of the page you made opposite him! It's been hot here too - a walk by the river would have been great! Picked GD up from school instead! Hugs, Chrisx

  4. Gorgeous journal pages, Valerie!

  5. Tolle Seiten und so viele schöne Fotos, vielen Dank für's Zeigen.
    LG Anja

  6. Great Shakespeare page. I think that is a great quote for this challenge. Wish I had thought of it. And that coal barge is one huge boat. I think it looks bigger than many of those ships that show us. Very cool mushrooms too. I think they're out early this year, but maybe I'm wrong. Happy mid-week already. Summer is flying by, as it always does. Hugs-Erika

  7. Beautiful pages for AJJ! That is some ship!

  8. Oh my what a beautiful journal spread. The roses are elegant as is the background and Shakespeare is welcomed everywhere. You do such a terrific job on your projects. I plan to get back to my journal next week. They certainly ship unusual cargo down the Rhine; it is fun to view your photos. The fungi looks ugly from a beautiful standpoint. Hugs,

  9. LOVE your journal pages, love the rose and love your colours...>Love the amazing photos and love visiting my lovely friend....sending love and thanks I am feeling a tad better, just resting....xx {aNNie}

  10. What a wonderful spread with the Shakespeare theme.The use of the white spray is wonderful and draws our eyes to the wonderful rose.

    Love the photographs. The barge reminds me of years gone by when coal was moved by barge along the canals and the people on the barges got so dirty.

    Love the fungus picture. We saw some similar ones in Sewerby last week but not as big and juicy as yours for sure.

    We have had a crane like that nearby as they are building a small hotel just up the road from us. It was great to sit in bed and see the crane working as they started so early and finished quite late. It has all gone up in no time at all.

    Have a great day--I bet it is as warm as it is here.

    Love Chrissie xx

  11. Fantastische Seiten und ganz tolle Fotos heute wieder!
    Schönen Mittwoch Valerie!
    oxo Susi

  12. I love your fabulous Shakespeare pages Valerie, very classic and a beautiful rose to draw your eye. super photos including that extra long boat and fungus.
    Have a good day, its very hot and humid here.
    Yvonne xx

  13. Beautiful AJJ spread - very elegant.
    Great photos - the fungus texture reminded me of bread... and what on earth was that at the top of the crane, looked very odd?
    How's your weather today ? we had 8 fans on yesterday as so hot. Not sure if today is last of our mini-heatwave and more rain due sometime.
    Have a great day Valerie.
    Gill xx

    1. I have no idea what was at the top of the crane, some sort of giant hook for lifting things? A rocket? Your guess is as good as mine. Went for another look today, but it was gone :(

  14. A wonderful spread Valerie and lovely photos. It's been very hot this week but today it's still hot but overcast with a lovely breeze.
    xxx Hazel.

  15. Shakespeare looks right at home in his element. The rose us gorgeous, especially the way you added the white paint.

    I was amazed at that boat. Is it carrying coal? Curious minds and all.

    I was impressed by how the fungus has grown. It has taken on a life of its own (no pun intended). Have a fun Wednesday and stay cool.

  16. Beautiful page Valerie. The roses are gorgeous and I really like how you criss crossed the text. Fab photos, the fungus sure is something unique to see! hugs :)

  17. The fungus nose and lips is too too funny.
    You have a good eye my dear.
    Lovely bard pages with such an interesting use of the text.
    That rose transfer is beautiful.
    I used a Shakespeare quote on some pages I will share soon too.
    That double boat reminds me of some of the 18 wheel trucks we see on the highways that are also double. Looks awkward on the highway but not so much on the river (although very longggg indeed!).
    Stay cool.

    1. Oh my, 18 wheel trucks would not be able to drive through our little town! Lucky we have the river!

  18. I love the delicacy of that piece. Very Victorian.
    Wouldn't want to be on that crane....

  19. This is a beautiful page Valerie! The background you have created, the sentiment and the roses are fabulous, I love it! It's nice to see people enjoying the river on their boats now the sun is shining for you. Wishing you a happy week! J :-)

  20. Beautifully done Valerie!
    sandy xx

  21. Beautiful vintage roses, love that classic rose appeal. Old Will had it right. Fun times on the river. Here too, big tankers and small fishing boats. My favorite is the tugs and their wonderful whistles. xox

  22. A coal barge, not something you see here anymore! Beautiful page just seems so Shakespearian English. XOXO

  23. Love your journal pages with a theme of Shakespeare...and the rose saying is so well known. You did such pretty job on this. The colors, the placement of the pieces...everything about it makes the pages perfect. I just love looking at your work. I will never be able to do what you do, but I can dream :-) Hugs...Genie

  24. What a beautiful journal spread! I truly love the background you created!!


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