Thursday, 21 July 2016

Trying to stay cool.....

Hi Everybody!

After weeks of rain we are now experiencing a heat wave, so I'm doing my
best to find shady places to cool off. It's 34° outside, and 32° inside,
so it's not so easy!

My journal page for Art Journal Journey, in my garden there is, was made with one of my 10 minute paintings. The quote is from Luke's Gospel.
I am also linking to Paint Party Friday.

Inspired by:

And I have been doodling every evening, my journal is nearly full. Here is a double page. The background was brayered with some left over paint :

I wanted her to look like a Chinese 'lucky cat':

The day started off with a lovely sunrise:


Shady places where I would like to be:

Blue water and skies:

And a butterfly who would not oblige me by opening both wings:(

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Gorgeous poppy painting and quote, wonderful doodles, first class photos - everything just SUPER! Have a lovely day, hugs, Sarah

  2. Oh golly gosh this is stunning, love your painting and the quote. Fabulous Valerie you are becoming a 100%, 10/10{aNNie}

  3. Wunderschöne Mohnblumen, besonders die gemalten! Deine Doodle-Zeichnungen gefallen mir ausgezeichnet, die Katze ist süß und die Blumenranken toll, der gewalzte Hintergrund paßt perfekt dazu!
    Ja, und da sind dann noch deine schönen Fotos ...
    Liebe Grüße, Rike

  4. Beautiful page, thanks for showing your poppy inspiration. Enjoyed your photos, they don't show the heat. Try to stay cool. That is a gorgeous butterfly, wow.

  5. L♥VE your pretty poppies both painted and outdoors liebe Valerie.
    Wonderful doodles too.
    I do not know how you can stand it that hot indoors.
    We rely on air conditioning so much in our house.
    It is extra hard falling asleep in the heat too.
    Take care and hope it cools down for you oxo

  6. Heute is alles MEHR als perfekt, die 10 Minuten Malerie - die glückliche China Doodle Katze und die herrrlichen Aufnahmen ..perfekt!
    Einen späten guten Donnerstag liebe Valerie... war wieder im selbstgemachten Stress... Haushalt Hunde Garten Wäsche....bääääh!

  7. After 2 gorgeous days our heat is coming back too. Oh my. I hope Iceland is cold when I arrive. LOVE your poppies. They are just gorgeous. And your doodles too. Doodling is a good way to stay cool and not exert a lot of energy. And what a beautiful butterfly. And that (little) boat. I think it is bigger than my husband's but made me think of ours. It was fun to see it zipping up (or down) the river. Stay cool! Ice coffee might be a good choice. Hugs-Eika

  8. Only 10 minutes to do such an amazing poppy is just wonderful.

    The doodles are also special with wonderful drawing.

    Great photographs as always. How beautiful the butterfly looks against the vibrant flower colours.

    Boiling hot here as well so I am staying in near to a big fan lol

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. Love your beautiful Poppies spread Valerie - 10 minutes! - arghhhh!
    I've got a lot to learn!
    We've some yellow Welsh Poppies in the garden, the best they have ever been this year but no red ones.
    Fab photos and doodles!
    Hope your insect bite or sting is better today and the weather a little cooler.
    Had 8 fans on yesterday but managing with less today - hopefully cooler tonight too, as had little sleep last night.
    Gill xx

  10. Love your poppies, stay cool XOXO

  11. Such gorgeous poppies Valerie and love that amazing doodling too.
    It's sweltering over here too but not quite as hot today as the start of the week. Hope you manage to keep cool.
    Fliss xx

  12. Oh I absolutely love this. Poppies are my favourite flower. I cannot stop looking at it Valerie. Your pictures look amazing too. Thank you for being there for me too. Hugs Rita xxxx

  13. The poppy painting is absolutely beautiful. 10 Kudos.
    And I love your photographs of the butterfly on flower.
    Have a great one.

  14. Such a plethora of beauty here today! Love the painting I could see that in a huge canvas... I could stare at it all day!! Love the softness of the petals! wow ten impressive! The photos and doodles are wonderful too! I am sitting here in front of a fan with a cold wet towel wrapped around my neck! That works as a temporary fix to stave off heat! Stay cool and hydrated!!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. Stunning painting Valerie, can't believe it only took 10 mins. Doodling looks great, love the cat.
    We've been having a heatwave here too, so you shady pictures look very inviting.
    Avril xx

  16. A stunning painting that captures the poppies so well ! It's amazing that you did it in 10 minutes :) Love the photos too. The heat has hit here to and I'm spending more time inside with the AC running full steam .

  17. The poppy painting is gorgeous Valerie, It would take me longer to think about than the 10 minutes. I love your doodle pages a super Lucky Cat page.
    Super photos as well. been looking for cooler places here today, it been a hot one again.
    Yvonne xx

  18. You have created such beautiful poppies and doodles! Oh my, your photos are lovely, even if the butterfly wouldn't open both wings you have captured such stunning detail, I love it! Enjoy your day! J :-)

  19. An artist indeed! Your ten minute painting of the poppies is excellent and I can't image you can do this in such a short time. I love it!
    It is hot here too but we are fortunate to have air conditioning so don't notice until we go outside. That darn butterfly it would have been so cool to see both wings wide open on the beautiful bloom. Your zentangle doodling is excellent too! Have a cool weekend with no rain.

  20. Gorgeous art today, love your flowers!! So are you telling me that you don't have air conditioning? OMG!! You must be dying in that heat!! It's fairly consistantly over 100° here, but we have AC units in the house so it's wonderful inside. Stay cool. hugs :)

  21. I can't believe that beautiful poppy painting took only ten minutes to make. It is simply stunning. And Bleubeard gives two paws up for the beautiful Chinese cat.

    I take it you have no AC. I can definitely live without heat. All I need to do is add more and more layers, but there is only so much you can take off until you have nothing left to remove. I hope it cools for you soon. That type of heat can be dangerous.

  22. absolutely gorgeous painting Valerie!!! Certainly my favorite flowers! Your doodling is wonderful too. Summer walks along the Rhine-looks heavenly.Happy PPF and have a super weekend!

  23. Love your header photo, Valerie! Your lilies of the field journal page is off the charts beautiful. I can't believe it is a 10 minute work. I'd love to be able to do that in several hours. It's hot here too. I'd love to be under that beautiful stone arch you took the photo of. Hope you have a super weekend. Stay cool!

  24. Du solltest öfter mal 10-Minuten-Bilder machen, denn der Mohn ist supertoll geworden, viel schöner noch, als auf den Fotos!
    Ja blöd, wenn die Schmetterlinge sich hinsetzen und die Flügel eingeklappt bleiben, aber trotzdem sind dir tolle Aufnahmen gelungen, denn der Falter hat ja auch eine schöne Unterseite! LG Ulrike

  25. Happy PPF. thanks for dropping in to view mine

    Much love...

  26. Beautiful poppies and zentangle designs! Lovely photos too, especially the butterfly on the buddlea!!

  27. Ten minutes? W0W! A lovely journal page. Happy PPF!

  28. Ten minutes? W0W! A lovely journal page. Happy PPF!

  29. Truly love this journal creation Valerie - the colors are bright and luscious and of course, the verse is WONDERFUL. It just goes to show you that you have more talent in your little pinkie most of us have in our whole body. You can just sit down and do this wonderful floral design in no time at all and make an INCREDIBLY SPENDID work of art for us all to enjoy. Pretty AWESOME girl!!

    Love your doodles too. You know people there are lots of folks that would love to be coloring your doodles! Not me - I don't have the patience but... my children and grandchildren do it LOTS!!!

    So happy to be able to spend time with you today sweet Valerie. I have missed being here. Much love. j.

  30. Love your poppies, the red is so bright. Just lovely!! Gorgeous pictures and I enjoyed your zentagles.

    Thank you for sharing and have a great day!
    Nora Clemens-Gallo

  31. Valerie.....Poppies, poppies, poppies....oh, how I love them. Only a few here and there this year but sometimes we will get a field of them. Your painting are perfect. They are beautiful. Your Chinese cat doddle is so awesome. I do some every day, but yours put me to shame. You are just going to have to go out and buy yourself a new journal. The last one I got was a Swarthmore with tan pages...I LOVE it. It never bleed, either if I add color. Finally that heavenly butterfly. It breaks my heart that these beautiful being only live such a short time. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. genie

  32. Gorgeous paint strokes for poppies I love too! Great Zens too!

  33. Absolutely stunning. I cannot believe this is a ten minute painting, I love it. Tracy x

  34. gorgeous flowers, tangles, photos and sweet butterflies! hope you cool off soon. xo

  35. What gorgeous poppies, Valerie. It seems with the weather we have a glut of whatever it is! Ours is rain at the moment, cold winter rain. I hope you find some good ways to stay cool.

  36. Beautiful poppies, Valerie! I can never do any art in ten minutes, though it is my ambition actually. The doodles are great, esp. that of the lucky cat. It looks a little bit like Queen of Hearts. Love the photos--they make me feel cool. It is sweltering hot here too.

  37. Beautiful page Valerie - you are so versatile and of course enough talent to sink a battle ship.
    Sandy xx

  38. I loooove poppies, such beautiful flowers and the red... One day I am going to try and paint some. Yours are wonderful. As are the doodles. I really want to go back to doodling, too.

  39. we have pretty much the same heat over here. Love your beautiful poppies. They look fresh. I envy you the Admiral butterfly. This beauty has not arrived yet :(

  40. Love the deep red of those flowers. And your doodle-journal looks like fun! I really need to start doodling again, it's so relaxing.

  41. pretty poppy painting :) nice vibrant reds
    really nice photos and animals of all kinds never cooperate when you are taking their photos lol

    Happy PFF! :)
    Jen #45

  42. Hope it has cooled down a bit by now! Your poppies and doodle pages are gorgeous! And what a wonderful capture of that butterfly!

  43. Valerie! Absolutely stunning poppies!! I just love this painting! Brava!!


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