Friday, 20 May 2016

Word and Number Play

Hi Everybody!
It's weekend - have a good one!

Today I am sharing the pages I made for Dianne, one of the participants in the International Swap, organised by dear Elizabeth. Each of us chose a theme, and Dianne's theme is 'word and number play'. The pages arrived at their destination on Thursday (less than a week from Germany to the USA!), Dianne is happy, and   now I can show them. I added pockets with tags to some of the pages, and was happy to have a supply of Graphics 45 paper! I am showing the fronts and backs of the various tip ins.

I made the snakes and ladders board myself, with a special built in 'trick' so that it opens flat. Here it is closed....

And here open. The squares were painted with water colours, and then I had fun drawing the snakes and ladders!

And here is the reverse:

For this page I used some vintage ledger paper as background behind the
tag pocket:

And I made a mini snakes and ladders game as tag:

A tag with a little word-play in a pocket:

And another tag:

And a few views from today's walk:

The Rhine is still very full:

When the weather is good, the benches are always taken....

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Wonderful pages and tags that you made for Dianne, I am sure she loves them. The little snakes and ladders game is a treasure. Great photos, too. Enjoy the weekend, take it easy for a day or so! Hugs, Sarah

  2. Dianne will have loved all these fantastic pages. Love the snakes and ladders game, a great old favourite of mine. Super photos as well.
    Have a good weekend.
    Yvonne xx

  3. oh my gosh your pages are beautiful! This is a wonderful theme, I like this a lot.The details are amazing,,you do beautiful work,
    The Rhine is really high still isn't it,, beautiful though, flooding scares me now,, we have no danger here but just watching the world news is unsettling for sure,,

  4. what a wonderful swap with such beautiful work! Enjoyed today's photos too.

  5. Hi Valerie, thanks for sharing the pages you made for Dianne. They are fabulous and she will enjoy them immensely. WOW, the Rhine is really full. We, too, are experience high water in the Boise River which is expected each spring when the snow melts in the mountains. It is gloomy again with rain this morning. Your pages put a sparkle in my day.

  6. Love your pages Valerie. I think you really enjoyed this theme as you outdid yourself. The one-two-buckle my shoe page is a favorite because as a kid I had the book with that exact page in it. It made me feel good to see it again. And we have rain coming in on Sunday. Wish the whole weekend would be sunny but I guess mother nature has other plans. Have a great weekend. Hugs-Erika

  7. OMGosh. These are simply incredible. You have made these so much fun to look at and all the various embellishments are fantastic. I simply adore the snakes and ladders game, because I had never heard of it until a few years ago. I also like how you added all those pockets because I KNOW that is something Dianne likes.

    That was certainly a quick turnaround on the mailing. What an awesome set of tip-ins. I can't reiterate enough how much I really LOVE these, and I know Dianne is pleased, too!

  8. A whole book of pages Valerie and all are amazing and very unusual. Such fantastic ideas and lots to see and play with on them.

    The Rhine path and seats look peaceful and all the pictures are beautiful. Hope you haven't had the rain we had here overnight or the Rhine will be even higher up the bank.

    Have a great day

    Love Chrissie xx

    1. We are supposed to be getting 'your' rain here tomorrow!

  9. Die Seiten sind einfach toll Valerie! Gefallen mir alle sehr gut! Toll gemacht! Traumhafte Aufnahmen ... so schöne Natur!
    Schönen Samstag Liebes!

  10. What a wonderful collection of pages Valerie, wow!!! Love your photos today, that walkway with the benches is one of my favourite places that you visit. hugs :)

  11. Some Great pages you made for your swap with Dianne! I'm sure she is thrilled with every page ♥ Love the Spring photos from your part of the world!

  12. Absolutely love your creativeness on all these creations and I am sure Dianne indeed loved what she received. Wow that is quite fast for postage between the USA and Germany. Wishing you a lovey weekend.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  13. Wow, you made a large amount of ATCs for your swap, just awesome!

    1. Actually they are journal pages and not ATCs!

  14. wow, wonderful work, i like it.

  15. Wow! So many lovely details in your amazing package! That must have been so much fun to get in the mail. Your photographs are beautiful too.

  16. Your pages are fantastic Valerie -- I do love Graphic papers and products. How many pages do you all send to each other? Quite a work of fun and love.
    Enjoyed your pictures today!
    Sandy xx

  17. Those pages are sweet and inventive. I love the vintage elements in them. Gorgeous tags too. Hugs, Teresa

  18. Valerie!! How much fun!! What a great themed swap! And these pieces are just too adorable! Love love love your snakes and ladders!! You are so very clever- Good times for all swappers involved!

  19. Oh my, oh my, oh my.... I am just AWED by all these INCREDIBLE pieces you did for the swap Valerie. YES - I would think she would be THRILLED when she saw them. Dear me.... I am just speechless. WHAT hours of work these must have been. You can tell that each one is done with love and care. WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL. What a treat to see. XXj

  20. Wow! Your pages for Dianne are fabulous - I love the snakes and ladders game especially! Love all the little tags and pockets too! Great river photos today! Hugs, Chrisx


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