Sunday, 29 May 2016

Balloons and birds

Hi Everybody!

For Art Journal Journey, journeys, I have a last page. Strange really, as it was the first page I made at the beginning of the challenge, but it is the last one to come out of the file. I combined various photos of the Rhine, the plane and the wild geese, and added a vintage balloon image (from Wikipedia). I found a stamp with a similar balloon in my stash, and added some cancellation marks.

And more of my visitors. The woodpecker is very athletic and hangs itself sometimes in strange positions to get at the food:

The jays love my balcony snack bar:

A little tit was sitting on the edge of the flower pot, and flew away as I pressed the button:

And Mr Blackbird likes the food too:

Have a great week, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Beautiful balloon page with lots of great details, and wonderful, wonderful photos. Hugs Sarah

  2. Balloons and birds, flying things, always a journey there. xox

  3. Wonderful page, it might sound strange but somehow you managed to convey a sense of lightness!
    Thanks for the beautiful photographs.

  4. I think this one was worth saving until the end. I love the photo of the Rhine. And adding the balloon is wonderful, especially the reflection you painted in the water. Hard to believe the month is almost over. Time did really fly by! Hugs-Erika

  5. your birds are lovely and colourful! Nice page, love the idea of 'flying free'.

  6. What a terrific job on this page, Valerie, with the reflection of the hot air balloon in the water. Love your photos of the birds. We have a red winged blackbird that acts a lot like your woodpecker. The feeder wasn't meant for the larger birds but they try and usually succeed. Your journey for this challenge has ended but mine will continue on.

  7. Love the hot air balloon page and that reflection is super...those birds are just cute.xx  {aNNie}

  8. Sometimes it's goos to save the best for last. This is remarkable, especially with the reflection and the Rhine. A perfect journey.

    Your birds are so lively, and I love the look of your balcony. It must be a joy to sit out there and enjoy their company and chatter.

    Hope you are having a great start to the week.

  9. Love your balloon page - beautifully done. Your birds are a never ending source of entertainment. Gorgeous wee things. hugs, Donna

  10. A wonderful last page of the month Valerie with such a great feeling of freedom

    It is amazing that so many birds visit you and they look so happy to be feeding there. Thank you for sharing them with us

    Have a great day

    Love Chrissie xx

  11. Eine tolle letzte Seite mit so vielen cleveren Details.. die Spiegelung des Ballons ist toll gemacht! Fantastische Vogelbilder von Deinem
    " bird paradise balcony ".

    Schöne neue Woche!
    oxo Susi

  12. What a wonderful page! A really fabulous view of the river - and so clever! Love the bird photos - missing the caravan birds this week! Have a great week yourself! Hugs, Chrisx

  13. Tolle Rhein-Collage mit den Wildgänsen, die Farbe der Bäume auf der Uferseite gegenüber sieht nach Abendlicht aus!
    Deine Vögel sind inzwischen wohl schon ganz zahm - deine Fotos werden immer besser!
    Schöne Woche von Ulrike

  14. A lovely page! I love your bird snack bar on the balcony, you have captured some great images of the birds feeding, I'm loving that woodpecker :-)

  15. Wonderful art Valerie, I love the reflection of your hot air balloon in the water, makes the scene look so real! Beautiful bird photos, your birds are so different from ours. Love the woodpecker, what a character! hugs :)

  16. You represented that beautiful balloon voyage beautifully in your collage liebe Valerie!
    Cool postage stamp and the words are great too.
    I made two spreads for today and still have one more for tomorrow.
    Looking forward to your mosaic of your beautiful work this month.

  17. The reflection of the balloon in the water is so cool:)
    And, as always, I love the birds with flower backgrounds. Those would look gorgeous in books.
    We had lots of woodpeckers were I previously lived. I miss them.
    Have a great one.

  18. Love your page!!!! I have always wanted to fly in a hot air balloon and it is on my bucket list of things to get done. As always love the photos ♥

  19. Fantastic page. I love how you put in the balloon's reflection in the water too.

    Oh, your bird photos are amazing. You really should send them to some magazines or contests. They are top notch and comparable to anything I have seen in magazines.


  20. Well I went and lost my comment - Fantastic page - really like the reflection of the balloon in the river. I can't imagine what it would be like to live near one of the most famous rivers in the world. You know I love your village.
    I think I enjoy your birds almost as much as you do - I really miss my little woodpecker here although we have seen a couple of Pileated Woodpeckers since we have been here. They travel together so they must be husband and wife. We did have an owl family down the street -- saw Mama Owl and she was huge!
    Enjoying your posts Sugar!
    sandy xx

  21. I love your balloon Valerie, and the way you have reflected it. I love to see your birds. We have a very tame Blackbird and Robin at the moment (they sound like super hero's lol) 'cos Neil is doing lots of digging in the garden and finding worms for them xx


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