Monday, 23 May 2016

Tuesday this and that again

Hi Everybody!

Today we are beginning a new challenge at TIOT

I can hear music. 
Projects of all formats are welcome, and as always you have 2 weeks
to join in, so let your creative juices flow, and hope to see you there!

I digitally combined a mixed media background (fourth photo) with a sheet of music paper, and added some elements on top of it:

This is the original mixed media piece, made with lots of collage, stamping and painting:

Today is also Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday, so here's a big welcome to all of the T Gang. I drank my coffee today on my balcony:

This tiny snack bar is at the end of Market Street, directly by the jetty.
They are only open at weekends and public holidays, and just offer 2 or 3 soups/stews and some  drinks. You choose your menu and then sit down on one of the benches by the Rhine, or stand by the water and enjoy the view while eating your meal. When the weather is good there is usually a big queue waiting to be served, and it tastes and smells really good. 

Here they are offering pea soup, potato soup and goulash soup, and a vegetarian potato and carrot stew. 

This horse drawn wagon was on its way through the town on Saturday:

The woodpeckers were enjoying my balcony snack-bar again:

It rained today, so I walked to my physiotherapy through the rain,
and took the photos of the wet roses on the way home:

There are greenflies on the bud:

And today I saw the first 'baby' jays:

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Beautiful art, as always, and wonderful photos, you have a lot of patience with those birds! Hugs, Sarah

  2. Fabulous piece and great photos! The close ups look amazing!

  3. I would not have known that digital image came from the original you shared. It certainly changed a lot. And of course, I LOVE sheet music, so that was an added bonus.

    Oh wow. I LOVE your dolphin mug. It is gorgeous. It looks right at home on your balcony.

    I'll take one pea soup, one vegetarian potato soup, and one carrot soup, please. Now I'm really ready to make my own potato and pea soups. Never heard of carrot soup, but it sounds good. And I see they sell Coke in glass bottles, too, something we don't have in the US.

    As always, I enjoyed the images in and around your town, as well as the birds on your balcony.

    Thanks for sharing your cappuccino, your adorable mug, your art, and your famous photos from around your area with us for T this Tuesday.

  4. I just read your comment about scones. Mine are also much smaller and I thought these had something in them, like possibly baking soda or baking powder, that caused them to rise. I ate it, but truly thought I had wasted the calories and the money I paid for the two. The tea was really awesome, though.

  5. Lovely page! Would love to try one of those soups, and your coffee looks amazing! Beautiful roses they look good wet.

  6. Your pages are delightful! Love the abundance of lovely images!

  7. I love that coffee cup!!! Your art is fantastic again and I do love the photos you share of your homeland ♥ Have a Happy T Day!!!!

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  9. What a great coffee cup and your coffee shop looks very inviting.
    That veggie soup sounds delicious.
    Nature certainly is full of lovely music...sweet collage you made with lots to enjoy.
    I am ready for a horse and buggy ride ... oh wait it's time for bed.
    So Nitey Nite and Happy T Day liebe Valerie oxo

  10. Was für ein super post heute wieder! Herrlich!
    Eine tolle Seite und sehr interessante und schöne Fotos und Deine elegante Kaffeetasse hast Du perfekt inszeniert! Meine Güte wie süß der kleine Eichelhäher ist-- zauberhaft!
    Einen wunderschönen Dienstag Valerie!
    oxo Susi

  11. A fabulous piece for TioT, so many gorgeous images.
    Fabulous photos today Valerie, the 'raindrops on roses' looks amazing, Oh and I love your coffee cup!
    Avril xx

  12. Happy T day Valerie. That's a gorgeous music piece today. I love all the animals. They are so cute. And your photos are great today. I would like to try that soup and watch the ferry go by. I think we are all looking like summer is just about here. Hugs-Erika

  13. What wonderful art! Is the mixed media a 'paper and glue' piece? And the other ones digital? Or am I mistaken.
    The little snackbar, Am Bötchen, looks great. I'd love to try their pea soup with a chunk of bread (and a drop of Maggi) and then sit at the water's edge and eat/drink it.
    Your phots of the wet roses are stunning!
    Thank you for visiting, and Happy T-Day,

    1. The mixed media piece is made with paper, paint glue, scraps etc, and the other parts, the music page and the 'extras' were superimposed digitally. The pea soup is wonderful, I so enjoyed mine last week!

  14. I love your hybrid page - love all the little details! Your cup looks fabulous with your little blue bird! Once again your photos are brilliant - the snack bar looks inviting - I could enjoy any of those soups and with views of the Rhine too! Love seeing the birds and those beautiful rain kissed roses! Valerie, I have so enjoyed looking back through your posts today! Sorry to have been such a poor visitor lately! Hugs, Chrisx

  15. gorgeous digital composition as always Valerie, and your photos-just stunning!! I would love to have some soup at that quaint place and then see all the beautiful surroundings as you have captured them. Happy T day too!

  16. Adore your piece today -- so full and rich. Great shot of your lovely coffee cup - if it goes missing you will know where to find it. Your bird photos are superb and love the little kiosk. Great place to live. hugs, Donna

  17. Beautiful mixed media college and your digital work with it is also beautiful, fantastic art! Beautiful photographs as well, love the waterdroplets :) Hugs, xx

  18. Just had a post catch up, awesome as always. Love your hybrid journal page and the roses with the raindrop photos look beautiful.
    Yvonne xx

  19. What a lovely balcony! And I love that the birds come so close to share it with you. I imagine you spend a lot of time there :) Happy T Tuesday!

  20. Ah music. The owl maestro and the sheet music were just the right touches for this challenge. I love soup so would surely enjoy a bowl with you as we chat on one of the benches watching the ships go by. Beautiful photos of the roses. Those little insects on the bud are aphids and we struggle to keep them off so the buds will open for a perfect flower. Hope the sun shines today.

  21. So much good stuff today: birds, rain drenched flowers, a cafe I'd love to visit and a gorgeous Victorian piece. Oh yes...and horses:)

  22. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I so adore this creation Valerie. MUSIC with the wise ole owl and the conductor - I bet it sounds FABULOUS!!! Love every inch of this project. EYE CANDY to brighten my day. Thanks bunches.
    And wow - all the droplets on that rose is amazing.Boy could I use a huge bowl of any one of those homemade soups right now too!!!! XXj.

  23. Where to start?? I think i must start with the 'raindrops on roses' my goodness they were gorgeous. Your collage was beautiful my friend, owls, sheet music.. how could you go wrong... :) lovely... I like a little shop that stays with only a few items if what they offer is really really good they will succeed! 20 years ago or more hubby and i sailed on the Rhine and visited some castles... doesn't seem that long ago but Oh it was! Hugs! deb

  24. Very beautiful mixed media art piece! and stunning cup for your coffee! that is an interesting little snack bar, looks quite enticing. I just love the views where you are and your gorgeous photos!

  25. What a fabulous composition Valerie! Love it! Hugs!

  26. What a fabulous composition Valerie! Love it! Hugs!

  27. What first drew my eye was the Owl directing God only knows who - and then I saw the RAT - surely that is not a mouse! His nose is way to look and that look on his face spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!! I always enjoy your journal pages. It is most interesting to see who you put with what!
    I enjoyed your pictures - would love to try one of their soups or stews. But I imagine you do as well if not better!
    While watching your birds I admit - I miss my birds in the mountains but I don't miss the house one bit!
    Sandy xx

  28. love the music page and what a lovely little cottage selling kind of place

  29. Wonderful music piece, Valerie! Great composition of images.
    Hugs, Mar

  30. Beautiful page, Valerie. I love the warm, vibrant colours. Gorgeous photos too. I'm glad you are up and about again.

  31. Great page and love the owls and little girls.
    Hugz, Z

  32. I love your TIoT page! It's positively ethereal!


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