Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Hi Everybody!

At Tag Tuesday this week our theme is '3 Bs', and we could choose from buttons, burlap, blues, browns, butterflies, birds, bees and beads.

I have 5 'Bs' altogether - blues, browns, buttons, butterflies and beads. I used a scrap of DP to make a card-tag, painted the inside metallic blue, and added the napkin-transfer butterflies. I used a punch to stamp out the lace at the bottom, and added the sentiment, beads and buttons - done!

For Art Journal Journey, journeys, I made a quick page today. I collaged the images onto a world map background and added the text 'Quo vadis' - Latin for 'where are you going'. This quote can  be found in the New Testament, in John's Gospel, when Peter asks Jesus this question, and gets the answer that he is going to a place where Peter cannot follow. In one of the non-canonical (not considered to be part of the Bible) books, the Apostle Peter meets Jesus near Rome, and asks the same question again. This time he gets the answer, 'I'm going to Rome, to be crucified again instead of you'. Then Peter goes back to Rome, is taken prisoner and crucified. Henryk Sienkiewicz wrote a book called 'Quo Vadis', telling this story, and it was made into a film back in 1951. There is also a Church 'Quo Vadis' on the Via Appia in Rome.  Oops, that was a bit of a digression today, then my journal page doesn't have more than the quote in common with the story! I am also linking to Moo Mania and More, quotes.

Today we had lots of sun although it wasn't really warm. Here the morning sun was chasing away the last of the mist and frost from the night.

I wonder who left this lonely chair by the Rhine?

Have a good day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Your lovely AJJ collage gives me wanderlust Valerie :-)!
    I'm ready to go. Very interesting about Quo Vadis.
    I feel like I should have known that but did not.
    Lovely tag and walk along your beautiful Rhine too.

  2. Lovely page Val, love the pretty tag, too. You always have such good ideas. Hope all went well today, hugs, Sarah

  3. You were both quick and clever today with your tag and journal page. I am still planning page two of A New Journey. The water in the Rhine still looks high. Perhaps the person who left the chair got their feet wet.

  4. Hello! Beautiful pictures (as always, it just looks so dreamy where you live ;) and I love love your map journal page! Such a lively piece! xoxo

  5. lovely work for the challenges. Interesting 'discourse'. Enjoyed our photos today, sorry it was cold.

  6. We've had lost of rain. For several days now. But I love your tag and your Quo Vadis. I never studied Latin so I don't know this phrase and I'd never heard that story either. But what a good story. And I am glad to learn something new and have a new quote in my repertoire. Hugs-Erika

  7. I fell in love with the tag you created and the seamless way you melded the napkin butterflies with the rest of the tag. A true work of art.

    I also was quite impressed with your suitcase filled to the brim with various icons of cities just begging to ask Quo vadis.

    Quite fun and different photos today. Sort of sad for the lonely beach chair. Hope your day is less vigorous than yesterday!

  8. Great post with all the information and the wonderful page.

    Love the photographs and I hope you rested a while in the chair it looks like an amazing place to sit and gaze out.

    Have a beautiful day--we are off to the dentist.

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. Forgot to ask. Is Susi OK? It's not like her to not post for four days in a row.

  10. Lovely photos Valerie, I especially like the one with the chair and the stones besides it that look like a a small table. A great place to sit and ponder life.

    The tag is fabulous and the Que Vadis piece is so joyful.

    Love and hugs

  11. Adorable show today, sweet colours just love it and those photos are just beautiful...xx

  12. Beautiful art and photos, Val! Your tag is so gorgeous. And wonderful to see some photos of the Rhine. I traveled along the Rhine in Germany on my own, many years ago and met such sweet people on the way. Wishing you a beautiful day!

  13. Blooming' beautiful tag!! I love your journal page - Oh to go travelling again! We are doing a relatives run soon across to the other side of the Pennines! Your photos are lovely but it seems like us that although bright it is still not so warm!, Hugs, Chrisx

  14. Was für ein super Tag und eine grandiose Seite mit einer interessanten Geschichte dazu. Wunderschöne Aufnahmen sind das heute auch wieder Valerie!
    Knuddel von busy Susi

  15. such beautiful challenge work,, I hope the temperatures go up soon!

  16. You outdid yourself today, my friend. Those pieces are wondrous. And the picture of that chair... I'd love to be plopped down in it with a cup of coffee sitting on that little table.

  17. Wow... Valerie! The tag is really beautiful with those lovely details, especially the paper lace at the bottom. The AJJ page is totally amazing, the composition of images is super!
    Hugs, Mar

  18. Beautiful tag and journal page, the photos are wonderful, thanks for sharing your walks. Take care, Shirleyxx

  19. Hi Valerie...your butterfly art is pure magic and so gorgeous! Stunning beauty! I love all that you share! Wonderful photos...beautiful sceneries...relaxing and meditative! Perfect way to enjoy my morning!!
    Thanks for shining your magic into my day!

  20. LOVE both pieces today Valerie!!! Great photos again and I really love the one with the chair but because of the stacked rocks by it :) Have a GREAT DAY!!!!!

  21. Is that a rock next to the chair? It looks like a table to go with the chair or maybe even something where one could tie up a small boat.
    Your tag is really very attractive - I love buttons. I started to count all the "B"s you had used and then discovered you had already done so.
    Now for the main attraction. Your journal page. Quite an interesting quote with Biblical history to go with the multiple images. I knew your brain held a conglomeration of interesting facts and images but I never expected this!!!!! Needless to say I like your creation.
    Sandy xx

    1. I didn't forget everything I studied! It's still in my brain, filling up the cracks!

  22. Love the beautiful butterfly tag and the fantastic page, I love how your suitcase is taking you to so many lovely places.
    The mystery of the chair... could it have been a fisherman?, it looks a lovely spot to sit and enjoy the river.
    Yvonne xx

  23. Oooh brilliant pieces Valerie, I really like your Quo Vadis, and I always learn something when I visit you xx

  24. Gorgeous tag; love the beads. Fabulous art page too. The suitcase is great.

  25. Hi Valerie, beautiful designs!! Love that quote. So true. Always something to learn and be inspired by here. Great pics too. Have a nice weekend. Blessings xo

  26. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous tag!! I love those butterflies and the use of those pearls just makes it all the more yummy!! hugs


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