Monday, 9 January 2017

This and that for Monday and Tuesday

Hi Everybody!

so I would like to welcome all of
the nice ladies of the T gang, and of course,
anyone else who comes by!

I have been playing a bit in my arty kitchen, using 
corrugated cardboard, scraps of paper napkins and some gilding 
metal. I have to keep pausing in between, as my fingers
are not behaving as I would like them to!
I painted the cardboard with cream coloured 
soft acrylics before adding the scraps. This will be the
cover for one of the new A4 journals I got
for my birthday. I am linking to Art Journal Journey,
Erika's lovely theme of 'tell me a story'.
And the story - flowers, butterflies and birds to
brighten dark and wintry days:

When it was finished I placed it on some ancient and
rusty linen, that was once part of an erosion bundle, and then
onto a piece of crumpled brown paper taken from
a parcel, and stitched it all together, trying to get a grungy look.

On New Year's Eve I drank a glass of pink

But cappuccino is still my fave drink!

 Recently I went to the Altstadt (Old Town) of Düsseldorf and visited
the town history museum, which has heaps of wonderful
things to see, so  I want to go again....and again!
I loved this view of the old lanterns with the
post office tower in the background:

The ship is the sign of the 'Schiffchen' pub:

I started in the basement of the museum, and discovered these
wonderful, ancient brick walls, which were built over
when the palace, which now houses the museum, was built in the 17th century:

Harald  Naegeli, the famous 'Sprayer of Zürich'  has a video running
which shows his painting process and who and what
influenced him, and I was able to speak to him - that was fun!

Robert Schumann played on this grand piano during the 
last years of his life when he was hospitalized:

And I just love these drawers taken from an old apothecary's shop -
wouldn't they be wonderful for crafting goodies?
The painting on the left shows the Kunsstpalast museum in the 'Ehrenhof',
where the glass and art museums are.

Friday was bright and sunny, then the sun packed
its bags and went on holiday:

 We had no snow, but freezing, icy fog, which was so thick
on Sunday evening that it was not possible to see anything.
There were many accidents with pedestrians falling on the ice
and cars skidding and crashing, so I'm glad I stayed home!

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Love the crinkly look of your page, the cardboard gives it a lovely texture. The colours are very pretty, too. Glad you are using your new journals! Lots of great photos, I think went there with the kids once! Have a great day and hope you feel better today, that was a nasty thing to happen. Hugs, Sarah

  2. Hi Valerie, you pack so many beautiful things into each of your posts. I'm in awe of everything you do, make and say! I smiled at the pictures of the pro-secco & cappuccino because you made them look inviting and gorgeous all at the same time. Hugs, Barbara

  3. Stunning and amazing the gorgeous colours and your whole design. Your drink looks interesting but I am not sure what it is...I know what cuppachino is thought...looks inviting.xx{aNNie}

    1. It's something like champagne, but I really prefer coffee etc!

  4. Your corrugated art piece is exquisite. Such interesting photos from the museum. Glad you got some sun that day.

  5. OMGosh, Val, I LOVE this piece. It's so Victorian, delicate and pretty.
    I hope today is a good day.

  6. Amazing work on the wonderful journal page with so many things to admire Valerie. It is very special.

    Happy T Day to you too and I love the photographs for that and all the other amazing photographs of this and that. I did save two of them I couldn't resist and I am sure they will turn up on something I make in the future as well as giving a lot of pleasure just looking at them again and again

    Love Chrissie xx

  7. That's a gorgeous piece today Valerie. It has some beautiful ribbing texture to it. I bet it was a bit of work to get you napkin images so smooth. And I am loving the history museum images. What interesting things. And how cool to see Schumann's piano? I can hear the music in my head right now. That would be a great story in itself. Happy T day a bit early too. I had some prosecco for Christmas but it wasn't pink. Hope all is well and not as cold there as it is here. Hugs-Erika

  8. Lovely corrugated art page and amazing photos. Happy T-Day! Hugs Susi

  9. I am in love with your picture, so cool, where are you going to put it
    I would love to go to the that pub and have a drink with you

    1. Hop on the bus and come over - we have sooooo many pubs!

  10. Gorgeous artwork, Love the texture using the corrugated backing.
    Wonderful photos, museum looks very interesting.
    Avril xx

  11. Your scraps remind me of some of the pretty images in Daphne's Diary. Great photos -- Schumann's spinet particularly enchants me.

  12. Das ist aber mal eine ganz spezielle Optik, diese Motive auf Wellpappe platziert und dann nochmal auf Stoff aufgenäht,sieht super aus.
    Deine Museumsbilder und Naturimpressionen sind auch wieder sehr gelungen.
    Big Hugs

  13. For some reason I always like how you use corrugated cardboard in your art. This is again terrific with the bright colours AND the linen AND the brown paper.
    The brick walls look beautiful and strange in their setting.
    The apothecary drawers are wonderful, yes, wouldn't they be useful.

  14. What an amazing art piece! I love it, there are so many elements and yet you bring them together so beautifully. I especially love your photo of the lamps and the post office. I hope your fingers feel better.

  15. Oooh a lovely make Valerie, I love the corrugated card. Fab photographs too, I would love those drawers! xx

  16. Its a beautiful bright cover for your journal Valerie, lovely texture and layers, love how you used some stitching as well.
    Your photos looked great, so atmospheric with the fog.
    Stay safe when its icy outside
    Happy Tea day.
    Yvonne xx

  17. You had me at rust. Then you captured my attention at sewing. I love the combination, and that napkin looks familiar. I think I got one. Your piece is simply out of this world, rust and all.

    I would love to have those old apothecary shop drawers. Yes, I'd find a place for them, and probably fill then just as quickly.

    So glad you didn't venture out in that freezing fog. It's good to be safe.

    I would love a cappuccino with you, but you can keep the alcohol. Not that I'm a tea totaller, just don't like the taste of alcohol.

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous Journal cover, your fog photos, your beautiful art photos, and your cappuccino with us for T this week. Thanks for dropping by early, too.

  18. Oh my, where do I begin? You shared so much wonderful stuff today, Valerie.

    Your journal cover is wonderful. It must have been difficult to get the napkins down into the corrugations so perfectly.

    Your sunset and icy fog photos are gorgeous. You're a very talented photographer. I'm glad you didn't venture out onto the ice and risk injury. That makes me wonder how you got those photos!

    I enjoyed the visit to Old Town, especially the old brick wall (I just wanna reach out and touch it and the history.) and the apothecary drawers - those would be great for paper scraps and jewelry supplies.

    Happy T Day! Hugs, Eileen

  19. Oh your art work is beautiful. I love the combination of the napkin, cardboard, linen and kraft paper together. It's going to be the cover for your art journal? I'd hang it on the wall, it's so pretty!
    Your photo with the lanterns is stunning! As is the Schiffchen. You must have a good tele objective on your camera. The sunset photo is beautiful too. You certainly have an eye for photos.
    Thank you for taking me to the museum. Wow! Schumann's piano! I would love to have that apothecary cabinet. (But my house is not big enough lol)
    I've never had pink Prosecco. I don't seem to be able to get Prosecco here. Let alone the pink variety. I would probable prefer the Prosecco to the coffee any day, haha.
    I've heard that the weather in most of Europe is very bad and very cold. Do be careful.
    Stay safe,
    Happy T-Day,

  20. Hi Valerie. Thanksfor visiting my blog and a very belated happy T day to you. The museum sounds amazing.
    Hugs Cazzy

  21. Oh my -what is not to love from beginning to end??? Gorgeous art which reminds me of a window shade! And I'll gladly take both drinks with a museum tour and such beautiful scenery.Yes, best to stay in during fog and ice-more time for art:) Happy T day!

  22. Love the art today and all of the photos. I want all of those drawers!!!!! i could fill them in a heartbeat :) Happy T Day!!!

  23. your creation is full of rich color, texture and dimension, it is really wonderful. your photos inspire as always. xo

  24. I love history museums and would enjoy this one I'm sure. I like the way you got the shot of the lanterns. We had a bit of snow, and I certainly prefer it to ice any time, though both are pretty if you don't have to get out in them. Happy T Tuesday!

  25. Your new journal cover is great. So much texture. I like fog as long as I don't have to drive in it. Your foggy photos are very atmospheric

  26. Wow, that's one resplendent journal cover you have created for your birthday present :-). The corrugation and the way you have added the napkin so neatly is wonderful. I love your finishing touches of mounting it on linen and brown paper then stitching it all in place - amazing! I enjoyed visiting the Old Town of Düsseldorf and the museum with you, the lamp posts, ship dating back to 1628 and curvaceous abstract lady are beautiful. Such pretty photos of the sunset and fog too :-). Although I don't drink coffee I'd happily join you this T day for a glass of Prosecco which is one of my favourite tipples :-). Happy T Day dear Valerie! J :-)

  27. Valerie i just love how the corrugated cardboard makes your piece look. It really gives it something special.. The sunset pictures are gorgeous. Wow! Happy happy T day! Thank you for the trip to the museum.. always love to go! Hugs! deb

  28. That is a beautiful layered piece you created that will make a wonderful journal cover for sure liebe Valerie!
    How nice you got out (safely!) to enjoy your surroundings so rich in culture and history and fun ♥
    Happy T Day oxo

  29. Die leuchtenden Farben der Motive auf der Wellpappe - die eine tolle Textur abgibt, gefallen mir sehr! Das ist ein wunderschönes Cover, besonders mit den genähten Extras!
    Dein Foto mit dem Cappuccino sieht sehr einladend aus, und mir springen die zwei Soft Cakes ins Auge.
    Auch die anderen Fotos sind toll!
    Happy T Day!

  30. Wow, that corrugated cardboard piece is really cool! I love the look of your finished art. Beautiful photos as always!

  31. What can one say? A remarkable posting, Valerie. The corrugated piece is charming - love it. The ship, the lamps, the brickwork, the piano etc ....phew! Then the trees!!! Faints at the thought of painting them all ... (soft bump of fainting onto ....sofa!). Thanks for all that, m'dear.

    AND I've just fitted my studio with a new lighting system .... a good day all round

  32. Gorgeous design, the textures from the cardboard under the collage is fantastic. Beautiful photographs as always. It's snowing heavy here.. staying in cozy and warm :) Cheers xx

  33. Those misty pics are true inspiration for dystopian stories.
    YOU have a wonderful day.

  34. Beautiful journal cover, I love the look of the corrugated cardboard all dressed up so pretty.
    You know how I like the sun rise photos, but cool, misty photos, this week, really drew me in. I just watched a video on how to paint the atmosphere like that.
    Happy T-day

  35. A fabulous post Valerie! Love your corrugated card piece - the way you mounted it was just perfect! I love seeing your photos - the lanterns and the post office tower is truly wonderful! The cappuccino is where my eyes turned for a drink and not just because it was accompanied by biscuits!! Hugs, Chrisx

  36. Beautiful artwork for your journal cover! I loved the tissue on the cardboard, but then layering it on the fabric and brown paper with stitching made it perfect! So adore your photos too...thanks for sharing your museum visit with us!

  37. Beautiful artwork today. I love the florals and all the different materials in your layers! Wonderful photos, the sky images are brilliant! Have a great week!

  38. Your new journal cover is beyond gorgeous!! Love the layers you used to create and of course the stitching!
    Happy T day!

  39. Oh my! I too am glad you stayed home- be safe!! We had that same weather just Tuesday!
    Valerie, your napkin piece is absolutely gorgeous!! Bravo! You have me wondering about your hands- are you alright? sending hugs and warm breezes Jackie

  40. Someone please tell me - where is time flying to? I wish it would quit flying and stop and rest for a while. Your creation is beautiful - just perfect for a journal cover.
    I do hope your fingers are doing better ...
    Sandy xx

  41. woo hoo another brilliant post I'm glad I never missed Valerie.
    Your corrugated cover is beautiful and the colours and images so cheerful.
    Interesting photos - would have loved to have tried that piano out - and I agree about those drawers - imagine all the arty/crafty goodies that could fill them - you'd have to have them well labelled :)
    Gill xx

  42. Love your art piece! It is so pretty! Love the photos in the museum (love the drawers) and those outside photos are amazing! Big Hugs!


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