Monday, 30 January 2017

Changing my mind....

Hi Everybody!

There's lots going on today, so I'd better  get started
straightaway. It's Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday today. so
I would like to give a warm welcome to all of the nice ladies
of the T Gang.
We are also starting a new challenge at TIOT 
💝💖Hearts and flowers💖💝
As always you have 2 weeks to join in and projects of all
formats are welcome.

My piece was made with a collage onto corrugated
cardboard, using scraps of serviettes etc., and stitched with a heart. 
I placed it inside a photographer's paper frame, 
embossed with pearl structure paste and with added flowers:

The only problem was, I decided that I didn't like it. So I took the
corrugated piece out and used it as a cover on my second new journal:

This means that I have 2 journals with more or less matching covers:

And what about the paper frame?
I found another vintage photo from my dear Erika (taken in 1916), and
put her into it. I think the vintage style fits better:

I added some stitching and some natural flowers,
picked here from a tree in the front garden. I went over the stitching and round the photo with some gold chameleon way from Pentart:

And we're still not finished! I have my last piece
for Erika's lovely theme at AJJ. A HUGE thank you to Erika for all the lovely pages she made, and to all the lovely ladies who have supported 
us there.
I am leaving AJJ in order to have more time for myself. 
I will also be teaching two art classes each week at a 
local art school, for the next 8 weeks,
 and am looking forward to that very much.

And you can help yourselves to oat cookies,
extra delicious with molasses, cinnamon and ginger:

I went for a coffee last week at the Einhorn, (unicorn) and it was good:

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Beautiful art for the challenges! Those lucky art students , have fun with the classes. You could even do baking classes your pastries are so yummy!

  2. Lovely pieces, so much to see, and every single piece a winner. You will be a loss for AJJ but a big win for the art school, enjoy your time there. Christine is right, you could do baking classes, yummy! Hugs, Sarah

  3. Fantastic projects and yummie looking cookies! Have fun with teaching! How exciting! Congrats!

    Happy T-Day!oxo Susi

  4. Hi Valerie. How beautiful are both journal covers. So colourful too. Those oat biscuits look so inviting and I bet they tasted good as well. Hope your keeping well too. Hugs Rita xxxx

  5. Valerie you are so busy with art, coffee, cookies and photos. All beautiful, loving, and delicious. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Love the art journal pages and the paper frame with the photo of Erika in it is so lovely.!!! It's great that you use her photos so often ♥ COngrats on the art classes... You will enjoy teaching them and the students are so lucky to have you and your skills♥♥♥ Happy T Day!!!

  7. Wow Valerie, so happy to hear you are going to be teaching, though I'm sure you've had to do a lot of preparatory work, it will be so much fun to get messy with likeminded arty folk! Your cookies look delicious and your vintage journal covers are beautiful. Thank you so much for the ecard, I do love all things oriental! Take good care. Xx

  8. Lauter wunderschöne Werke sind das wieder liebe Valerie. Das schöne Foto von Erika macht sich in dem Rahmen sehr gut, mir gefallen die Ornamente mit der Perlmutt-Paste sehr gut.
    Freut mich daß du Kunstunterricht gibst, so kommst du unter Leute und bekommst auch neuen Input. Ich wäre gerne dein Schüler dabei. Die Haferkekse sehen so lecker aus, da werde ich mich auch mal dran versuchen.
    Liebe Grüße

  9. Sounds like you have a lot of fun ahead of you. Getting back into teaching will be good, I am sure:) I think those students (whatever age they may be) will be lucky to have you and they sure will have lots of inspiration. You've created some great pieces for your post today. I think love is in the air and you are thinking ahead to February 14th with all those flowery pieces. The cookies look very yummy too! They are a tease! Hugs-Erika oh and Happy T day!

  10. Happy T day Valerie..

    You certainly made the most of your arty frame and picture. I love all of the ways you used them though I must say the frame looks better with Erika and the wonderful,flowers

    Love the coffe piece and the yummy looking biscuits. I used to make those years ago.

    Looks like a posh place for a coffee

    Love Chrissie xx

  11. Your coffee always looks delicious and these oat cookies sound great and healthy too.
    Teaching at the art college - fantastico - the students are in for a treat and I expect they will very much enjoy your unconventional ways with unconventional materials. Or will you be teaching traditional art techniques?
    The hearts and flowers piece looks relieved and happy to be released from the frame and on the other hand the frame looks content with its older photo. They are both lovely pieces.

  12. Really well put together and creative work, warm greetings!

  13. Gorgeous flower and heart projects Valerie, I love both your versions. Erika does look beautiful in her new frame, so all your creative work has found a place to be seen at its best.
    Congratulations on going to teach art. I'm sure your students are going to be encouraged and in for some great lessons with you as their teacher.
    The cookies look delicious and so does that cup of frothy coffee.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  14. That's such a lovely photo of Erika, Valerie and nice that you made use of your lovely frame too. Love the colours on your two journal covers - really bright and fresh looking. Really loving your 'corrugated' pieces.
    You've an exciting adventure ahead for the next couple of months - your students are very lucky to have you teach them.
    Gill xx

  15. There is so much to love about your post :-). I think it's great that we can change our minds, your journal covers are so beautiful and the heart piece is perfect as it is without the frame :-). The little girl looks wonderful in your rejuvinated frame too! Then there is the lovely the lace cup you have created for your coffee piece - so pretty! Thanks for the yummy cookie too - Happy T day! Sounds like you have a fun time ahead with your teaching - how exciting :-). Wishing you every happiness dear Valerie! J :-)

  16. Frothy coffee and delicious oat cakes! It gets better all the time!
    That is a really lovely vintage photo. Of Erika? I can't believe she is that old!
    I love your corrugated piece and I agree it looks much better outside the rame.
    I have my new camera.(The Sony Cybershot) and I love it, although I must learn more how to use it. I messed about with it last night when we went out (see my blog). So far I really like it. I haven't had the opportunity to use the zoom yet.
    Happy T-Day,

  17. I love your framed heart and you got a bonus with another journal cover! The coffee page goes so well with your yummy looking cookies! It sounds as though threre is going to be a very lucky class to be having you as their teacher for 8 weeks! What a great time you are sure to have too! Good Luck with it all! Hugs, Chrisx

  18. Scrumptious art and scrumptious cookies..,a delicious post for sure 💮
    Your new class is getting a very talented teacher 🎨

    Big Hugs Valerie 💝

  19. I adore the framed art, but loved the idea of removing it to be used on an art journal even more. I'm in a dilemma that I have a used old school journal I want to use, but I have removed the covers that contained words to use on other projects in the past. Now I know how I can still use the journal, yet have sturdy covers. Thanks for inspiring me.

    I really LOVE the photo of Erika in your frame. The added stitching and Pentart additions make it seem like a completely different frame.

    I am in total awe of your coffee art. It is so well done. Beautiful cup and the beans are piled high (grin). Your real cappuccino looks pretty delicious, too. Glad that you took us to the Unicorn with you.

    Congrats on getting the opportunity to teach locally. Although it must have been a hard decision to leave AJJ, the local community will certainly benefit from your wonderful art.

    Thanks for sharing your art, coffee, and cookies with us for T this Tuesday.

  20. Things change Valerie and what a wonderful opportunity you have to teach! I like your choice of pictures for the frame... I like the idea that you have matching books now and the picture goes with the frame.. :)Changing your mind can be a good thing! :) Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  21. What a beautiful, 'yummy scrummy' delish post, love it.xx{aNNie}

  22. WOW this post certainly IS full to the brim!
    Thinking of those lucky students that will have you to teach them.
    You put so much of yourself into everything you do.
    You will be missed...hope you'll still have time for blogging now and then.

  23. Also wanted to say how lovely Erika looks in that lovely lavender frame.
    Your corrugated journal covers are super too.
    Your Unicorn cuppa sure does look gorgeous and tempting along with those yummy cookies too.
    Happy T Day liebe Valerie and I wish you all good things always oxo

  24. I love your journal covers and Erika looks beautiful in her lovely frame. Congratulations on your new teaching venture, your students are very lucky to have you.
    xxx Hazel.

  25. To tell you the truth Valerie I prefer the cover! It is simply beautiful! Hugs!

  26. a post filled with beautiful things! LOVE the gorgeous cardboard pieces and they are perfect as journal covers. Your Erika looks wonderful in that pretty, delicate frame. It goes without saying that the coffee art is fab and that sure looks like one fine cuppa to sip on too. Thanks for all you've done with AJJ. Congrats on your teaching job, and happy T day!

  27. Definitely like your corrugated canvas as a journal cover. The oat cookies look delicious, and the Einhorn building looks lovely, especially with that blue sky background. Although I'm missing the blue sky I am so grateful that it is warmer (although Sunday was really, really foggy!). Best wishes for the teaching job - it can't get much better than teaching something you love to do. I hope you continue to heal and are able to get out for your walks. Have a great week. Theresa

  28. Those cookies look tasty! I think I'll have some for breakfast, thx :) Happy T Tuesday!

  29. Well, I stepped on the scale this morning and it said "You better pass on all sweet things for the next year or two" LOL! But your cookies look amazing.

    I think the journal cover was a better choice for the little stitched heart art piece, now it really stands out. The photo was perfect for the oval frame, that turned out beautiful.

    Teaching two art classes will be a different direction for sure. Hope you will be able to share what they are doing with us.
    Happy T-day

  30. The collages are beautiful. At first I couldn't understand how you didn't like it with the paper frame. But when you used the paper frame with the antique photo, that combination popped. A very stunning piece. The cookies look delicious. I love Fraktur letting on the sign outside the coffee shop. And the shadow from the light looks like the unicorn is wearing a top hat. :-D Have fun with teaching and hope you can share what you are doing in class. Happy T Day

  31. This is beautiful. I really like your use of corrugated card and the stitched heart, also, details of how your project was made. The cookies look very tasty and your photos are fabulous. Happy crafting, Sandra x

  32. Love how you've adapted your piece to make another journal cover - I like it better that way too and I'm pleased to see you didn't discard the pretty frame. It looks perfect for that beautiful photo of Erika.
    Congratulations on the teaching post, I'm sure you will enjkoy it as much as the students.
    Biscuits look delish and so does the coffee.
    Avril xx

  33. Your corrugated journal covers are really lovely... the colours are very beautiful.
    I also love the Erika's photo and the super frame.
    Congrats on your classes as a teacher!!!
    Hugs, Mar

  34. Sometimes you see a post and you just love every single photo. And that's what I see today here! Especially your sweet photo in the frame. She's lovely.

  35. You've been very busy! I especially love the book cover, it goes so well with the other one and is so beautiful!

  36. The cardboard art is stunning, as is the vintage framed lady--simply beautiful! coffee and cookies? yes, please...yum! happy T day a bit late!

  37. I will miss you at AJJ since I just started being a regular there. I love the corrugated cardboard as a journal cover. I wish I could have coffee and cookies with you in person! Wishing you an energized time teaching art classes! Helene

  38. Beautiful Valerie!! Every single piece! Wonderful! I agree, the piece looks amazing on your journal cover! Good luck with the art class! You are such a busy girl and you are always baking too! LOL! Big Hugs!


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