Monday, 23 January 2017

Leonardo, tea and coffee

Hi Everybody!

Hope the new week will be a good one for you.
Not much change here - cold, sunny and frosty weather,
which I have only been able to see from my balcony,
and my ribs are still very painful. Patience is not my strong point!

For Art Journal Journey, Erika's lovely theme of
'Tel me a story', I have a hybrid page
honouring Leonardo da Vinci.
I wish I could have heard some of the stories that
he had to tell:

Tuesday is also T stands for Tuesday at Elizabeth's blog,
so here a big welcome to all the nice ladies
of the T gang. This piece is also meant as a reminder for
TIOT's 'Anything but square' challenge, and you still have a week 
to link up there.
I made an 8" tag, which was first painted and then collaged with
tea and coffee and other paper napkins. The finished tag was 
sewn onto some blue/beige linen, which I fringed out, and then 
onto corrugated cardboard.
Need I tell you which of these drinks is my fave?

I had a rare visit from my friend Sarah last week, and we baked a cake 
together - I gave the instructions and she did the work! We made a 
cappuccino marble cake.
Here it is fresh from the oven:

And here with cappuccino glaze:

Yummy - help yourselves:

The sunrise was wonderful again:

And now the 2nd amaryllis bloom has opened:

Have a great day, take care,
ad thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Tolle Arbeiten sind das wieder - soo schön!
    Gute Besserung für Dich weiterhin!
    Schöne neue Woche

  2. Both pieces are glorious - love the layers on the tag, and so beautifully stitched, too.
    Your Leonardo is great, and yes, it would have been fun to meet up with him. Good to see 'our' cake, it was more than delish! The amaryllis has come along way since last week. Look after yourself, hugs, Sarah

  3. Beautiful everything today...mmmm now is it coffee you like....take care and keep well, hope the pain subsides soon.xx{aNNie}

  4. Wonderful da Vinci page Valerie-I bet you would have loved to chat with him and he with you.

    The tag is so beautiful with lots of wonderful work on it. All the sewing is stunning.

    Wonderful photographs and especially the ones of you amazing plant. It is so pur white and very beautiful

    Happy T Day as well

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Happy Monday. Its nice to have those gorgeous flowers brightening your day. I bet Leonardo would have been fascinating to listen to. I do kind of picture him as a moody man, but I don't really know if that is true or not. But your cake looks delicious-something I wouldn't mind a piece of right now for breakfast. :) And your tag is great. I love the 1920's look. I think it was a very classy time.Hope your rib pain starts to feel better soon. I know with my hubby's heart surgery-he said his rib healing was far worse than anything else. Happy early T day and happy new week too. Hugs-Erika

    1. Thanks for telling me that about the rib healing!

  6. Hi Valerie, when I saw the title of this post, I wondered if we would be taking tea with Leonardo da Vinci or Leonardo Dicaprio. I’m very happy it’s the former of the two, although I wouldn’t say no to tea with either. :-)
    What a lovely idea to bake a cake with a friend, I often bake one for a friend but never with. I must try a cappuccino marble cake it looks delicious and maybe get a friend to help.
    Your photographs are always amazing, which is just one of the many reasons I enjoy visiting your blog.
    I hope your ribs improve very soon, have a lovely day. Hugs Barbara

  7. You used my favorite da Vinci image, Vitruvian Man. This was a beautiful AJJ entry.

    Your tag made me smile. I simply adore the beauty of the tag, and your wonderful sewing. The various layers make it rich, too.

    How nice to collaborate on cake baking. I want a piece of that cappuccino iced cake. It looks unbelievable, and is making me SO hungry.

    Your amaryllis is looking even more beautiful today. Soon there will be three blooms.

    Thanks for sharing your art, your wonderful cake, your amaryllis, and your incredible coffee inspired tag with us for soon-to-be T.

    BTW, sounds like you are starting to heal a bit. Please don't overdo it, though.

  8. Leo is one of my faves, fabulous piece, Valerie!

  9. Lovely page and tag, wonderful details. Good to see the sun, it has been so gray here lately. The amaryllis is doing so well!

  10. Fabulous Leonardo page. this man would be a wonderful dinner guest, I can imagine as well the conversations he would be part of. Although folk might be in awe him and afraid to join in, should he be alive now.
    Loved the tag with the layers materials and sewing.
    Yes, a piece of cake please. it looks delicious, but I have a feeling it may have all been eaten by now.
    Super photos and pleased to read you are staying home and taking care of yourself.
    Yvonne xx

  11. So beautiful is a flower and nice touch in your work. Thank you for visiting in my blog.

  12. Wonderful pieces today, your espresso tag is very chic! Your marble cake looks so delicious, wow. Your plant is looking very healthy. I've just purchased a 3 pack of small plants to line up on the dining table. My first indoor plants, so fingers crossed I can keep them alive! lol

    1. Good luck! I usually drown my indoor plants with too much water, so this time I have been VERY careful!

  13. Beautiful art pieces, I'm particularly drawn to your 1920s inspired tags - you have created such a lovely opulence with the lace, fabrics and colours you have used, which really highlight those fabulous ladies enjoying their coffee! Wow, your amaryllis is a beauty, the white and green blooms remind me of snowdrops which should be flowering in February - I guess Spring must be on it'so way :-). Happy T Day dear Valerie! J :-)

  14. De Vinci and Micheal Angelo had always been two of my favorite masters, so your AJJ page really drew me in.
    That is an awesome tag, love all the layers, and the blue/beige fringe really sets it off.
    Your cake has my tummy rumbling for some......looks and sounds delicious, it's always fun to bake with a friend.
    Happy T-day ( I haven't even got mine posted yet *grin*)

  15. Deine beiden Kunstwerke sind wieder so schön gestaltet, gefallen mit sehr. Die Borte und der Fransenrand sind ganz tolle Dekoelemente auf dem Tag. Der Kuchen läßt mir das Wasser im Mund zusammen laufen, sieht so lecker aus. Die Amaryllis wird auch immer schöner. Fein auch daß du lieben Besuch hattest, so ist der Hausarrest nicht so trist gewesen.
    Liebe Grüße

  16. Love the Da Vinci piece!!! I'm sure that having the chance to chat with him would be an enlightening experience for sure. Great tag also ♥ Loving your amaryllis , makes me wish I had bought on this year. Sending you more healing thoughts and prayers for those ribs. WE sure don't bounce back like we used to :( The cake looks and sounds so good and you are so kind to share with us. Happy T Day my friend !!!!

  17. Wouldn't Leonardo have been a fascinating man to know?
    That tag is perfect:)
    Hope you two saved me a piece of cake:)
    Feel better soon.

    1. Well, I was saving you a piece, but then I thought it might get stale, so I sacrificed myself and ate it for you....

  18. Leonardo Da Vinci...what a talented man he was! I love your, gorgeous!!!
    Did you eat the last piece of that delicious looking cake while I was spellbound by your beautiful photos? Nice move :D


  19. oooh so many fabulous things to capture all the senses Valerie! Leonardo-what an amazing artist he was. LOVE your French tag with the retro shabby chic feel!! That cake sounds so awfully good-perhaps you could share the recipe?
    Gorgeous amaryllis. I have never tried getting one to bloom but you sure do make it tempting to try:) Enjoy and happy T day too!

  20. Fabulous post Valerie, love your artwork, love all the layered elements you added and the stitching is fabulous. Your amaryllis is stunning . Tracy x

  21. Love that journal page! Your tag is brilliant Valerie, sure to please everyone with that choice! Pleased that you are little better and able to help with some cake making! The amaraylis is looking so good! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  22. Good'ole Leonardo! Lovely page. Your tag is fabulous. Love the lace and the stitching.
    Your amaryllis is amazing! I always hope that someone will gift me an amaryllis for Christmas. The are so beautiful. Yours is too.
    Thank you for the cake. It looks really yummy. Although I don't drink a lot of coffee, I do love anything coffee flavoured.
    Happy T-Day

  23. Oh such beauty in this wonderful post! I love your tag so much and it looks so yummy here too, what a treat, I bet you greatly enjoyed! That delicate flower blooms magic, so pure! Best wishes your way! xx

  24. Both are wonderful pieces. Love all the stitching details on the tag!
    What a beautiful flower...that's enough to brighten anyone's day right there!!
    Happy T day!

  25. Love Amaryllis ! I usually have one or two but haven't in a while.. not since we moved... If the construction EVER gets over with i plan to get a few for my windowsill..

    Isn't it funny... i LOVE coffee... but i don't like anything else coffee flavored... not cake or icecream... just my cup of coffee in the morning... But your cake LOOKS wonderful and how nice of you friend to come over and help you while you are mending.. Feel better Valerie... Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  26. Your amaryllis picture, the close up inside the flower, reminds me of a Georgia O Keefe painting.
    I love, love, love your tag! It has an old tapestry look to it.
    I am only sorry that I can not taste your delicious cake.
    So sorry about your ribs - read another good book!
    sandy xx

  27. Love your tribute to Da Vinci! Beautiful! Your tag is inspiring. So lovely and that cake makes my mouth water. It must be fantastic! Valerie, I love your photos!They are amazing! Happy T-Day!

  28. The Boston Science Museum has an exhibit about DaVinci. Some images you might enjoy seeing: Wonderful tag with the elegant ladies and lace. I can barely sew on buttons. Your cake looks delicious. Thank you for the virtual slice. The amyrilis is gorgeous. Made me think of my mother though she had red ones. Hope you feel better soon. Happy T Day

    1. Thanks, I'm off for a look. I keep hoping for a Da Vinci exhibition here, the last one I saw was in London back in the 80s-

  29. What splendid photos and art! Love that amaryllis, and your tag is really gorgeous! da Vinci is one of my favorite artists too, so always enjoy seeing work inspired by his art. I do hope your ribs heal quickly...take care! ♥

  30. These are both stunners Valerie, I love the light in your Leonardo piece, and your elegant ladies are fab. I hope your ribs heal quickly xx

  31. What a beautiful post - from start to finish! Love the French art deco napkins you used on the tag. That sunrise photo is phenomenal, as are the ones of the amaryllis in bloom. I hope all the creating helps kind your mind off the pain while your ribs heal ;-(
    Hugs, Eileen

  32. Espresso is my favorite, and espresso in Paris is an uplifting image :)

    I haven't had an amaryllis in ages!. Yours is gorgeous! Happy T Tuesday

  33. What beautiful art, expresso is usually a bit strong for me, but it smells so yummy! The flower is beautiful too.

  34. This post reminds me that I am late for breakfast! Looks delicious. I love the tag (though not the coffee) and you're right -- Leonardo would have some amazing stories to tell!

  35. You and Leonardo are getting along really well in your latest artworks liebe Valerie ♥♥♥
    Your Amaryllis is a beauty (meant to say that in an earlier comment...trying to catch up is keeping me busy!)
    Perfect use of those lovely napkins for your pretty tag.
    I was sorry to miss T day but just couldn't get myself together.
    Happy other T day oxo

  36. Valerie, I pray you are feeling better!!!
    Now, you know how much I love your art, but I am sorry, your cake took the spot today! My mouth is watering!!! Not a good thing to see, when I am counting calories! LOL!
    Big Hugs!


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