Sunday, 29 January 2017

Peaceful Sunday

Hi Everybody!

I am having a quiet Sunday at home -
time for a long soak in the bath, crafting, baking
and reading - what could be better?

For Art Journal Journey, Erika's lovely theme of
'Tell me a story' I have a hybrid piece, using family photos
and vintage illustrations- I think if all the characters could get
together they would have a lot to tell:

This mixed media tag was actually intended to be something different. But after I had stamped and embossed the pattern on the left,  I thought
of Oscar Wilde's wonderful wallpaper quote, and made the tag using one of 'my' men:

The second shoot on my amaryllis is growing apace, and has
FIVE buds:

These are Friday's photos from my walk through town-
mostly looking up:

The lantern on the old town hall:

Somebody must have got cold ears going home:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Love the journal page with your Mum and Erika, and the tag is fantastic. Oscar Wilde always had such a roguish sense of humour. Great photos, I laughed at the woolly cap on the fence, I think I could have opened up a clothing shop with all the stuff my kids lost over the years! Enjoy your lazy day! Hugs, Sarah

  2. How in the world do you remember all of the quotes you use or do you have a source of fantastic quotes!
    You have been making a lot of fantastic tags - the last one I saw is my favorite but I have not commented on it yet.
    I loved all the pictures - now are you being really careful if you are walking looking up !
    Would love to know more about these pictures - especially the building where all the pots are on the wall. Are they flower pots?
    Sandy xx

    1. Yes, there's a whole roof garden full of flower pots. The pics were all taken along the old bastions of the town. And yes, I was very careful!

    2. Your Sunday sounds wonderful to me!

  3. Your journal pages are super, love that you used family photos, and an other yummy tag. Such rich textures and colors.
    Yes, the stocking cap, hanging on the fence, brought a smile to my face and lots of memories to mind.
    Hope you Sunday went as is just starting here.

  4. Valerie I love, love, love your journal very special because you used personal photos.
    Your tags are amazing and those photos, stunning!!!
    How creative you are and talented!!!
    I am very curious about that last photo...please, tell me more!!!


  5. Sounds like you had a great relaxing time today.

    Wonderful arty pages and the tag is fantastic. Very unusual photographs of this and that a nice warm hat. Hope they came back for it.

    Have a nice evening

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. Loved your Tell Me A Story.
    Enjoyed our walk.
    Sounds like you're having a perfect day.

  7. Nice "Tell me a story" pages and a fabulous tag ! Great photos!

  8. Lovely pages for 'tell me a story' and a beautiful tag. The amaryllis is doing so well. Nice view of the town looking up.

  9. Na da warst du wieder megafleißig. Die Seiten mit den schönen alten Fotos sind super und das Tag mit dem ulkigen Zitat ganz fantastisch gestaltet. Ich sehe du warst freitag an der frischen Luft, hoffentlich gaaanz vorsichtig, da liegt noch Schnee. ;)
    Big Hugs

  10. Sounds like you had a perfect day Valerie :)
    Great idea for AJJ pages - love your family photos and additional imagery.
    More delicious stitching and texture on your tag - great guy too.
    Looks like you have more snow in your photos or is that just heavy frost. It's pouring with rain here.
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.. Gill xx

    1. Either frosted snow or snowy frost, I didn't go too near! Lots of ice, too.

  11. You have such a great imagination! I love your pieces. The details on your tag are lovely. I am looking forward to the blooming of the second shoot. You live in such a beautiful place too.

  12. More wonderful art today Valerie. The hybrid piece is wonderful. I love the Alice characters they are each thinking of, maybe because they most relate to them? Its also nice to see photos again from your walks, even if they aren't yet adventurous ones. It looks like winter and cold, but I guess it is still January. Happy new week. hugs-Erika

  13. Simple but creative layout. I really like the thought bubbles. I am crazy about texture and your tag sure delivers. Hugs, Teresa (I got my doves this afternoon. I will try to get some pics up tomorrow.)

  14. It sounds like you have had a lovely Sunday. The journal pages look fantastic, I wonder if the children made themselves part of the Alice stories in their imagination.
    The tag is fantastic, the quote goes so well with the image of the man and all the wonderful details you added.
    It was lovely to see your photos today a different view of your walk.
    Yvonne xx

  15. Sounds like a lovely peaceful day! I love your journal pages! The tag made me smile, great colours!
    I love seeing your photos although not the snow!! Be Careful! Hugs, Chrisx ps Sorry this had to be another catch up session! x

  16. Hello Valerie, that was a beaut Sunday. Love crafting with your tag and using your own photos.
    I also enjoyed the walk - sometimes we get real surprises when we remember to look up! It happened here too. Cheers :D)

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  18. Valerie, your Tell me a Story pages are a real show your tags, and wonderful photos, love the buildings, so different from over here.xx

  19. Looks like the girls had Alice on their minds. Really adorable.

    I LOVE that tag. I had no idea that was an Oscar Wilde quote, but I may have said the same thing myself before. Of course, I was trying to strip it, not apply it!

    Your photos from Friday are wonderful. You got a LOT of snow. I see it's still there in places. The pots on the wall look quite bleak and barren, but the rusty sculpture is still beautiful, even in the depth of winter.

  20. Wonderful pages Valerie, I love the photos and images, I love your tag too - such a great quote.
    xxx Hazel.

  21. Love the white cat in the piece!
    Have a great one, my friend.

  22. Sounds like my kind of Sunday :) Love the art and the photos are amazing. I don't lose my hat much but I am terrible at losing gloves ... lost another one yesterday :(

  23. I love your art Valerie! Your first art pieces with the family photos are beautiful! Truly love them! Your tag made me laugh! Very cute! LOL! Your flower is looking beautiful! I love your photos outside!!! Big Hugs!

  24. I love how you use your family photos in your art and the thought bubbles are just delightful. And the terrific tag -- your textures are amazing.

    Nice find with the hat on the pole!


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