Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Wheels and More.....

Hi Everybody!

Today we are starting a new challenge at
Moo Mania and More


As always, projects of all formats are allowed and
you have two weeks to get your creative juices flowing
and join us.
I made a hybrid collage, also meant for Sweet Susi's
Collage with a twist theme at Art Journal Journey:

Today is also 2nd on the 2nd at lovely
Elizabeth's blog, where we re-share a previous post:

This is a collage I made and posted last year in December. 

And I have some more 'real' art from the K20 which I visited last week:

Pete Mondrian:

Fernand Léger:

Joan Miro:

Today I had a fun day with Sabine, I will show photos
when I have had a chance to sort them.

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Beautiful journal pages, New and old, and love the museum art, too. Glad you had a fun day with your friend. Hugs Sarah

  2. I rather like Mondrian. Beautiful pieces for the challenges as well!

  3. Brilliant pieces Valerie, I really like those wheels. I quite like Mondrian too xx

  4. What wonderful art you created, the wheels are beautiful and the bird so thought provoking. I also enjoyed the museum art.

  5. The new header is great. And I like the wheel collage. Its a lot of fun. I also enjoyed seeing those heads again. I remember them and it was fun then and is again. Loving the art from your museum trip too. I'm not sure the squares is my favorite style, but still good to see. Hugs-Erika

  6. There's definitely wheels spinning in your page. Your pages are great.
    Wow - you assembled three of my favorite painters in your post: Piet Mondrian, Léger and Miró - so very nice to see... again and again. Thanks.

  7. Love your blue sky header and that collage is awesome..xx

  8. You packed a lot into that post, dear friend. The wheels are amazing. Really loved it.

    Your K20 photos get better day by day. I love the Miro and of course, one of my favorite artists is Mondrian.

    Of course, your second look is fantastic. I don't remember this one, but it is truly striking and has such a ring of truth to it, I was nearly knocked over when I read the sentiment.

    Thanks for sharing your incredible art and your second look with us on the 2nd.

  9. Deine Collage mit den Rädern ist rundum perfekt - eine tolle Idee mit dem Shakespearzitat dazu -- was für beeindruckende Arbeiten Bilder dieses Museum beherbergt! Fabelhaft!
    Deine RÜCKBLICKseite gefällt mir ausnehmend gut und ich freu mich schon auf die Fotos von Eurem Feiertagstreffen!
    Happy Moo Mania & More and 2nd on the Second !
    oxo Susi

  10. The wheel collage is very striking Valerie. The second showing of the heads is definitely worth a second look. More amazing art from your visit to the gallery as well.

    So pleased you enjoyed your day with Sabine and I look forward to seeing the photographs

    Love Chrissie xx

  11. Complete change of direction ... the wheel of fortune and life! Clever approach.

    Modern art (even Miro) does little for me. The total art-cynic in me hums 'The King is in the Altogether.' There must be an art gene missing from my makeup :-)

  12. Beautiful artwork today, your own and the gallery ones. :)

  13. I like both your old and your new pieces of art. I also enjoyed the pictures from the museum. Lots of inspiration in this post.

  14. I know my comment sounds like yesterday but I love everything in this post. And it's fun to see your older pieces as well.

  15. Wow! That is a post and a half! So much in one post.
    First of all your art is always great. Your wheels collage is great and I love the 2nd of the 2nd piece with the birds and the quote. Very true....
    Thank you for taking us to the museum. Mondrian of course is a Dutch painter and I am very proud of that. I also like Miró. He is Spanish (Catalan). One of his sayings is: I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.
    It sounds like you had a really good time with your friend. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy 2nd of the 2nd,

  16. Love seeing what you do - I sure hope I can make it to AJJ this month as I missed last month. Time just has a way of going by way to fast!!!!
    Sandy xx

  17. Your collage again is very poignant and inspires deeper thought. Very nice.

    I'm not such a fan of some of the other pieces. Honestly, I question some curator's tastes, but whatever. It takes all kinds to make the world go round, eh?

  18. I didn't see any 'real' art that I liked better than your pieces:)

  19. A fantastic post to read, the hybrid page with the wagon wheels looks awesome.
    The heads page was and still is wonderful especially with the words you added.
    Glad you had a good day with Sabine.
    Yvonne xx
    p.s. More great photos from the art gallery.

  20. Fantastic pages, I love the young/old page which made me smile :) How nice that you had a good day with Sabine. Take good care, Shirleyxx

  21. Wow! Those wheels are fabulous! I love that second look too! It has been great to see the art museum - there is certainly a great collection there! Chrisx

  22. I LOVE your AJJ page!!! and I remember your second look from last year.
    More gorgeous art!

  23. I love your wheel collage and your head collage is fabulous.
    xxx Hazel.

  24. Love the grungey looking wheels and your beautiful heads collage.
    Glad you and Sabine had a nice day.. Gill xx

  25. LOVE the wheels.... I have wheels in several places in my yard and I'm always on the look out for more :) Your art is great today both the old and the new. Thanks for sharing the photos from you museum visit and have an amazing week :)

  26. Mondrian's work fascinates me, mathematically if challenges me artistically it inspires me. Enjoy your travels both physical and artistic. XOXO

  27. I think your art is real art!!!! Love your pieces!!! The other art pieces are very interesting!!!

  28. I love your museum shares!! How much fun it would be to stroll these galleries with you Valerie! thank you for sharing these special times!


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