Sunday, 27 November 2016

A visit to the Altstadt

Hi Everybody!

Susi's challenge 'collage with a twist' at Art Journal Journey is drawing 
to an end but you still have a couple of days left to link to us!
This A3 collage was made 6 weeks ago, and I rediscovered it under a pile of newspapers....I collaged bits of napkins,  music paper, washi tape and various flying bits and bobs from my always well filled table. The letters are some giant alphas bought years back and recently rediscovered while searching for something else.

Last week I had an appointment in the Düsseldorf Altstadt (old town),
so I used the time to have a cup of coffee and take some pictures
of the Christmas market and Burg Platz (Platz=Square):

The church spire is famous for not being straight. 
It was damaged during the war, but rebuilt
as it was:

I love these statues on the advertising columns:

I have been intending to go on the big wheel, which is stationed here
every year from October to January, but up till now I never plucked up the courage to actually do it!

The tower is the 'Schlossturm', the rest of the palace was destroyed by
fire long, long ago. It houses a wonderful ships' museum, 
and I will show photos of the inside another time:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Nice work with the collage, I like how the tape makes a patchwork effect. Love the big letters too.
    The photos are great (as your photos always are) - the blue door, the big wheel, the lifelike statues.
    Will you ever go on the big wheel? There is one here too and I suppose it is not as frightening as some moving things, but I don't think I would venture on it.

  2. Besides your collage, which I love, I also really enjoyed photos. I've heard of these Christmas markets which looks so charming and interesting. What a beautiful place the old town is. It has a lot of character. Did you actually go up in the ferris wheel? Hugs-Erika

  3. Fantastic collage, very stylish, and I LOVE the Altstadt photos, wish I were there!
    Thanks for the memories! Hugs, Sarah

  4. Wonderful collage, the layers are lovely - perfect! Wow, the Christmas markets look fantastic - I would love to visit them and maybe have a drink of mead if they sell it :-). The blue door, brick work and decorations are stunning and the bronze map is amazing - what a beautiful way to capture the town! I bet you would get some fabulous views from the top of the wheel on a clear day :-). Enjoy the rest of your weekend and wishing you a great start to the week dear Valerie! J :-)

    1. I haven't seen mead there, but they do a roaring trade in hot, spiced wine!

  5. I love seeing Christmas decorations.
    I'm not good with heights so I stay off Ferris wheels but I like the enclosed seats on that one.
    Love the polka dots on your piece:)

  6. Ich bin froh, dass Du die Collage gefunden hast rechtzeitig! Sie ist so toll !
    Hach was für schöne Bilder wieder!
    Na vielleicht schaffst DU das Riesenrad .. obwohl ..ich glaub ich hätte auch ein wenig Bammel- kann Dich verstehen!

  7. wow,eine tolle collage und schöne bilder von der altstad,der christkindelmakrt ist ja klasse,die kleinen häuserbunden sind so süss.
    boah und das pärchenkunstwerk sieht verdammt echt aus,das du bedenken hast mit dem riesenrad kann ich verstehen,ich hätte auch bammel.
    einen schöne neue woche.

    hugs jenny

  8. Terrific idea for the page and the large letters look fantastic.

    What wonder you saw yet again and I bet the market stalls had wonderful scents drifting out. I have only been to one German market many years ago and the smells there were delicious.

    Hope you are feeling a lot better now. Will email tomorrow

    Love Chrissie xxx

  9. Lovely collage, I like your use of the washi tape. I so enjoyed your Christmas photos today, what a wonderful time of year!

  10. What a lovely collage! Always fun to find something whilst looking for something else... The photos are great too.

  11. Love the checkered background and layers on your fabulous collage Valerie, another good find, its quite exciting to come across these stored pieces.
    Wonderful photos from the old town. I'm not good with heights so that wheel would be a step to far for me to try.
    Yvonne xx

  12. Your town is decked out for the holidays in such a warm and quaint style. Your highly textured collage is lovely. hugs, Teresa

  13. Great collage! Love all of the photos from your day trip .. that Christmas Market is so great ♥♥♥♥ I think I would have second thoughts of the "BIG WHEEL" too. Not as brave about those things as I once was.

  14. Love your collage piece!! Great texture and colours! I want to go to your Christmas market! Looks amazing! Thanks for the tour! I love the church and those statues! I wouldn't go on that big wheel! LOL! Hugs!

  15. Great collage and wow those photos are beautiful. Love the Christmas window scenes, the crooked church and you always inspire me with these photos..xx

  16. i'm so glad you got to visit that market it is wonderful! i love seeing the photos. it really makes me want to visit Germany. i was there once but so long ago when i was a teenager! i also love the German language but i only know a few words. thanks for making your country come alive for me. beautiful journal page as well! xo

  17. I adore those letters and the grid-like patterns you created for your collage.

    I was surprised at the permanence of the stalls in the market. And so many of them decked out in Christmas fare, too. I adore that 3-D map of the area, and that Church spire was really amazing. I could comment on every photo today, but suffice it to say, that big wheel reminds me of the London Eye. I hope you have a chance to experience it. I'm so scared of ferris wheels, but this looks almost doable with the enclosed space.

    Have a super Monday, dear.

  18. Fantastic collage piece Valerie xx The papers really add to the patchwork feel too x
    Your photos look amazing and although I have been to Germany many times I have never been in winter xx I really must make plans as I would love to visit a real German Market xx

    TFS and best wishes
    Annie xx

  19. I loved the collage and so enjoyed all your wonderful photos. I visited a local town last week hoping to see the Christmas market, but I was out of luck as they were only just starting to set it up. I will try again later this week. Thanks for sharing all the photos.

  20. I love your gorgeous collage. Your photographs are beautiful, what a great place to have an appointment :) Take good care, Hugs xx

  21. Love the collage. Do you remember - before commuters & their printers - when you could buy letters by the sheet (Letraset)? I used them by the ton when I was designing philatelic First Day Covers ... well... I found a box full of Letraset in an old cupboard in my workshop. I immediately thought of you and the 'gang' hereabouts, and what you all would do with it. So many different fonts and sizes.

    Your Christmas scenes remind me of the six happy years that we lived in Germany (Cologne then Monchengladbach)

    1. Yew, the German Christmas markets are 'gemütlich', always good for a stroll round and a 'glühwein'. I still have and use Letraset alphas when I am making Layouts or pages.

    2. Cool collage, Valerie! Pics are so interesting and I love hearing the history.

  22. I love the realistic statues with color in them. We have a few around here and they're great.
    Hope today is a good one.

  23. Hey Valerie - I know I am woefully behind. I love your collage - such great design. And I loved all of your pictures too - would love to go to a Christmas market in Germany. I know they are all splendid. Of course I must have some hot wine and sausages.
    I could not go on that big wheel - I know I would wet my pants out of fear!
    Sandy xx

  24. I never tire of your creative efforts. Collage is something I've not done for many years. I must try it in the near future. The photo gallery is beautiful. Very up lifting for the holiday season. Excellent as always.

    Hugs and Blessings

  25. All these photos are reminding me that right about this time I would have been in Germany on a Christmas market cruise but then a few circumstances changed those plans. So, I hope you'll show lots of pictures!

  26. Beautiful collage Valerie! I am captivated by your market, so many wonderful little shops to visit, and that ferris wheel is the biggest I've ever seen! You are so blessed! sending hugs :)

  27. Love the bold lettering on your page! It's great to see the Christmas market - we still have to go into town but I know It won't match the continental ones even though we have a lot of stallholders come over from the continent! Hugs, Chrisx


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