Saturday, 6 August 2016

Light and darkness

Hi Everybody!

For Art Journal Journey, Nature's wonders, I have another hybrid page, and I am still on a moon trip - does that make me a lunatic? (You don't need to answer that question!)I combined 2 backgrounds, and added my painted flowers, which were digitally enhanced to make them look less tatty, a candle, and some digis from Itkupilli. I love the quote from Francis Bacon. Tomorrow I will be showing a more down-to-earth page, with creatures which really stick to the ground....

And here are some more photos of Zons. If you would like to learn more about this little town you can do so here (German) and here (English):

Lots of strange creatures:

Have a great weekend, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Love today's photos, and no, I do not think you are a lunatic!! The moon and stars are just beautiful and fascinating. Good to see more photos of Zons, I must ask P. to drive me there again one day. Hugs, Sarah

  2. Came late to catch up on Tuesdays Tea. Glad I didn't miss this. I really like your pages (I'm a moon lover being a Cancer by birth). I enjoyed the views of Zons as well.

  3. Came late to catch up on Tuesdays Tea. Glad I didn't miss this. I really like your pages (I'm a moon lover being a Cancer by birth). I enjoyed the views of Zons as well.

  4. Such a quaint pretty town! Love your gorgeous starry night time page.

  5. I can see why you love that quote, it's very beautiful! As is the page you created, the flower images against the blue background with it's detail are lovely! Those strange creatures you found are such fun and Zons looks a wonderful place to wander around, there's so much to see! I'm looking forward to tomorrow's page too, very intriguing! Enjoy the weekend! J :-)

  6. Eine wunderbare hybride Seite mit einem tollen Spruch und so vielen Details! Das Städtchen ist absolut sehenswert--- tolle Figuren sind das ja!
    Schönen Sonntag Liebes!

  7. If you're a lunatic then so am I... love your moon beautiful. Something comforting about the moon and night silences that I have always loved!! What a wonderful little place Zons is...full of inspiration too. Love the little garden treasure that are very whimsical and fun! Thanks for sharing...going to check out the link!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Zons looks like an interesting place. I love that sweet looking white dog. How close to where you live is Zons? And I think being a lunatic is great thing if it lets you create such wonderful pages. Love your moon page and your Bacon quote if fantastic too. Hope its been a good weekend. Hugs-Erika

  9. Wow! What gorgeous artwork! Love the moonglow! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos too! Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Such a gorgeous journal spread! Great quote. Looks What a wonderful place to visit - photos lovely.

  11. Wonderful hybrid design and elements. You are a digi master dearie! That little town looks so lovely and lively! Cute doggie. Hugz! ~Niki

  12. Terrific page and the flowers are the star for me. Love what you did with those. You may be a little crazy at times but not a lunatic for sure:)

    I just love the town photographs and the shop with then strange animals is brilliants.

    Have a great day

    Love Chrissie xx

  13. A beautiful page Valerie and lovely pics. Zons looks a very pretty town and I love that punk bird! Enjoy your Sunday. xx

  14. oohh wiw wunderschön deine mondseite ist,ich mag den himmel,die wolken und was dahinter ist,es stimmt da oben ist licht und dunkelheit,das ist absolut ein naturwunder.
    das städchen ist echt sehenswert,sie gemütlich dort aus,und die figuren sind ja hammergenial.
    ich werd gleich noch eine seite in meinen journal machen,draussen regnet es und ist kalt*Brrr*
    hab einen schönen sonntag.

    hugs jenny

  15. A gorgeous page, the flowers are beautiful and so are the photos, Zons looks like it's a lovely place the visit.
    xxx Hazel.

  16. I won't answer your question about being a lunatic as I must come under that banner myself. Your page is beautiful with lovely words. More super photos and I see they have those tin animals for sale in Zons as well.
    Have a good Sunday.
    Yvonne xx

  17. Perfect quote on your page magical page. I'm off now to read more about Zons it looks like a fascinating place. XOXO

  18. Beautiful dreamy piece today Valerie - wonderful flowers and I love Mr Moon and that lovely quote.
    Its a crazy world - it helps being a lunatic - I should know - I talk to the birds all the time :)
    Zons is nice - and that shop with the quirky animals just fantastic.
    Happy Sunday to you... Gill xx

  19. Love the blue background in your piece today, really makes those white flowers pop! Looks like such a lovely little town, that dog is gorgeous! lol. happy Sunday :)

  20. Looks great, awesome pictures :)

  21. Adorable page and I just LOVE you photos...oh how lovely they all are..hugs.. {aNNie}

  22. My favorite picture has to be the one of the dog - talk about nature at its finest! Loved your pictures - I have always been attracted to stone work and I love old bricks.
    Your journal pages are always interesting Valerie - It's like having a peek inside of your brain.
    Sandy xx

  23. Hi Valerie, I like the moon and stars as a background to your painted flowers. The additional photos of Zons are interesting and I love the brick wall with the bricked in centers. I also like the dog and the lovely lady in the photo, who is? Another week gone so quickly.

  24. The blue in your drawing is so brilliant and goes well with the other colors. As for the little town, it looks like a charming village where anyone would love to stroll and shop. The sweet dog is also darling and needs to be petted. A lovely post.

  25. SILLY GIRL! IT MAKES YOU A LUNA-LOVER ♥♥♥♥♥ Love the page and all of the photos of your little trip to Zons :) The buildings are intriguing and I love the fit shop!!!!! Then the photo of the dog on the steps captured my heart and I'm a goner ♥♥♥♥ Thanks for sharing.

  26. I love this digi! The quote you chose is just perfect Valerie!!
    Thank you so much for sharing , I love to learn of far away places!

  27. I adored the vintage sheet music palely showing in the background, and the entire piece was well done. Sorry, won't dignify a response to lunatic.

    I loved the beautiful photos of the weird animals in that shop, but my heart went out to that dog behind the fence.

    One of these days you must take us back to Zons. I know 15 miles one way is too far for even YOU to walk, so let us know if it's possibly on the water, a bus, or a friend.

  28. Hi Valerie -- I'm trying hard to catch up during the few brief days I will be with reliable internet! This town is just fabulous and so is your page. I loved your lunatic joke! I'm very fond of the moon and the colors in this one captured my heart -- but so did Zons!

    I will try to catch up on as many posts as I can!

  29. Luna "tics" unite ;-)
    Love your magical moon creations liebe Valerie.
    Again with perfect words too (of course!).
    Lovely to wake up to more of Zons as I ran out of light and energy yesterday in my BIG catch up with everyone at AJJ this month.
    Who is that lovely lady in grey?


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