Saturday, 13 August 2016

I want to be under the sea....

Hi Everyone!

For Art Journal Journey, nature's wonders, I have an underwater scene, made with some children's stencils, stamping, drawing and doodling. I used black ink and gelatos on a painted and textured background. I found the whole piece a bit pale, so added a digital mask and a few extras:

This was before the digital treatment:

While I was out and about last Thursday I visited an old cemetery near the Rhine. There are lots of familiar names there, many streets and places here are named after them:

Love the snake and dragonfly on this one:

This is the grave of a sculptor:

I wonder how the angel lost it's head?

And to get back to fluffy, living creatures, here are some more pics of the duck and ducklings I showed last week - they have grown, but there are now only six little ones....

And a wave from the cormorant:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Pleased to see that I'm not alone in finding beauty in graveyard! Sad tale about the ducklings - I suppose we have to say that it's Nature's way! I love your underwater adventures before and after digital treatment! Hugs, Chrisx

  2. beautiful 'under the sea' page, very creative! What a wonderful old cemetary thanks for sharing. Sad that there are only 6 little ducks now.

  3. Love your fun and colourful underwater world, complete with Mermaid! And that song is already buzzing in my head....Lovely photos, I think I remember that cemetery. Sorry one of the ducklings has disappeared, wonder what got it? Off to bed here, so goodnight! Hugs, Sarah

  4. What a wonderful undersea world, it's beautiful! The cemetery is lovely looking. I'm sorry there's one less duckling. They are very cute.

  5. Love your under the sea theme Valerie and all the things you used to create it. (digital masks are wonderful aren't they and so clever how they totally alter the page - and I think I recognise that great mermaid and the kit it comes from - it is lovely),
    Enjoyed your walk around the cemetery that was fascinating. Wonder where the angels head is and why it wasn't stuck back.
    Sad about the ducks - hope they remain safe now..
    Gill xx

  6. Your sea world looks fantastic, the great digital additions ,adds to the magic, of the what might go on at the bottom of our seas. Super monumental photos today.
    Yvonne xx

  7. What a fun underwater scene, looks as busy as it might really be! XOXO

  8. First your underwater page is wonderful and I was happy to see some of your doodles included. Love the mermaid.
    When we visit older towns, especially those in the mountains where there was a lot of silver mining, we always check out the cemetery. The most interesting one was right here in Idaho. There were many Chinese working in the area, some providing herbs and other items for the miners and their families and others doing hard labor. The interesting part...there were no Chinese graves. The Chinese sent their men back to China for a proper burial. What also amazes me that the head stones in the photos you shared with us were not destroyed in WWII. It was a sad time for Europe. Your photos were a very special treat for me today, including the ducks.

  9. Your undersea is beyond charming!!!!

  10. I like to be under the sea too, snorkling and looking at the beautiful reef....
    amazing page and oh so beautiful head stones, some are really exquisite.
    Fab journey again with your wonders of nature...hugs...

  11. wiw witzig deine unterwasserseite ist,lustige tierchen tummeln sich da.
    tolle bilder auch,ja es gibt schon schöne gräber.
    einen schönen sonntag dir.

    hugs jenny

  12. Eine schöne Unterwasserszene.. da ist ja mächtig was los...toll
    als beruhigenden Ausgleich bietest Du uns die Stille der alten Grabsteine am Friedhof und die Entenkücken sind wirklich entzückend!
    Einen schönen Samstag Liebes!

  13. I wish I knew more about digital masks because I was truly mesmerized by the difference in the two photos. It looked like two different pieces of art. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

    So sad about the ducklings. One looks a LOT bigger than the rest. I hope all of these make it. They are simply adorable.

    I'm a HUGE fan of graveyards. I could stay all day, reading and walking around the old part of them. The one you visited is so much different from any I've seen before. The architecture of the stones reflects the region, I think. These were truly worth viewing. Loved them all, too (even the headless angel).

  14. Just when you thought I'd finally vanished.....! What a contrast between the bubbly fun of 'Under The Sea" and the cemetery. The carvings and designs have always intrigued me.

  15. A terrific page which ever way you look at it--I prefer the one without the mask myself but it is a matter of choice I reckon.

    Great to find the wonderful old cemetery with all that history and space to admire the monuments. Most of the cemeteries nowadays seem crowded with crumbling grave stone which is such a shame.

    The ducklings are terrific I hope they all survive.

    Have a great day

    Love Chrissie xx

  16. Beautiful piece today, love your doodle seahorses! Those baby ducklings are so adorable, so sad that they don't all make it. hugs :)

  17. Wow. Cool cemetery. I love to walk through cemeteries. The art of the stones is pretty amazing. And I must say I LOVE your undersea piece. Excellent color choice too. It feels like sunlight coming under the water. 😀 Beautiful work again! Happy end of your weekend. Hugs erika

  18. Your doodled underwater scene is magical liebe Valerie.
    L♥ve it!
    Beautiful cemetery. I always get a feeling of Peace and Love when I visit the ones that have such special and personal monuments...each works of art
    The circle of life can be so sad sometimes.

  19. Love this one ♥♥ I also love to visit old cemeteries and look at the more elaborate tombstones. So beautiful and detailed.

  20. A really lovely atmospheric underwater scene Valerie. Love the pics too and the cemetery is beautiful.
    Fliss xx

  21. Sweet page. I like the doodling and the mermaid. I too like to visit old cemeteries. There is so much fodder for the imagination. hugs, teresa

  22. Wonderful page Valerie - that mermaid looks like she is trying to lasso something -- maybe the seahorse as it would be fun to ride.
    I do love cemeteries especially old ones. Sorry bout the angel loosing her head.
    I am also sorry to hear that there is one less duck baby - I hope the rest stay safe.
    sandy xx

  23. A lovely underwater scene Valerie, I wouldn't have a clue about digital masks (or anything else for that matter)It makes you wonder doesn't it what happened to the angels head. So sad about the duckling, nature can be very cruel xx

  24. Your doodles are fab, both the original and digital pages are wonderful and your Under the Sea page is so full of detail! Doodling is so relaxing too. Wishing you a lovely week! J :-)

  25. Valerie! I'm digging your under sea adventure- so much fun!!
    The cemetery photos of those tombs are incredible!!!


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