Thursday, 18 August 2016

Lazy, hazy days of summer

Hi Everybody!

Time is flying by, and the week is coming to an end,
which means it's time for Paint Party Friday, hosted by Eva and Kristin,
and Art Journal Journey, which Gill is hosting for us this month.
This week I spent a lot of time walking along the shore of the Rhine and through the fields, picking flowers, picking up stones and feathers to bring home, and watching the other people, boats, birds and animals who were out and about. It's good to be able to enjoy the summer days.
I painted the flowers very loosely, using just three acrylic colours - red, blue and yellow,  a large brush, and my fingers, not trying for definition or details, just having fun. I gave the finished painting a digital frame and added the sentiment. I am linking to 'Nature's wonders' at AJJ.

And here is another of my birdie doodles, once again, just for fun and keeping my fingers busy while watching TV!

The pale moon rising silently through the trees was wonderful to see yesterday evening:

A wonderful sunrise which called me from my bed his morning:

Love the shadows on the fields - they are growing longer, which means Autumn is slowly creeping up on us:

The crows and herons are enjoying harvesting:

I wasn't the only one out walking:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Wow Valerie, I so love your doodle birdies!! What a great line up of photos today. Beautiful sunrise shot and I love the heron, still never seen one of those up close for myself. have a great day. hugs :)

  2. Another wonderful post. the doodles are fun, and I love your flower painting, this is really art for me, even if you don't always believe it yourself, you have such a lot of talent. Lovely photos, it is always good to walk with you and see things through your artistic eyes. Have a fun day, hugs, Sarah

  3. I wish I had a field I could visit to gather beautiful flowers like the ones you added to your vase today. It's a real beauty.

    Still loving your doodle birds, and the sentiment is so, so special, too.

    Great photos of the harvest. I hadn't realized the shadows are lengthening that much, but I really, really like the way you showed it in the field. Great photos. Have a super day, dear.

  4. Your flowers are fabulous -- colours smashing - so lose and lovely. You know I am absolutely besotted by your doodle birds -- incredibly entertaining. Your photos always inspire me. Love the woman walking her cow. It certainly is turning autumn very quickly. Enjoy the last days of summer. hugs, Donna

  5. Oohhh the flowers turned out excellently and your birds. So fun and happy art. There were a lot of people out walking on that day. Love all the photos.

  6. oohh wie schön deine blumen sind,die doodle birds sind phänomenal,besonders liebe ich ihren kopfschmuck.
    da ist viel los am rhein jetzt im sommer,tolle boote und schöne felder gibt es da.
    hab einen schönen abend.

    hugs jenny

  7. LOVE the loosely painted flowers!! Just fabulous!
    and your doodled birds are just adorable......doodling is so much fun eh?

    I always enjoy your photos of your walks.....but that sunflower.....oh my, it took my breath away! I have a definite weakness for sunflowers. When I was a child, we had famer friends that had them growing wild in the fields. I've been a lover of them since then......they don't do as well here in California.

    Thanks for sharing all your art and photos......I did save one (from a few posts back) and hope to try and paint it now that the GDs are back in school and I have plenty of time now.....LOL!

  8. Fabulous artwork Valerie and I love how you have finished it off with the digital frame.
    Your Doodle birds are adorable and they have little love hearts in their eyes which is a lovely touch - I think this is my favourite of your Doodles so far.
    Loved your photos - especially the sunflowers so bright and cheerful :)
    Have a lovely evening... Gill xx

  9. Love the art today and all of the beautiful photos !!!! Love seeing the wheat fields after the harvest. Summer is winding down for sure and I fell like I almost missed it happening this year. Today I'll be making pickles and freezing more squash .

  10. What fun pieces! And what a beautiful sunrise.
    Ahhh, the horses and the young woman walking her horse.....
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Love your dodo bird!!! Beautiful bouquet!
    Sunrise, sunset, you gave me a lovely morning visit, thank you!!!

  12. Ein tolles Fingerbild hast DU da gemacht und fabelhaft digital weiterverarbeitet! Und Deine Liebesvögel sind bezaubernd! Wunderschön gedoodelt Valerie!
    Herrliche Aufnahmen---sooo schön!
    Ich war den ganzen Tag out und about.... der Tag verflog einfach soooo..
    keine Ahnung wo die Zeit hin ist...
    War allerdings auch brav alles einkaufen und sogar zweimal spazieren, einmal mit den Hunden und einmal mit Julia....

    hoffe Du hast mich vermisst!

  13. beautiful nature page and a fun doodle you did today. Love that moon rising photo. I sense the coming of fall from your harvest photos, sigh.

  14. A lovely post to read, love your flowers page, so beautiful, free and colourful.
    Your bird doodles are fun, loved the heart twinkling in their eyes, they must be in love.
    Fabulous photos, the sunflowers look wonderful.
    Yvonne xx

  15. I think you got great definition without trying to get any definition. Nice painting! And ha-ha-very funny birds. My favorite photo is of the girl walking her horse. It surprised me because it is a little different from what you usually show. I bet both she and her horse were enjoying the day. :) Hugs-erika

  16. Hi Valerie, I'm a bit behind this week. Love the new header with the owl and bat; it appears very nightly. It amazes me how you can create flowers with a few swirls of your fingers and your doodling spread suits me perfectly. AND, then your new photos; everything is so bright, green and wonderful to view. Your photo of the sunflower is spectacular. Have a restful, creative and happy weekend.

  17. Fun art, and awesome photos, thanks for sharing! I love the heart!

  18. Your sunflower pictures are so beautiful. Love the quirky birds you drew too.
    Happy PPF.
    Vicki-Ann :)

  19. Fun zen like art, and the sunflower got my attention big time, probably because I've planted a bunch and hoping I get a flower as huge and beautiful as yours!

  20. Beautiful. All things bright and beautiful can only be found here.xx..xx {aNNie}

  21. A lot of wonderful photos today and I really like your doodle birds - they're very cute. Nice loose flowers too.

  22. A lovely summery post - cute birds! Love the flowers.

  23. Oh, that bouquet is so rich with color and life, and your birds tweet so sweetly!

  24. What a lovely bright bouquet! I adore your artwork and your photography reeks of summertime. Ah..... :D

  25. Oh, and I also adore your little birdie and your beautiful words.

  26. Happy PPF, Valerie! Your doodle bird brings a big happy smile to my face. Your primary colored flowers turned out gorgeous when the colors got mixed. And what a beautiful part of the world you live in. I keep thinking of you in the city but it looks quite rural from your photos.

    1. I live out of town in an area that is still very rural, I only go into town when I must.

  27. Fun doodles Valerie and who doesn't love flower art!
    It's always a pleasure to see your photo's too. I've had the farmer harvesting the field right outside our window this morning... so now we'll enjoy seeing all the wildlife once more. Happy PPF to you

  28. The colourful flowers are wonderful, so cheerful and full of happy! Super photos as always. You must live in such a beautiful area :)

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Those pieces are a wonderful way to start my weekend.
    Hope yours is wondrous, my friend.
    (Loved the bee in the sunflower).

  31. After taking home the flowers, I would then listen for the bird songs
    Fantastic art and photos, luv the large sized presentations at your blog

    Thanks for dropping in at my blog today; Happy PPF

    much love...

  32. such a lovely floral bouquet and quote Valerie. Love your fun doodle birds! I actually took a journal and doodled while on vacation and will share them soon-fun! Beautiful photos of nature-so soothing.

  33. Oh I love your painting, those flowers are just so happy. Your doodled birds are such fun, they made me smile to look at them, so you must have enjoyed making them xx

  34. Wonderful flower painting Valerie! I love the looseness of the composition and you only used 3 colours, wow! The doodle birds are great, such fun :-). Lovely collection of photos from another fabulous walk, the sunflowers are gorgeous! Wishing you a happy weekend! J :-)

  35. I keep forgetting to say ... I love your new header, the night sky, owl and bat are wonderful! J :-)

  36. sounds and looks like a great week :) cute bird :)

    Happy PFF! :)
    Jen #50

  37. Love your gorgeous bouquet!I'd never have known you started with a limited palette!! Absolutely adore your new blog banner too!! Such fun here!

    Hugs Giggles

  38. This certainly has to be my favorite post!! I love your painting and you used my favorite colors. Love all your pictures too especially the young lady walking her horse. Is that really you!!! You are sooooo tall! Gorgeous sunflower pictures - really beautiful.
    sandy xx

  39. I love your flowers and your birds, all your photos are so pretty.

  40. Been a busy week, York yesterday, so nearly missed this post! Love your drawing and painting, for me it is miles better than digital art even though digital art is a skill and very expressive it does not get your fingers messy or gather under the finger nails! Beautiful photographs as well and it is always a delight to see your world like this. XOXO

  41. love your doodling birds :) And I see you have harvested in your area too. It looks pretty much the same where I live.

  42. Your doodle birds are so sweet!
    hugs ")

  43. Your flowers turned out great! So good to just let loose and play. Sweet doodles too, and wonderful photos. Looks like such a lovely area!

  44. I love the freedom and joy of your painting. It's beautiful and what a good exercise to limit your palette. VERY nice indeed!


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