Friday, 27 November 2015

Autumn's last flight

Hi Everybody!
Here's wishing you all a great weekend.

For Art Journal Journey, inspired by the colours of autumn and 99 faces I have a hybrid journal page:

 For Art Journal Journey I also made this A3 mixed media page.

These photos were taken last Sunday, a lovely, frosty and sunny day, just great for walking.
The old water mill in Kalkum, dating back to the 14th century:

Love this weather vane:

Beautiful reflections at Schloss Kalkum:

The winter flowering tree:

This Canadian wild goose has paired up with a Nile goose
and keeps a close watch over his family:

Have a good weekend you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Wonderful art and wonderful photos, your work is always so good. Hugs, Sarah

  2. wunderschöne werke und tolle herbstbilder,so jetzt trink ich noch meinen cafe aus und dann ab ins körbchen *LOL*schlaf schön :-)

    hugs jenny

  3. Gorgeous pages, especially love the first one. As always fantastic photos as well. I'm catching up after being away. Take care, Shirleyxx

  4. I love how both people peek out from the background. Great pages! And I lvoe that hunter weather vane too!

  5. lovely art pages
    your world is looking so different from mine

  6. Both wondrous pages ... so appropriate for this time of year. ADORE the weather vane ... have always had a 'thing' for them and would collect them if I could. big hugs, Donna

  7. AMAZING pages Valerie, love the quote and oh just everything you do makes me go 'ahhh'...x
     { aNNie}

  8. beautiful work, such layering and depth to the pieces. I enjoyed today's photos too!

  9. A two-fer today. Wonderful art and beautiful colors. Both so different, too.

    Those weather vanes are incredible. I've never seen one except in photos. I like the rooster.

    Not more than 10 years ago, I had never seen a Canadian Goose. Now they are everywhere. I remember one day I found one in my front yard. I kept thinking what a mess they make, not how "lucky" I was that one dropped by. Have a super weekend, dear friend. Somehow it feels like I've already had a weekend.

    1. They make an enormous mess, that's true, I wouldn't want one as house pet - but they are beautiful to look at.

  10. Two wonderful pages Valerie with such rich colours and beauty. Love the words on both of them as well.I am always amazed at your special ideas.

    The photographs are brilliant and the one with the goose is so clear and shows every feather.

    Have a good day

    Love Chrissie xx

  11. Herrliches Seiten - beide in genial schönen Farben und mit super Sprüchen dazu. Deine Ideen sind grenzenlos ! Und die vielen schönen Aufnahmen!.. Das Licht und die Spiegelungen sind perfekt Valerie!
    Und die Gänse sind tolle Tiere- kenn ich gar nicht - hier gibt's die anscheinend nicht... mir sind sie zumindest noch nicht aufgefallen - muss ich mal recherchieren ob wir hier auch Wildgänse haben .

    - schönen Samsatg Liebes!

  12. Beautiful pieces Valerie- I really do love your digital play alongside paint- so cool!
    Wow , that mill is from the 14th century? They really knew how to build back then to withstand for so long! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy weekend to you! hugs

  13. Love the color of your page, and the eye - magic!
    Thanks for sharing all those lovely photos of old town(s) in Germany - they are the ones I miss :)
    Have a great weekend.

  14. Although the geese are beautiful to look at, I have to agree that they make a huge mess--especially on the walking paths and beaches around here in the summer. I don't believe you ever showed the mill before--what a treasure! The flowering tree is certainly beautiful, too.

  15. Lovely autumn page today, Valerie, along with your colorful journal page. I see you have no snow on the ground yet. We had a fluff on Thursday and it has remained very cold at 10 degrees early morning. Our ski resort has opened so autumn is at an end here in Idaho. Stay warm, dry and most of all happy, healthy and creative.

  16. This is wonderful Valerie, those Autumn colours are gorgeous! Have a fab weekend, Sue xx

  17. Another Autumn dazzler, Valerie, with wonderful photographs.

    It's been hard keeping up as we have had visitors for the last week or so

  18. Beautiful pages both of them!! Great photos of that old mill too!
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  19. Having a catch up this evening, these pages are fabulous and so are the photos.
    Yvonne xx

  20. Hi Valerie, Your journal page is stunning. An Autumn beauty for sure. Love your walking pics and that weather-vane is so cool. Have a great rest of the weekend. xo

  21. Beautiful pages and photos. The one with the face has such a magical feel of flight.

  22. Nice pages. The first face looks almost ghostly with the background, love it. Big fat goose, they are everywhere those guys. Honking as they fly over. xox

  23. I love this post Sugar!
    Sandy xx


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