Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Autumn leaves, lace and shells.

Hi Everybody!

Hope your week is going well - my week is going too quickly!

For Art Journal Journey, inspired by autumn colours, and 99 Faces I made another A3 journal page. The background was gessoed, and after drawing and painting the face, I masked the face and sprayed some yellow and orange inks. I drew the leaves using some real ones as templates.

Here I added a digital mask, I think I like this one better.

For Simply Neutrals at Wen's blog I took a photo of some pieces of lace with shells placed onto them:

I then framed the photo digitally.

This is a tablecloth made by great Aunt many, many years ago:

A close up:

The leaves get less day by day, but the fungi on the stem seem to be growing:

The last berries:

And this is the wonderful view we now have, sitting on one of the benches and looking at the Rhine! It would be funny if it wasn't so stupid. What a waste of public money!

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Beautiful art piece Valerie. Love your neutrals. The piece your Aunt made is gorgeous. Such details. My grandmother did this type of needlework and it always amazes me.
    The leaves are nearly all down in your area. Your fall photos are beautiful.
    Have a great day! xo

  2. Very beautiful face today.She's got such a beautifully shaped head and rich full lips. Plus lots of assorted photos-neutrals, lace, late autumn. They are all interesting to look at. How old is that lace table cloth?

  3. Beautiful work for the challenges, I love neutrals. It's too bad about the railings..not a problem for hundreds of years...

  4. Love your lady!!! Exquisite lace! And more lovely pictures!

  5. Magnificent work today, as always, you do inspire with your colours, drawings, photos and it's all so from the heart.xx
     { aNNie}

  6. I really like those shells. The frame brought the entire piece together. It is beautiful and you have a good eye for this.

    I also enjoyed the face. Very autumnal, as were the views from your walk. Of course, I also laughed at your view of the Rhine from a bench. I bet you would laugh too, if it wasn't so disgusting and preventable.

  7. Lovely work today, from the beautiful face to the lovely neutrals piece and the photos. But that railing! Oh my G! Hugs, Sarah

  8. Das Gesicht ist toll gemacht -die ganze Seite ist wunderschön und auch die digitale Maske passt sehr gut, obwohl mir das Original besser gefällt. Zauberhaft hast Du die "Neutralen Farben" eingefangen, arrangiert und die digitale Bearbeitung ist bestens gelungen! Gekonnt! Das ist geklöppelt und gestickt...Wahnsinn was für Arbeit das gewesen sein muss!!! Herrliche Aufnahmen -und die neuen Geländer?? Ja Du weisst schon ---- philospohisch / theologisch betrachten ---anders geht es heutzutage nicht!
    Hab einen schönen Tag !

  9. Your journal page is simply stunning, dear Valerie and of course I love all your neutrals:)
    Have a great day.

  10. You've had a creative day once again, and the framing really works. I was never keen on Browning though, 'Pied Piper of Hamelin' excepted.

    The lace is fantastic, I just love studying its details. I have a Dutch artist friend living in England who keeps winning prizes for her paintings of lace.

  11. Just love the page with the wonderful quote vote. Your leaf drawings are terrific.

    Fabulous collection of shells and lace and then the wonderful handmade table cloth as well. You have such treasures in your stash.

    Terrific photographs showing how nature replaces the loss of one thing with the growth of another. What a shame that you have to look at the Rhine as if you are behind prison bars. Also how do you get to the shore now with this barring your way?

    Have good day

    Love Chrissie xx

  12. A lovely post Valerie, Love your autumn page especially the one you framed digitally. The table cloth looks gorgeous, you must treasure it.
    Yvonne xx

  13. Lovely lady and quote. I love the way you have drawn her eyelashes especially.

    I love your lace and seashells photo and digital piece - so very beautiful and elegant! and the tablecloth details are stunning.

    Fabulous photos of your walk - but especially love the close up of the tree :)

    Have a great day...
    Gill xx

  14. A stunning page and the lace and shells are beautiful.
    xxx Hazel.

  15. ein wunderschönes gesicht,schön leuchtende farben und sie genießt richtig den moment.
    deine digicollage gefällt mir sehr,und die spitzendecke,was für eine arbeit...wahnsinn.
    hab einen schönen tag,und wenn du weiter so tolle gesichter malst hast du schnell 99 geschafft.
    hugs jenny

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  17. Great work Valerie! You are so talented and creative~ Enjoyed your photo's too; and the neutrals are inspiring!! Thanks for sharing~ Karen O

  18. Beautiful autumn page with real leaves as your templates. What a treasure you have, your aunt's tablecloth. The details of her work are astounding and I can't imagine the hours she spent to complete it. If it isn't too large you could have it inserted in a frame covered with protective glass and display it. It is a piece that one views in museums. By now we are half way into the week and I need to get busy.

  19. Ja, mit der dunklen Umrahmung wirkt dein Bild noch viel schöner!
    ... auch ich habe noch eine Sammlung alter Klöppel-Decken irgendwo, die ich zwar nicht hinlegen mag, sie aber trotzdem wie einen Schatz hüte. LG Ulrike

  20. Love the art. That tablecloth of your aunts is amazing. The detailed workmanship is so delicate and beautiful. Skills that are being lost these days.

  21. Most of our pretty Autumn splendor is gone so nice to see yours. The shells are fantastic, no starfish to speak of on my walks, but lots of little shells. Nice collection. xox

  22. So pretty. I enjoy your posts so much. Yesterday I took my husband on a tour of your blog and showed him all of your lovely photos and art.
    Have a very nice day

  23. The face looks stunning, love the falling leaves framing it.
    Fabulous digital photo and the table cloth is amazing, she must have had so much patience.
    Lovely autumnal photos.
    Avril xx

  24. That tablecloth made by your great aunt is amazing. What wonderful close and intricate work she did. your photo of the lace and shells is beautiful and I love the serene face in your art page.

  25. I love the way you have added the leaves to your fabulous face! I love lace so to see your gorgeous collage made me smile! The Autumn photos are, as usual, brilliant! I must say that I sometimes wonder what planners are thinking - we have seen some examples of such wastes of money and yet the roads are in a really bad state! I think (certainly in the UK )that money is allocated in certain departments and has to be spent only in that area ! It's just a good job they didn't put a fence up! Hugs, Chrisx

  26. A wonderful journal page, Valerie, a strong face, and love the leaves.
    Your old tablecloth looks so beautiful, and your digital photo a lovely neutral ,with the shells and wonderful starfish,together with aLL your gorgeous nature photoes.

  27. Tolle Werke, Valerie. Ich finde Deine Collagen, die handgemaltes beinhalten immer besonders schön. Was sind denn das für schreckliche Geländer am Rhein? Sind die neu?

  28. your gal looks to be in a peaceful meditative state Valerie- so very pretty.
    I love the piece you created for Wen's- Gorgeous! And the tablecloth made by your aunt is beyond words exquisite! How wonderful to have such a treasure made by a family member!

  29. Beautiful face and page, she does look peaceful ! The shells and lace cloth are gorgeous as well. xx

  30. Valerie,

    Lovely journalling pages. Your shell collage in the frame is wonderful - I like the cherub with pan pipes. And your vintage lace is to die for.Have a lovely week.

    Jesse XX

  31. Gorgeous laces, Valerie, with beautiful shells and I love the amazing star fish! The photos of your area are so beautiful too. Wonderful to see how it changes with the seasons. Great journaling pages too! I'm sorry to be so late in visiting this week. Life got in the way. Wishing you a beautiful day, xx

  32. She looks so serene and peaceful! I love that antique lace too!


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