Thursday, 27 January 2011

Hello, hello, hello!

Yesterday I visited my friend Inge. Unfortunately, I was not feeling too good, and decided to drive home in the afternoon and just go to bed and sleep it off. Shortly before I get home there is a pretty lane leading between two fields, quite idyllic. For some time they have had a building site at one end of the road, where mostly nothing is being built, and nobody is working. But *they* have made a speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour for part of that road, and seem determined to have it kept!
Okay, I was driving too fast, but still not speeding, and still well under the normal limit. And all I wanted to do was to get home and get to bed.
But *they* were waiting for me. Three friendly, young policemen, just doing their jobs. And one of them waved so friendly at me - with his red *lollipop*. He explained the situation - in case I hadn't realised what was up - and said I had to pay a fine of 25€. Under other circumstances I might have had a discussion. But I was feeling bad and just wanted to get home. So I showed my identity papers, paid - with my bank card, as they have a terminal to hand, good customer service! And then drove home. Or tried to.
Next problem. Our road was blocked - with fire engines, ambulance and police cars. There was evidently something wrong in the house next door, although I still don't know what was up. So it took some time before I managed to get past and find a parking space. I dragged myself up the stairs and went to bed.
This morning I looked at the receipt they gave me yesterday. At the bottom it says: *Please keep this copy and give it to the customer*. Customer? What did I buy???
At least they haven't written that they hope to see me again soon!
Have a nice day, take care, and don't drive too fast....


  1. Oh dear, what have you been up to?! Hope you feel better today! Hugs, Sarah

  2. Holy cow! You can pay speeding ticket fines ON THE SPOT? That's kind of cool and kind of horrible all rolled into one! HA! I'm sorry you weren't feeling well and I'm sorry you got pulled over! That's just not fun! I hope you are feeling better!

  3. Oh dear Val, not a great day by the sound of it. Hope you are feeling better now. Try and rest up. Hugs Annette x

  4. So sorry you got a ticket, I hope you got the rest you needed. ~Diane

  5. Well, I like men in uniform, but not like your day, Valerie! Awful to get pulled over when you weren't feeling so well, and I hope it wasnt as serious next door as it sounds. So sorry you weren't so well yesterday, not like you to miss time with Inge so you must have been feeling poorly. You haven't said how you are today...hope you're a lot better. CoB

  6. Hi Val sending you lots of special sparkles today for your recovery. Hope you feel better soon and love the canvases you did. xx

    LOL to Carole. Love men in uniforms eh???Lol

  7. Thanks for the good wishes, I do feel better today after a lot of sleep. But there are uniforms and uniforms!!

  8. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Think of all that stash you could have bought instead :( Poor Val, and you didn't feel well, it's just not fair!

    Sparkles and hugs

    Carole xxx

  9. AAAw you poor thing! That's too bad - to be pulled over and pay a fine when you are feeling so bad. I hope you are feeling better today.

    Oh, and the note at the end of the receipt is for the policemen to know what to do with the paper slip :) They are employed by the government after all... haha.



  10. oh dear val, that is not good news, sorry to hear you're not been good either...

    sending you tons of sparkles...
    maria xx

  11. It wasn't your day!I'm glad that you feel better today!xxx

  12. Sparkles Val and hugs. Do hope you're feeling better today.
    Nasty policemen.
    Sue xx

  13. Ggrrrr...oh Valerie, that is just SO annoying! A little word in you ear would do wouldnt it, but no...they have to fleece the drivers, we are such an easy target! I dont suppose that helped you feel any better either, but I do hope you are recovering today! Oooo I wonder what what going on next door though???
    Take care, Sue xxx


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