Monday, 16 September 2019

T sTands for Tags, This and That

Hi Everybody!

After a weekend that was perfect weather-wise,  we have started the week with a grey Monday - perhaps a chance to catch up on the dreaded Housew***!!
I was out and about all weekend, walked 45000 steps in 2 days, saw lots of nature's beauty everywhere and really enjoyed myself!

Today I have a new tag for Wendy's challenge at Tag Tuesday
You still have a week to join in with some fruity apples and pears. My first tag using the new stamps is here.
I used my newly carved stamps again. I stamped the apple three times using distress oxides in candied apple, salty ocean and seedless preserves. After I had cut them out I wanted to place them with foam dots on the background, a strip of yellow wallpaper from a huge book that a friend gifted me, along with 2 others - a wonderful paper treasure! The paper was matted with black and sewed together. Then I couldn't find the red apple. I searched everywhere for it, but had to stamp and cut a new one. I found it hours later, on the coffee-maker!

And you can still have time to join my giveaway here, it will close on Tuesday at 22:00 MET

Today is also Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday link party, so here a warm welcome to all of the lovely ladies of the T gang. Here are some of my drink and food related photos from this week:

I unwrapped the cookie for you:

On Sunday I visited Nelya and she cooked us a wonderful meal - ground lamb with mushrooms and noodles:

Coffee in my fave mug and a Russian praline - which was very delicious:

It has a picture of Putin on it:
I hope I never get offered Trump chocolate or Boris Johnson candies - I could make a long list of other politicians, too:

 Although I bribed the rooster with bread it wouldn't turn round for me:


Scenes along the way:

Loved these family scenes:

A notice to say that the farmer has left a strip of land uncultivated for wild flowers and pollinators - great idea:

The logs are left in the castle grounds to naturally decay to make homes for the insects:

The lion at the castle was enjoying the sun:

The Nile geese have new babies:

And the castle ghost was back again:

Saturday's spooky moon:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Hi Val, good afternoon. Love today's post. I ALWAYS love your posts. Your new tag is wonderful, good to see how you ring the changes with the stamps and colours. Wonderful photos, you have a great eye for catching birds and animals at the right moment. The stone lion in the sun is gorgeous, as are the ghostly moon shots. Will ring you later when P goes out. Hugs, Sarah

  2. Your apple tag is wonderful. The stamp you carved is so delicious! I bought a bag of apples from a local orchard this week. Hopefully, the sentiment on your tag is true. The fish pitcher in the window made me smile. That looks similar to the Gurgling Cod pitcher from Shreve, Crump, and Low, one of Boston's old fine jewelery and gift stores. Love the heart on your beverage and the cow mug. The calves and goslings are so cute. I think that stone lion would look great in my Zensical garden. Awesome pic of the moon. I couldn't see it well as too many trees in the way. Happy T Day.

    1. Thanks! The lion is unfortunately attached to the bridge over the moat, so it might be a tad too large for the zensical garden!

  3. Beautiful tag and the food looks delicious! Lovely pastoral photos today. It is a beautiful harvest moon.

  4. I'm trying to eat more apples -and more fruits and veggies in general- to help keep the doctor away :) It certainly can't hurt :)

    That brightly colored tea set is eye-catching! The bow-tie pasta dish looks tasty. Oh, dear, Trump chocolate is a scary concept. Perhaps for Halloween? ;) The domestic animal scenes are so peaceful :) as is that lovely path through the trees. Your full moon photo is what I tried for lol but with my cell phone.... well, yours is much better.

    Happy T Day!

    1. Trump choccie for Halloween is a really scary thought!

  5. WOW!!! I am impressed with the amount of steps you got in two days!!! My hubby counts his steps, too and you doubled what he had for the same amount of time! He asked me to give you his congratulations, also :)
    Love your second tags, too! Your stamps that you made are great!
    Love those photos especially the moon and the roosters

    Big Hugs xxx

    1. Thanks, and so nice of your hubby to send congratulations!

  6. Another gorgeous tag, Valerie. Impressive hand made stamp!
    And I love your photos of the rooster, the ducks and the full moon!!!
    Hugs, my friend.

  7. Another awesome tag using your own made stamps, you are so clever with the detail when you carve them out.
    All the photos looked wonderful, I especially like the animal families and the very proud looking rooster that you couldn't bribe, perhaps he was hoping you had corn in your pocket.
    Your food looked delicious and I wish you a very happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  8. What a clever way to use that hand carved stamp. I also love that you finished the tag off with your incredible sewing. Wonderful.

    All of your photos of the animals are wonderful. I also like the cows and calves. Family is everything.

    I think one of my favorite shots today is the tree lined and canopied walkway. I would LOVE to walk there. It appears to be so peaceful.

    That tea set is gorgeous. I love the colors, the flower, the bird. The fish pitcher is adorable, too. Great find.

    Lovely looking cup of cappuccino, and the coffee in your favorite mug looks great, too. The Putin truffle had me laughing, but I can't even think of a scenario where Trump and chocolate should be in the same sentence. Thanks beyond belief for sharing your tag, your walks, and your various coffee and cappuccino experiences with us this week for T this Tuesday.

  9. Another lovely post, great to see your art, and all of your photographs.

    I did enjoy the avenue/arch of trees, the family of cows and thought the castle ghost looked very friendly :)

    Enjoy your September days.

    All the best Jan

  10. Another wonderful post Valerie, your tag is great and I always enjoy your walks, the tree tunnel is lovely that would be great to walk through. So good to see the farmer has left a section for wild flowers and bees, we need the bees for our food pollination, it is such a treat to see the wildflowers too. Hope the biscuit was good despite the label!!

  11. Valerie, your step counts are incredible! You inspire me to work out daily, even though I don't have time for so much walking.

    I love your new fruit stamps! Not to mention the colorful "apple a day" tag.

    Thank you for the cookie you unwrapped for us. Yum!

    Wonderful photos! Those steps were really worth it.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  12. Hi Valerie oh i do love your handmade stamps and your tags look awesome,well done my friend.
    Oh wow i love the red teapot set in the shop window,hope your day is a goo one my friend xx

  13. super stamp carving and tag! And your walking steps- wow- awesome!! Of course we all get the benefit of your wonderful photos on these long walks. That is one good looking rooster, and I always love any of the animal pics especially. One day I'll get a cappuccino as tasty and beautiful looking as yours always are:) Happy T day!

  14. Your carved fruit is beautiful on the tag.Such a great theme for the challenge.
    I love the tea pot in that store window. But my favorite is that fish pitcher.
    As usual, lovely pictures from your walk.
    Happy Tea Day,

  15. It does look like beautiful weather from your photos. I love seeing all the animals. Good for you for getting all those steps! I like your newest tag and those stamps. I made a tag today and will post later this week. I'm not sure which T photo looks the yummiest, but not Putin chocolate. Even if the chocolate is very good. Happy T Day Valerie. hugs-Erika

  16. I agree, no Trump or whatsover "goodies" from any politician!!! The apples look great and I am hungry now, too!

  17. LOVE these stamps and each time you use them I
    Great photos and gorgeous photos of the teapot...gorgeous.xx

  18. I am absolutely in awe of your hand-carved stamps! They are beautiful! Well done you! Consequently the tag is great too. The stamps just make it!
    I enjoyed the walk(s) and the coffee. I had to smile at the Putin praline. What will they think of next. I also would spit out any Boris/Donald praline. Don't get me going!
    Aren't those cows beautiful. A lovely scene with the calf. And the geese are interesting. I had not seen those before.
    I said hello to the ghost in the photo: Hi!
    Happy T-Day,

  19. Lovely tag and great photos. Your cappuccino looked delicious. Happy T-Day!

  20. A fabulous tag Valerie, and great photos too! xx

  21. I love your stamped apples and pears. And that chicken close-up is just fabulous!

  22. Wow, your homemade stamps are amazing! I love the tag that you made too 😀. So funny we are both featuring apples this T Day and I'd happily serve you coffee instead of tea anytime for you to enjoy with a slice of my apple cake 😉. The weather has been sunny here too of late although cooler temperatures. That moon sure does look spooky, you could say it's spook-tacular (ha, ha! ... sorry I just couldn't resist 😀). Happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

  23. I love those stamps. Beautiful photography. I am glad I'm drinking coffee as I read your pots.

  24. What a fun piece.
    The rooster is quite a handsome fellow. Loved the cattle family.
    The castle ghost takes amazing photos:)

    1. Yes, that ghost gets around and does a lot! Seems to haunt a lot of places!

  25. Your photos are all fabulous. Love the one of the rooster and would love to walk down that tree covered path in the one photo. Oh, and the food looks great and the drinks. I just ate and I am ready to eat again! Happy T Day. (and thank you for the kind comments on my blog.)

    1. Thanks. I know all about feeling hungry again - happens every time I see food!

  26. Super cool carved stamps! Love the tag you created with them. Lovely bunch of critters your photographed this week. That chicken had beautiful plumage.
    Happy T day!


  27. Another wonderful tag with your homemade stamps, great colours as well. Your photos are great, it's lovely to see where other people live and you do live in a very interesting place.
    Hugs Wendy

  28. Your tag is so so Gorgeous Valerie !! I looove it, love the apples and the quote, here, in Spain, we say the same as you.... eat an apple a day... I´m impressed on your hand carved stamps, they are great, I´ve got the materials for carving a stamp, but didn´t done anything till now. Perhaps one of those next days... :)
    Happy belated T-day (sorry on Thursday ) I ´ve enjoyed your photographs very much, as always, love the cows, the geese, the babies.. and of course, the gohst of the castle made me smile. I wish you a very nice day, and send big hugsssss

  29. So happy to see your amazing hand-carved apple stamp in action again. The colours on the tag are so vibrant - beautiful! Great photos, as always... ahhhh.. the moon!
    Alison x

  30. What a great post! That's a lot of steps you walked! I love your tag and your stamps you made! That chocolate made me laugh! LOL! I love the cows, baby geese and the rooster! Great post!!! Big Hugs!


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