Monday, 9 September 2019

T sTands for Tags, This and ThaT

Hi Everybody!

Hope you all enjoyed a great weekend, and here's wishing you a good week to come! It's cooled off a lot here, so I was able to do lots of walks and enjoy being outside. This morning was really chilly when I got up,  it felt strange after the months of hot and sticky weather!

On Tuesday (well, actually Monday evening!) we are beginning a new challenge at Tag Tuesday. Our wonderful Wendy is hosting this time, and has chosen a seasonal theme - apples and pears. In Cockney rhyming slang 'apples and pears' means stairs, but I think Wendy is expecting fruit. I made a quick tag as I was out and about so much, using images from the Graphics Fairy on a digital background of skeleton leaves:

Hope to see lots of people joining in again!

Today is also time for Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday linky party, so here a warm welcome to all of the lovely ladies of the T Gang.
Recently I accompanied Nathalie to her dentist's which is here in Kaiserswerth on Market Street. The waiting room was a large lounge with a kitchen corner:

Lovely views out of the window:

A priceless coffee machine:

And wonderful coffee, to which we could help ourselves - and I did!

Two of my quick lunches - here a whole wheat sesame roll filled with chicken pastrami, lettuce and cucumbers and some tomatoes and cucumber to accompany it:

This time I used a Dinkel (spelt flour) roll filled with Rambol walnut cream-cheese and accompanied by pointy red peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes -delicious!

And of course, there were lots of coffees taken out and about:

And a very delicious lamb and veggie  hot-pot which Nelya made - served with red wine and water:

 As you can see, it was very tasty:

Some pics taken in Düsseldorf:

A huge rusty nail for Elizabeth:

Photos of the evening sky when I walked home over the bridge after visiting Nelya:

I had to walk fast to get home before the rain started!

Linking to Soma's 'wandering camera'

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Hi Val! Another beautiful post. Your tag is fantastic, the food and drinks all look more than yummy, and the photos are gorgeous as always. Love those beautiful skies! And I can see you in those shop windows! Have a great afternoon, hugs, Sarah

  2. What a wonderful theme for Autumn! and I like your interpretation :)

    Doctor offices I go to might have an ancient drip machine with near-undrinkable coffee and styrofoam cups, but a little coffee station like the one you show? Never lol What a sweet bit of comfort in a stressful time :)

    Your lunch looks delicious, and I love the people-watching glories at your coffee spot :) Happy T Day

    1. We always choose good places to enjoy people watching.

  3. I am so happy for you that you are having cooler weather for your walks and for more comfortable nights for sleeping, I am sure.
    I love the colorful tag with the skeleton leaves background...perfect and gorgeous!!!
    Your photos looked good enough to eat and drink. Of course that doesn't include the beautiful photos that weren't food or drink related :)

    Big Hugs xxx

  4. Lovely Autumn tag Valerie, and great photos! That dentist's looks very fancy :-)

  5. I am in love with Dusseldorf because of your gorgeous photos, Valerie!!!
    Lovely tag!!!!!!!! And I have to say it: I HATE DENTISTS!!!!
    Kisses, my friend.

    1. Thanks Mia, you're not alone with your not liking dentists!

  6. Hi Valerie wow great tag love the fruit,well done my friend,great pics,awesome post xx

  7. A great post to read and of course super photos. The food looked delicious I am not surprised that your plate was empty in the last photo.
    I am not a fan of dentists either, but a coffee machine could help to change my mind and may get me to drink coffee, at least you would feel welcome.
    Happy T day wishes Valerie.
    Yvonne xx
    p.s. Its a fantastic tag as well, I will try to join in this time.

  8. What a charming view from the dentist office. And the food...yum! And drinks...yes!
    Lovely photos as always.
    Happy T day!

  9. Your new tag is amazing. Bounty of the harvest, I suspect. I really like the colors and how well you represented the challenge.

    You certainly have a TON of drink choices today, from the cafe photos to the wine and meal you shared with your friend to the dentist's office. I would LOVE one of those coffee pro machines. Of course, I have no idea what I'd do with it, other than invite everyone to visit. How incredibly different your dentists are than here in the states.

    Your photos are breathtaking today. Of course, I love the rusty nail. It was awesome. You find the best sculptures anywhere and everywhere you go. And those bridge photos were a bit scary. BTW, I loved the photos of the dentist's office where you took them from the window. I am always drawn to beautiful bicycles, which it seems like many people own.

    Thanks for sharing your incredible tag, your wonderful lunches, your numerous drinks, and your adorable photos you shared with us for T this Tuesday. I take it your weather is a bit cooler than mine right now, too.

  10. Beautiful tag, the food looks delicious. The photos are outstanding!

  11. Lovely tag for the new challenge!That is one nice dentist office you visited for sure.Yummy food and drinks- good thing I had dinner already:):) Dusseldorf looks so beautiful- lots of great photos. Happy T day!

  12. So much yummy looking food in this post Valerie. Even with your apples and pears on that great tag. And I have never seen such a nice little kitchen in a dentist office before. Mine doesn't even have a water machine. I love the sky in your photos today too. It is a great perspective! Have a great T day and Tuesday also. Hugs-Erika

  13. Your tag, wow, love that touch of fruity look..your photos are the most spectacular and the food looks too good...xx

  14. Hi, Val! Pretty tag, your skeleton leaves background is so cool. XOX

  15. As always, wondrous piece and pics. Love the dental lounge. I had an oral surgeon that served cookies. That always seemed a bit of an oxymoron to me:)
    Glad your weather has cooled though I wish you hadn't sent the hot this way. Heh.
    Have a great one, Val.

    1. He was clever feeding you cookies more cookies, more caries, more business!

  16. Lovely Fall tag. I don't think I've ever seen a dentist's office with complimentary coffee for patients. That might make going to the dentist more appealing. Delicious looking food. So glad for a walk around the city to burn those virtual calories 😺 I love the reflections in the shop windows and the pictures of the changing skies. Happy T Day

    1. I think they offer the amenities to lure in more customers, there's a ot of competition here!

  17. That is a gorgeous tag, Valerie. The images are 'antique' like the ones you get at the Graphics Fairy. Very pretty and bang on theme. Hubby and I had a contest who could come up with the most rhyming slang words. That was fun. (He won).
    I loved the photos of Düsseldorf and also the photos out of the dentist's window are fab.
    What a lovely touch to have a coffee machine in the waiting room. Although I'm not sure an espresso coffee would calm me down...
    Your salads look wonderful, especially the spelt roll with the walnut cheese.
    Happy T-Day,

    1. That roll was just wonderful, and I am completely hooked on that delicious walnut cheese!

  18. Like you I love fall and your tag colours are gorgeous 😁. Your meals look delicious and I'm loving all those places you've visited and coffees your had too. The rusty nail is fabulous and I enjoyed seeing the shop windows with your reflection in them too! Happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

  19. Your tag has a wonderful fall feel! And oh, you've had some lovely meals these days! And what a nice dentist's office. Nice of you to accompany Nathalie. Happy week!

  20. Your tag is lovely. It has cooled off where I am in the northeast US, too, and it does feel odd after the hot humid weather we had this Summer. The dentist's office and views from it look nice. Your food and coffees looked delicious. Nice photos from your walks. I thought the sky looked like it was threatening rain, and then you confirmed that it was. Happy T-Day!

    1. And I just made it home on time otherwise I would have gt very wet!

  21. Happy Tuesday beautiful post-and your food all looks sooo delicious! hugs Kathy

  22. What a great post my friend!
    I love your tag! So beautiful! Apples and pears mean stairs? Really??
    Your food looks so good! I could eat all those sandwiches! LOL!
    Truly beautiful pictures and the dentist looked really nice! Big Hugs! I hope you are well!

  23. So Wonderful Tag Valerie !! I looove it, the background is super beautiful, and I love the fruits, lovely colours ! Happy belated T-day !!
    Thanks so much for sharing those fabulous photographs from your walks, the coffees and the window´s views, fantastic.
    I wish you a very nice afternoon, some clouds by there, but let´s see if we can see some rain :)
    Sending very big hugssss

  24. I know what you mean about the cooler temperatures. I am so thankful for the fall weather. I don't think I could live down south where it is warm all year round.
    Your tag is lovely. That crackle background is perfect for the fruit.
    What a fabulous dentist office. I wouldn't mind going to the dentist if that is what I had to look forward to. Hot drinks and a view sound like the perfect start to the day.
    Happy Tea Day,

  25. A very nice tag …
    Aren't the skies amazing, great photographs.

    All the best Jan

  26. Lovely tag, Valerie. It delights me to know that "apples and pears" means stairs in Cockney rhyming slang. The only Cockney rhyming slang I've heard was from "My Fair Lady."

    Your lunch plates look delicious and so does the hot-pot that Nelya made. I guess you stay slim from all the walking you do!

    It looks like it was a beautiful sunny day in Düsseldorf ... until the clouds rolled in. Beautiful cloud photos!

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  27. Wow - that skeleton leaf background is pure magic. Hoping to do some playing with apples and pears in time to join in. (By chance, I've got a little watercolour pear I painted a week or so ago, so maybe that can be part of it.)

    Love the rusty nail (can I share it with Elizabeth, please?!), and your skyscapes make me so happy like always.
    Alison x

  28. Great 3D tag, love the dimensional look of it. The reflections on your photos are brilliant. Hugs Wendy


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