Thursday, 27 July 2017


Hi Everybody!

This has been a very busy week for me, so I am looking
forward to the weekend without appointments and with plenty
of time for doing nothing.

Lately I have been making a lot of pieces combining paper, fabric,
sewing and other media. Here I altered an old b/w postcard
from the 1930s (Adagio from Georg Kolbe)  by colouring it with
oil pastels. I gave the hair a coat 
of glossy accents to make it stand out even more. I sewed the
postcard to some recycled card coloured with the same
oil pastel colours. I added some textile embellishments to 
pick out some of the colours, and sewed it all onto some peeled, 
recycled corrugated cardboard, which I sprayed with various
acrylic sprays. I like how this one turned out:

you've got the edge:

For Go Tag Thursday, seaside, and Tag Tuesday, Chrissie's challenge of 
'my fave colour combination' I made a tag using a photo taken
many years ago at the Dead Sea, where I was on holiday. I love the
colours of the water and sky and the creamy colours of the salt
'statues'. I used one of my fave stamps for the quote:

Early morning from my balcony:

Recently I walked with a friend to the neighbouring 
village of Lohausen, and then through the park there:

A plaque commemorating all the trees which were destroyed by 
storm Ela

New trees:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Love the art piece Valerie a great mixtures of the card and fabric to frame the beautiful picture

    Wonder tag with the beautifulnatural colours of a special place for you.

    Great phptographs with a real look at yye area and the various types of dwellings. More amazing plants as well so a bit of everything for us to enjoy

    Hope you have more time to relax

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. waue love that corrugated cardboard. great woman and fab colours.

  3. Fantastic post. I think you took me once to that park, am I right? The photos are gorgeous. The tag is lovely, too, but my fave today is the wonderful alteration, truly a work of art made from an old postcard, you never cease to amaze me! Have a nice evening, and a happy Friday, hugs, Sarah

  4. Amazing art piece, it looks fantastic! Your tag looks wonderful too, I went to the dead sea about 45 years ago, but I do't remember those salt pillars, they look incredible!

  5. Lovely 'Madonna'-like piece for PPF! I like the peaceful colour combo for the tag. Thanks for the tour of Lohausen.

  6. Its a gorgeous mixed media art project Valerie, all the layers are lovey and the picture you altered looks beautiful.
    A fantastic tag as well and I did love the quote stamp you used.
    The photos were all wonderful, I love looking around the area you live in when you share your photos with us.
    YVonne xx

  7. Two wonderful art pieces,love how you altered the postcard and I love to see your beautiful photos too

  8. Oh yes, your painted card turned out so well, love the way you did her hair and I always like to see how you use corrugated card.
    Great sky photos again and I do like the old cottage-type building, the one just after the fluffy seed-heads, I wonder if it is someone's house.

  9. Such a wonderful page with the beautiful colors and textures makes my fingers itch to touch. The salt statue friends pair well with the lovely quote and creamy colors. I enjoyed looking at the pictures from your walk. My favorite is the old couple sitting on the bench. They made me smile and I'm curious. What are they looking at? Enjoy your relaxing weekend.

  10. Love the amazing photo you turned into a lovely tag!! I will have to try making a tag from a photo!

  11. Your creativity has also excelled the limits, each post is so interesting and I love it. Gorgeous photos and they are so interesting. ...lovely...have a nice weekend coming up...

  12. I love it when you mix textures, paper, fabric, painting, everything! Just lovely, as beautiful as your photos!

  13. Your lovely fabric and paper piece is truly a work of art. I so enjoyed it, as well as the lovely sea salt "statues." The photo you added to the tag is wonderful. I wish my old photos were as memorable.

    Your photos from the town of Lohausan are wonderful. Such joy to see and really some lovely areas, including the new trees. How wonderful for their conservation efforts. Loved the photos from the town, too.

  14. I love the mixed media tag, it looks stunning. You have a great place to walk around, I would be sketching everything, we just don't have those old buildings with such charm here in the states. Enjoyed looking at all the pictures.

  15. Nice, what you did with the piece you reworked. Luv the friendship quote. A happy and lazy PPF

    much love...

  16. wunderschön ist deine seite,dein tag ist herrlich und all die schönen bilder in deiner welt sind traumhaft.
    ein schönes we.

    hugs jenny

  17. Eine wunderschönes Bild!!! Ich liebe es deine Arbeit, wie du sie gemacht hast grossartig ausgedacht!
    Tolle und intressante Fotos sind das wieder!
    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Freitag!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  18. I love your altered postcard - she looks amazing, especially framed with the textures of the corrugate and the fabric - it makes for a really exciting piece. Love the salt statues too - what a fantastic photo. Thanks for the reminder you left me - I actually remembered in the middle of the night that I had planned to link up again! Great photos, as always. Thanks for sharing them.
    Alison x

  19. Valerie, I do love how you have been mixing your mediums and textile and substrates,etc. Your pieces are truly mixed media and just thrill me !
    This piece is no exception- I love her!
    Wonderful photos,especially those florals-stunning!
    Have a beautiful weekend dear friend,Jackie xx

  20. Love your altered postcard art as well as your wonderful tag! You have reminded me to think more about sewing on my pieces too:) Gorgeous photos as always,Would love to go into that little church or chapel. Happy PPF!

    1. It's really tiny, but very beautiful, I'll look for some photos....

  21. Beautiful art work with various elements. The color combination is gorgeous! Never having been to Israel, I am fascinated by those salt formations. Wow! That makes a gorgeous tag. Your photos are all so interesting. I learned today that there are blackberries in Germany.

    1. Oh yes, and in a few days they should be ripe!

  22. Beautiful card and so creative and love your photography and what great places ~ ^_^

  23. Great photos, and art! Love the statues of the old couple sitting on the bench. They made me smile.

  24. Fantastic altered postcard art and a wonderful tag!

  25. I think what you are doing with your sewing machine is quite interesting. Your results are beautiful
    Happy PPF

  26. Klasse deine Dame in Gelb und das Foto-Tag mit dem tollen Motiv. Von der Fotostecke gefallen mir die Distelfotos am besten.
    Liebe Grüße

  27. Lovely piece Valerie...the fabric folds are gorgeous too...
    Sweet photos as well...xx

  28. Oh so the green blue and pink combination too! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  29. The Dead Sea must a fascinating place.And I do enjoy your latest tag. The face is amazing and I love the texture. Adding texture from various materials really does make it more interesting, doesn't it? And I just happened to notice our still green blackberries yesterday and yours are ready to eat. You definitely are ahead of us.:) Relax and enjoy your weekend. Hugs-Erika

  30. Wow! This really is fabulous! I love the salt statues tag too! Great to see your photos too! Good to see that Storm Ella is being remembered in this way! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Chrisx

  31. Gorgeous photos! The altered vintage postcard is gorgeous. I really like the effect you got. Thank you so much for joining us at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog!!

  32. Awesome Tag..its so different, great sentiment too.
    Thank you for joining in with this weeks challenge at Go Tag Thursday..xx
    Loving all your photos Valarie...x

  33. I love your use of corrugated board on your card. I make a great material to print with also. And as usual I love your gorgeous photos.

  34. I hope you had a great weekend my friend! I love your tags!! Gorgeous!!! Your photos are amazing!!! You capture everything so fantastic! Big Hugs and Be Well!!


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