Wednesday, 26 July 2017

An owl, a hedgehog, some geese and more....

Hi Everybody!

Hope your week is going well - time is flying by
here as always.

For Paint Party Friday I have a large (A2) mixed media collage
made last week at art group. I did lots of collage, stamping, doodling, painting, stenciling and sewing, and it was fun to make!

I am also linking to Simon Monday challenge, you've got the edge, as I have lots of edges here which were all worked over differently.

And I have another tag for Chrissie's lovely 'fave colours' challenge
at Tag Tuesday - the soft pinks and creams of full blown roses
always touch my heart:

And I got a good bargain from the discounter Lidl this week. Their
special offers included some sewing sets, and so I bought 2 sets of sewing threads for  4,99 each, and now I have enough thread to keep me happily sewing for months. The first set also includes gold, silver and transparent threads,
as well as various colours of elastic. The reels in the second set each have 500
meters, that's an enormous amount.

And today an owl post arrived, almost like in Harry Potter. My dear friend
Chrissie sent me one of her hand-knitted owls, I have called him Ollie,
and Freddie the Hedgie,(also from Chrissie) who has been living here for a couple of years, was really happy to get a companion. They got together
straight away and are now inseparable. And Chrissie is offering one of her 
lovely owls as a prize this time at Tag Tuesday....Just saying!

And these lovely gifts were also in the parcel. Thanks Chrissie,
your kindness made my day!

And last but not least some photos. It didn't rain today,
and the sun came out:

Down at the Rhine the Egyptian geese had settled
in for the day. The heron was really disgusted, and after
a short but loud cuss out the heron took off and the geese stayed
as conquerors of the beach:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. I love your rose tag it's beautiful! And those little knitted characters are so cute! I also love your photos!

  2. Love the collage, so much to see, and the tag is simply gorgeous, really my fave colours. You got some good bargains at Lidl, I must see if they've got it here, too, I could do with some sewing thread. Your new lodger is great fun, too - clever Chrissie! Great photos, glad you had some sun. It was dry here, but no sun yet. Have a nice evening, Hugs, Sarah

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  4. Sorry about the delete my phone can't spell or write sensible words?

    Love the collage with the wonderful colours and such a lot of things to enjoy and admire.

    The tag is very beautiful and nature has such wonderful colours as inspiration.

    Pleased that the furbies like each other and that you like them as well.

    Fantastic photographs with the amazing pink footed geese the standout ones for me today. Pleased it was fine for you as we had rain most of the day

    Have a nice evening

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Fabulous pieces Valerie, I love your collage, fabulous colours and that sentiment is perfect. Your tag is so pretty, I like roses too. I hope your new house guest behaves himself lol. Have a great week, Sue xx

  6. A wonderful collage and I do love your flower tag. Ollie the owl and the hedgie look so happy together - love at first sight - only they've both got male names!
    Great photos and those Egyptian geese look fabulous with their pink feet.
    Have a lovely evening.
    Avril xx

    1. Hmm, these days everything is allowed, and Freddie is short for Frederika....

  7. I love your collage Valerie. I was trying to remember my college German class and I think Geld is money? But maybe not. It looks like you had fun making it with all those images and color. Nice tag too. You also got a couple of really fun little critters in the mail. Chrissies little animals are really cute for sure. Happy day. Hugs-Erika

  8. Fantastic collage piece, the addition of the sewing really gives it the edge!
    Wonderful tag too, and Chrissie is truly one of the kindest bloggers I know! Your photos like always are stunning, - such amazing skies!

  9. Its an awesome collage, I have sat ages looking at all you added to this masterpiece.
    The tag is really beautiful, the colours are lovely.
    Your knitted friends look so happy to be together, Chrissie is wiz at making this cute animals.
    Loved the photos it good that the sun has come back, we have lost it here, its wind and rain again.
    Yvonne xx

  10. What a wonderful energetic collage and the tag is so beautiful! I love the hedgie and owl you were gifted with, they're so cute. Your photos are also lovely.

  11. There is just oddles of energy in your collage! Lots going on and yet it all works together so well. And what a cute pair of stuffies! I'd say that's a very good friend!

    Happy day!

  12. Beautiful collage today and a lovely soft tag! What a wonderful selection of colourful sewing threads too. Chrissie's toys are so cute and it looks like a wonderful day on the Rhine!

  13. Goodness, what an amazing post, where does one start....I will just say it is all SUPER GORGEOUS.XX [aNNie]

  14. I fell in love with your sewn collage. You put everything except the kitchen sink in it. It's got humor, color, passion, and great sewing. I am in awe of it.

    Your tag is beautiful, too. I love roses and this one fits the bill.

    Speaking of bills, I wish I had that kind of luck finding thread at that price. You are SO lucky because you got a fantastic bargain. I would pay that much USD for ONE of those smaller spools. And you got 40! That is amazing.

    Freddie and Ollie look like they are getting along well together. I bet they are glad they found each other. Chrissie makes the most awesome stuffed animals.

    I admit I'm very, very familiar with geese, but have NEVER seen an Egyptian goose, or even one with pink feet. Guess there were several at the Rhine. What a joy to see them. Hope you are having a great day, dear Valerie.

    1. These geese are really very colourful, and very cheeky!

  15. I'm old an need money :-D Ain't that the truth. The threads remind me of paint color swatches. So pretty togther. I'm amazed by the sewing on your page. I can barely sew on buttons. The tag is so pretty. Very romantic.The owl and the hedgehog are too cute. I love your sky pictures. High clouds and contrails againt impossible blue. Beautiful. Have a great day.

    1. The quote was on a postcard I got, I just changed young to old!

  16. A fabulous collage and a beautiful tag and I love Chrissies owl and hedgehog.
    xxx Hazel.

  17. painting, stenciling and sewing my goodnes you have been busy, love all photos and those lovely Owls and hedgehog you make are so so so sweet

  18. awesome journal page, and Love those cute critters from Chrissie just too sweet!
    I always enjoy all of your photos too
    Hugs Kathy

  19. An amazing collage and tag! Wonderful gifts of Chrissie!
    Happy weekend ahead!

  20. Way to go, Chrissie! Aren't those just the cutest? We love our unexpected gifts in the mail:)
    OMGosh look at those horses. So glad they are included in the walk.
    What is that spot on the goose/gander's chest?
    YOU, have a great one.

    1. Yes, happy mail is wonderful, to give and to receive! That spot is part of the colouring, it's not a goose pimple!

  21. Fantasievolle Collage liebe Valerie,da gibt es viel zu entdecken darauf. Das Rosentag ist auch total schön. Igel und Eulchen sind ein nettes Paar und auch die anderen kleinen Geschenke von Chrissie sind liebevoll ausgesucht.Die Nilgänse scheinen sich ja am Rhein auch wohl zu fühlen, schöne Fotos hast du wieder gemacht.
    Liebe Grüße

  22. I love the soft colors of the rose tag - so feminine and pretty!! Such a contrast to the vibrant colors of the collage; fantastic piece with lots of interesting details!! I really enjoyed them both.

  23. The fifth view of your collage is my favourite Valerie, with the chunk of yellow on the left and the circles on the right and you got a bit of stitchery in there too.
    And I luv the photos of the horses.
    Happy PPF

    much love...

  24. Wow! What a fun filled post Valerie!
    So much to take in! I must say, I just love your Rose tag-gorgeous! as if I could smell those blooms!
    What a generous friend you have! Such a sweet gal to send those lovely gifts- isn't this internet a wonderful place to bring us all together?!
    sending hugs and love

  25. gorgeous rose tag Valerie! What a great bargain you got on all those threads-wow. And Chrissy is so thoughtful. Her owl and hedgehog are adorable! Gorgeous photos too.

  26. Lots the sewing on them too..lxx

  27. Brilliant collage and tag! Great Lidl bargains too! The gifts from Chrissie look wonderful! Love the photos of course! Hugs, Chrisx

  28. This is such a gorgeous creation! The collaged elements and the stitching are so fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge. :)

  29. Your art is amazing!! I love both pieces you created! Honestly, do you sleep? LOL! Great scoop on the thread! Love your happy mail!! Those stuffed animals are so cute!!! Gorgeous pictures! Those geese are really interesting looking! Never seen ones like that? Big Hugs!


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