Monday, 17 July 2017

T stands for TIOT and more

Hi Everybody!

On Tuesday we are starting a new challenge at TIOT -
Let your light shine.
As always, projects of all formats are allowed, and you have
2 weeks to link your creations to us.

I have always been fascinated by the sun, moon and stars, and by
Egypt, pyramids and cats, so this journal page came together
very easily. The background was hand painted, the moon and pyramid
are photos, and the figure of Bastet as goddess and cat were 
hand drawn and painted, as was the eye. I assembled it all
in my graphics programme, and added the stars (Mischief Circus)

At Tag Tuesday we are half way through Wilma's cake challenge,
so I made another muffin tag:

The muffin also leads us to Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday,
which is celebrating it's 4th anniversary today -
congratulations! I am looking forward to joining in the
ATC swap.
I have a 'drinks' photo taken on the day we visited the Botanical gardens.
After leaving the gardens, we went to a lovely restaurant
in the middle of a garden allotment colony, and enjoyed
cake, coffee and cold drinks. I'm afraid we only have the empty 
cups and plates to show:

The restaurant was surrounded by beautiful cottage type gardens:

From there we went to Süd Park (South Park!)
There is a farm there with some delightful animals. The farm and park
are cared for by mentally handicapped people, who, under supervision,
 work with the animals, 
do the gardening, and  run a shop and restaurant there:

The goats found themselves a few inches of shadow on a very hot day:

This huge lady was enjoying her midday snooze and did not want
to be disturbed:

The gardens there are beautifully kept, and there are
lots of ponds and lakes:

Tomorrow I will show some of the fluffy  inhabitants
of the lakes.

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Oh what a magical Egyptian piece! I love it. The cupcake piece is very tempting indeed. Your garden photographs are amazing too...

  2. Love the beautiful and atmospheric Egyptian page, really well composed. The cupcake also looks good enough to eat! Great photos, love the water lilies and ducks, and who is the good looking gentleman you were with? Have a nice evening, and enjoy your tea party tomorrow. Hugs, Sarah

  3. Fantastic ideas for Let it Shine. Everything goes so well together..

    Love the tag with the amazing cup cake. They have a beauty all,of their own

    More wonderful photographs of the gardens and the animals. Looks like you had a very nice companion for the food and drink as well.

    Happy T day and sleep well

    Love Chrissie X

  4. I love your take on the TioT's theme. Wonderful Egyptian figures and elements that make this page look fantastic.
    Yes I would take a bite of the cake, its a great tag.
    I loved your photos from your visit to the gardens, the water lilies look beautiful.
    You have been asked the question already, it looks like you had a charming companion that day.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  5. Fabulous Egyptian piece Valerie... great photos of your day out too.. with Prince Charming :)
    Gill xx

  6. I wish I had time to play in TioT this time, but I can't for the life of me seeing a way to incorporate it in my art I'm making for AJJ. I certainly LOVE the eye, the Egyptian history, and the beauty of the pyramids. You have captured it all, just as if I were transported there myself.

    That cupcake tag is wonderful. And yes, I would LOVE to take a bite of it. It's so pretty it is making me hungry.

    I am truly enjoying the photo from the restaurant. A real LIFE (and live) hunk in your post, unlike mine last week.

    I really enjoyed the photos from Süd Park. They made me happy because the mentally handicapped are usually so good with animals, and the animals help calm those who get agitated easily. It's truly a win-win for Süd Park, the "caretakers," and the animals. BTW, is that what I think it is near the foot of the seated duck?

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful Egyptian entry, your adorable cupcake tag, the wonderful time you spent in Süd Park, and your wonderful empty coffee cup with us for T this Tuesday. I'm STILL amazed you (and Chris) get coke in glass bottles. Here it's served in a (usually unless very high end) plastic glass from a dispenser, or plastic bottles/aluminum cans in the vending machines.

  7. LOVE that Egyptian piece so much! Your photos are wonderful as always.

  8. Oh what beautiful gardens-and the goats - Oh how I ADORE them!!! I want at least one...if only... and what a great way to introduce and work with the animals and the handicapped whom I have found to be mostly loving and kind and do so well with animals.
    Your Egyptian piece along with your cupcake tag is super! Wish I had more time to participate in the wonderful challenges. Happy T day!

  9. Lovely Egyptian piece and a pretty cupcake tag today! Those lilies are simply stunning!

  10. das Ägyptenbild ist so schön und dein Muffinsbild ist klasse. Dort in den Botanischen Garten ist es so gemütlich tolle Fotos sind das wieder!
    Schönen Tag wünsche ich dir!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  11. ein wundervolles ägyptisches Bild, auch der Muffin ist klasse und Deine Fotos sind sowieso wie immer super

  12. What a magical page, I love the Egyptian theme and your handcrafted elements are beautiful! The cupcake tag is so much fun and I guess it looks good enough to eat too ... lol 😉. You always take such wonderful photos and I think I could get lost for days on end in those amazing botanical gardens! Happy T Day! J 😊

  13. Great show piece and just love the photos. The handsome man, the ducks and those gorgeous water lilies. xx [aNNie]

  14. Unique art - so beautiful and the photos are amazing as always!
    Happy T-Day!

  15. Loved your art-and so enjoyed all the photos-just wonderful! way back when we used to raise goats-lots of fun
    Happy T Day hugs Kathy

  16. I love the Egyptian themed page Valerie. They loved their stars and moon and even their gold, all of which does shine! And another great cake tag. Its a fun theme I think. And Gunter (I believe that is his name) is a handsome guy. That botanical garden is just gorgeous. Interesting that they have some animals, as did the one I went to in Canada. The ones here that I know of in the US never have any animals, but I enjoy seeing them. Have a great T day. Hugs-Erika

  17. your Egyptian page is amazing especially the Bastet figure. I loved the pictures of the farm and gardens. So colorful. My favorite was the vivid blue feathers on the duck. Happy T Day!

  18. A fabulous journal page and I love your Egyptian theme.
    Wonderful photos of your day in the botanical gardens - and what a handsome companion.
    Avril xx

  19. I just love to visit the gardens with you Valerie... Thank you so much for taking us with you..... Some of your photos make me want to get out my sketchbook and draw. Your journal page is amazing... Especially love the cat that your sketched yourself! Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  20. Oh my, so many delights. The tags are perfect. That park looks like a wonder to go through. Didn't you just have a glorious day. I'm so glad.

  21. great art and loveeee your photos love botanical gardens and ducks..and you just showed that to are a great photographer with a great camera ;O))

  22. So much to see on your blog today! I adore Egyptian art, so very impressed with your renderings of the eye, goddess, and cat - beautiful! Cupcake? yes, please -- so pretty. and your photos are really gorgeous and fun. Happy T day anniversary!

  23. Beautiful journal page, your drawing is amazing. Lovely photos as always, love your blog so much to look at and enjoy

  24. Love the Egyptian art today!!! You always amazing things with these challenges ♥ Great photos from South Park!

  25. Your muffin tag is darling, Valerie! I love your Egyptian take on the TioT theme.

    Thank you for the photo tour through the gardens. As usual,you got some beautiful photos!

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  26. What a perfect take on our theme Valerie! I love Ra -the ancient Egyptian sun god.
    Lula oxo

  27. Looks like you had a wonderful time at the gardens and Sud Park -- I love the photos of the animals so very much! Goats seem pretty sweet. and drinks looks divine! Or at least, your companion does, since the sweets and drinks were devoured already. I do that too, and I always get mad when I do!

    Love both pieces but the Egyptian-themed one really speaks to me. Maybe it's the cats!

  28. What a stunning moon piece Valerie, I don't know how you do it but the colours seem to glow! Your cupcake looks good enought to eat too xx

  29. Hi Valerie, Your tags and page are gorgeous. I love the mix of color and the cupcake is so sweet!!! Your garden photos are incredible. You captured some great photos of the animals. Looks like you are enjoying a wonderful summer. Can't believe July is half over already. Have a great week. xo

  30. Wonderful page with a perfect design for TIOT theme! The muffin tag is adorable too.
    Lovely photos as usual!
    Hugs, Mar

  31. A gorgeous looking Egyptian journal page.
    Love the photographs of the lilies, they are just beautiful.

    All the best Jan

  32. First off, those waterlilies are stunning! Such vibrant colors.
    I also love your Egyptian themed page. I have always been intrigued by Ancient Egypt and I love incorporating the theme into my art. Love your page!

  33. I believe I will need your address so I can send an ATC to you (-:

  34. your egyptian page is truly stunning. and of course i love the cupcake! xo

  35. What a wonderful post! I loved your journal page from the moment I first saw it! It was good to see your photos of Sud Park - looks as though there was quite a bit of shade for you! Belated Happy T Day - I was in meetings all yesterday and today we went to the cinema! Hugs, Chrisx

  36. Hi Valerie, wow you have a lot of T's on Tuesday! Your photos are stunning and put mine to shame too. I also love your post after this, the colourful Thursday post with the wonderful journal and more stunning photos. Happy belated T day.
    Cazzy x

  37. Your photos are gorgeous! So is the muffin tag - what vibrant, beautiful colors!!

  38. I love your Egyptian piece and that cupcake is adorable!! I really love the area you live in! It's so magical and beautiful! Gorgeous photos! Big Hugs!


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