Sunday, 30 July 2017

Sunday post

Hi Everybody!

Today I am sharing one of the paper/fabric collages I have been making 
recently. The background was a painted sheet from my stash,
and I used various scraps of fabric, painted paper and
mirri card. The eye has been printed on a 'skin', made of a mix of gold paint and gel medium, spread onto a piece of plastic and allowed to dry. 
Thenit can be carefully peeled off and stamped or printed. This was just
one of the smaller scraps left over after using the main part, which
you will see another time. The photo is my distant relation, Erika,
taken shortly before she had to flee Germany during the Nazi time.
I have often used the photo of her as a little girl, dressed up in a winter 
coat and fur muff. I had fun using different stitches and doing some
 machine embroidery here.
I am linking to Simon Monday challenge, you've got the edge

And I have another tag for Chrissie's 'Favourite
colour combination' at Tag Tuesday

Here are a few photos taken on yesterday's walk:

The thistles and wild flowers have turned into a thicket:

One of my favourite corners near the Basilica:

In the hospital gardens:

Watching the bales being collected from the field behind my balcony:

 Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Truly a beauty1 And oh how Love your photos! thank you

  2. An interesting technique and a beautiful result with your fabric collage piece. The girl has a wistful expression...very appealing. I love the sunflower peering at the hay bales in the field.

  3. sehr schön ausgearbeitet das Bild mit deiner Freundin eine schöne Erinnerung von früher und deine Frau ist klasse geworden mit dem Spruch!
    Deine Fotos von den Blumen und Landschaft sind wieder so schön!!!
    Lieben Sonntagsgruss Elke

  4. Good morning Val! Just got your mail, the kids are still sleeping, so peace reigns here for another few minutes! The collage with Erika is fantastic, I love all these sewed pieces you have been making. Miss Allard would be proud of you! You have a lot of patience for all those fine and beautiful details. The colourful tag is great, too. My fave photos are those taken from the balcony. Have a great day, hugs, Sarah

  5. Azing mix of wonders on your art project Valerie and a wonderful tribute to Erika

    Another colour tag as well and it is so beautiful. Thank you for all ypur support for my theme

    A field behind your balcony!
    How fantastic that must be. I imagined the balcony overlooking a road that was screened by your Flowers and birds.

    Hope you enjoy today

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. awsome holihocks love your summer pictures and your art is great ;O))

  7. wow,deine genähte seite ist fantastisch und das tag ist auch wunderschön.
    ich mag heute die herrlichen pink farbenen blumen in deinem post,hier regnet und donnert es leider,obwohl regen ja auch was hat.
    ich finde das sehr romantisch.
    ich wünsch dir einen schönen sonntag.

    hugs jenny

  8. An artist, a photographer, a writer, what else are you my friend. Your post is fabulously interesting AGAIN and love your fabulous creation and lovely photo of days gone bye of your this post....xx [aNNie]

  9. This is such a beautiful collage and your tag is fabulous - lovely photos too.
    xxx Hazel.

  10. Lovely colors on your collage. Along with the old photograph, remind me of pictures my dad had where he colored photographs with ink. Your colorful tag pairs well with the photos on your walk. I like the mural painted on the boat. My favorite photo is the hollyhocks framed by the blue shutters. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  11. I'm always impressed with your sewing, but this takes it to new heights. It's a lovely collage and this photo of Erika is fabulous. I love how the collaged images fit the word bloom so perfectly.

    The tag you created is beautiful. Very abstract focal image contrasts nicely with the colors you chose.

    Great photos today, and I really LOVE the hay baler photos.

  12. Your first tag is just stunning Valerie! I love that you use family photos! May I ask what type of paper you print on to sew into?
    The tag is so beautiful- i love the blossom!

    Hollyhocks are one of my very favorite flowers,they remind me of old country gardens....peaceful.

    1. I used glossy photo paper but almost all papers are sewable

    2. I used glossy photo paper but almost all papers are sewable

  13. Love the colors and texture on your creations. Beautiful photos too, the blue on the shutters really pops! I love hollyhocks, perfect in a cottage garden.

  14. Beautiful work for the challenges, enjoy the colour tags. Thanks for sharing the photos, those hay bales make me think fall is just around the corner.

  15. Watching the bales seems fascinating to me.

    I can see why that corner is one of your favorites. :)

    Beautiful artwork, as always! Love the textures.

  16. Diese genähte Collage mit dem schönen alten Foto sieht klasse aus, auch die Perlenstickerei darauf.
    Das Tag ist auch wieder klasse gemacht,ich mag diese stilisierte Figur darauf sehr. Mein Lieblings-Foto ist das mit den Stockrosen und den schönen lauen Fensterläden .
    Liebe Grüße

  17. What a beautiful paper/fabric piece, I love how you incorporate so many elements and seam them together in such a lovely way. Wonderful tag and photos as well!

  18. Hi, I am loving your mixed media piece and it's special too-my husbands grandparents had to flee Germany during that time as well.
    Lovely flowers thanks for shasring

    1. So many people had to flee and escaped with their lives, those who couldn't get away suffered most dreadfully, we all know the outcome.

  19. Gorgeous layers of fabrics on your mixed media page and Erika's photo is lovely.
    Its a super tag, a wonderful silhouette image and fantastic bright coulors for the background,
    Great photos of the Rhine and it must be good having such views for your balcony.
    Yvonne xx

  20. Wow, what an amazing piece, the different stitches look incredible and that bead trip is stunning, the photo is so expressive aswell!
    Also love the tag with that beautiful background!

  21. Wow, that fabric project is fantastic! I love the bold colours and all the different details, and they go so well together with that photo. Thank you so much for sharing another project with us at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge!!

  22. Both the tag and collage are really striking - I love them!!!

  23. I am so glad you frequently use Erika. She is lovely and her story so poignant. Each time you use her image you help keep it alive. I'm so grateful she was able to escape that terrible horror of Nazi Germany.

    Love those blue shutters!

  24. Its cool to see Erika a bit older. I wondered if she stayed in Germany during the war and am glad to hear she didn." It's a great piece and I love how all the different materials work together. Love the photo of the single sunflower by the field too. Happy new week. Hugs-Erika

  25. What a lovely fabric college! So many fabulous colors and textures that have come together.

  26. your mixed media piece is yet another masterpiece. i love the matisse-feeling tag -- gorgeous colors! have a wonderful week! xo

  27. Meisterliche Arbeiten und Fotos! Schöne neue Woche!

  28. The photo of Erika adds a poignant element to your beautiful collage.
    Thank you so much for sharing your lovely walks with us. The blue shutters against the white wall are wonderful. I’m so envious of your balcony. I've always wanted one, the only way I might get one now is when I’m sent off to the old folks home. :)
    Have a good week, hugs Barbara

  29. The photo of Erika just works perfectly within your pieces.
    I always enjoy looking at the photographs you share.

    All the best Jan

  30. Erika looks lovely here Valerie. Was it just the style of photographs at the time that people always looked a little sad, or maybe it was the shadow of what was to come. I love you colourful tag too, such happy colours! xx

  31. Oh my your collage is wonderful in every way! You tag looks brilliant too - what a great colour combination! Oh how I love seeing those tractor photos! Hugs, Chrisx

  32. Meine Güte, was für eine wunderschöne Postkarte, Dein Tag finde ich auch super und Deine Fotos - wie immer - umwerfend.

  33. Gorgeous art pieces!! I love that you use Erika in your art! Beautiful photos!! Stunning colours! Big Hugs!


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