Monday, 19 September 2016

T stands for Tuesday This and That

Hi Everybody!

Hope your week has started well. Here I was very shocked today - I
suddenly heard noise in the back garden, and saw that the
gardeners were cutting down the tree in front of my balcony- I asked them why, and they said the tree was rotten at the roots and not safe anymore. In ten minutes the tree had been  sawn down and chopped up into small pieces - so sad.
The tree gave me shadow, and was a resting and nesting place
for countless birds. I took photos of it, and will show them another time.

Elizabeth is hosting T stands for Tuesday again today, as well as our challenge at AJJ, back to school.
For back to school I have a hybrid piece. I used a vintage image from Gecko Galz, a Banksy stencil of the little girl with her balloon and some digital elements. The little boy, bowed down with heavy books, is dreaming of better days....:

We had wonderful weather while Susi was here, and often enjoyed some refreshments at the ice parlour in Market Square:

Iced coffee with extras.....

Hmmm, Susi likes it:

First taste, looking rather dubious:

Yessss! Delicious....

We began and ended Susi's time here in McCafe at the airport, and I used the
napkin from the tray to make a journal page. And just a reminder, you have one more week to enter the Coffee and cream challenge at TIOT!

And the last photo before she flew back home!

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Wonderful post, love both of the journal pages. Glad you enjoyed the time with Susi, you always looked like you were having fun! Hugs, Sarah

  2. Too cute to see you both. Looks like a marvelous time and yummy confections too. Perfect for a T post and love your school page. That little one looks all hunched over with those books....xox

  3. How wonderful. I adore the AJJ entry for SO many reasons. I like the pencils in the background, but I adore the little boy with all the books he is trying to juggle. This is adorable, as is the Banksy girl letting go of her balloon.

    It was so good to see you and Susi at least one final time together. I know you must have taken 1000 photos of the two of you together, but I'm just thrilled I got to see these. LOVE the iced coffee.

    I have noticed in the past, when I've seen photos of you, that it looked like you wear two different earrings in each ear. Today's second photo was really obvious. Is this your signature style? Regardless, I was in awe.

    Thanks for sharing your AJJ entry, as well as your iced coffee and your McCafe art and final pose of Susi with us for T this soon to be Tuesday.

    1. I always wear just one dangly earring on the right side....

  4. wonderful work for the challenges Valerie! So sorry about your tree, I hope they will plant another.

  5. awe, I really am so happy to see blogging friends get to spend time together in person. Such wonderful memories to keep. Poor little boy in your journal page. I think he needs a hug and a snack:)Thanks for sharing all your great art, your lovely town and your time with Susi! Happy T day!

  6. First of all, the tree story made me sad. Your shade and those birds...:( That boy in your journal page looks like some of the kids at school who carry all their book around in their backpacks. They will be bent over before they are 25. But sometimes there isn't any choice if we teachers give sign them out big books. :) I love seeing all your photos with Susi. It looks like you both had a wonderful time and lots of coffee. That quote is true, and maybe if coffee could solve my problems I would drink it. Ha-ha. Happy T day. Hugs-erika

  7. Love to see you girls.I am glad you had a great time together! Your journal page is so adorable!I am sorry for your tree, It must be very sad to see it being cut down.

  8. Liebe Valerie,
    geniale Bilder, egal ob "zurück zur Schule" oder Kaffeebesuch, ich kann mich gar nicht satt sehen.
    Ich kann mir sehr gut vorstellen, dass du diesen Baum vermissen wirst, ich liebe Bäume.
    Es freut mich so, dass Susi und du eure gemeinsame Zeit genießen konntet.
    Lg und einen sonnigen Tag.

  9. Der arme Baum Valerie - echt ne Gemeinheit !!
    Deine Seiten sind beide total schön. Der arme kleine Junge, der kriegt sicher mal nen ganz schiefen Rücken!
    Ich glaub ich flieg gleich wieder zu Dir, ich vermisse Dich und Deine Frühstückstafeln und Kaiserswerth.
    Happy T-Day!
    Ich geh jetzt erst mal eine große Hunderunde...
    obwohl die beiden hier immer noch auf der Couch schnarechen als wär es mitten in der Nacht! Einen gesegneten Schlaf haben die beiden wahrlich- die könnten Dir ein wenig abtreten davon!


  10. Love your pages Valerie, you really do have a never-ending talent to come up with gems like this. Love the picture of your day with your friend. Hugs Rita xxx

  11. Oh, I think I could be converted to coffee as that iced coffee looks so yummy! Sorry to hear about your tree, it must have been such a shock! I'm so pleased you and Susi had so much fun, your coffee and cream page is a wonderful way to remember the happy times you spent together! Your Back to School journal page is lovely too, I love the pencils and Banksy images :-). Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  12. So sad to hear that your tree has gone. I am sure the birds will still visit your balcony.

    Love the page today and the black ground shows everything so well

    Beautiful photos of you and Susi. And a big tank you for sharing your fun with us

    Love Chrissie xx

  13. Gorgeous pages. The iced coffee looks amazing and you both look so happy. How lovely Susi could come to visit. hugs, Donna

  14. Your visit with Susi is a glorious T-time post. Those drinks look great and I don't even like coffee!

  15. Fabulous pages Valerie, its a shame the tree had to be cut down,
    Just a short visit to say Happy T Day.
    Yvonne xx

  16. I'm really sad to hear about the tree. Trees take a generation to grow and it's very sad when they have to be chopped. I wish I could speak 'tree'. They would have so many stories to tell.....
    That ice coffee looks delish! I think I'll come over too. I'm so glad you and Susi had a wonderful time.
    Your 'Back to school' page is great.
    Happy T-Day,

  17. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time Valerie. I wish i could say i liked iced coffee...You two definitely make it look yummy. Love your artful pages girlfriend. Hugs! deb

  18. Such fun to SEE you and Susi!!!
    How wonderful that you got to visit together.
    I have missed so much not being plugged in lately.
    The loss of your lovely tree makes the third one I've heard about in a week.
    SO sad about your tree.
    One friend had to have a huge oak tree taken down because it was hit by lightening. My acupuncturist has a big old cherry tree fall on her house.
    She was shocked because the tree showed no signs of being unhealthy until it fell over and revealed what was going on. Sounds similar to your tree. It will take a while to get used to the stark landscape I'm sure. Hopefully they will plant something fast growing so your birdies have a "new" place.
    Sending (((hugs))) and wishing you a Happy T Day liebe Valerie oxo

  19. I like my coffee hot and black......but these photos could convince me that I am defiantly missing a wonderful treat......just look at you happy faces!!

    Perfect AJJ page. Happy T-day

  20. Sorry about your tree:(
    I loved that you used a napkin for your journal piece. It turned out great.
    That last picture of Susi is really a good one.

  21. What a lovely setting for a treat. It's a sad day when visits end.

  22. oohh eiscafe,yummy,ich liebe ihn,mit ner vanilleiskugel drinnen,mmmhhm :-)
    deine seite ist toll,der arme junge,der wird später ganz krumm gehen.
    einen schönen abend.

    hugs jenny

  23. Losing a tree is always sad :'( Hopefully they will plant another at least. Love seeing all of the photos of you and Susi ♥ Have a great week !

  24. So sorry to read about the tree - I suppose the tree experts know what they are doing! The other Summer Tony was out in the garden at the caravan when a tree across the road just fell over - a lovely sunny day with no wind! Your journal pages are both wonderful as are your photos! Hoping to catch up tomorrow! Hugs,Chrisx

  25. finally my guests are back home again and i find the time for a belated t-day blog hop...
    haha, an Coffein hat es euch offensichtlich nicht gefehlt diese Woche. und an spaß auch nicht, wie schön!!

  26. Awe! So sad to hear about your tree!! I hope they are replanting one? Such a shame or the wildlife!(and you)
    I just love all the photos of you and Susi sharing your coffees! girls after my own heart! xo


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