Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Back to the middle ages

Hi Everybody!

We are still enjoying wonderful autumn weather here,
each day is really a gift.

For Art Journal Journey, Elizabeth's theme of 'Back to School', I have another
hybrid piece which takes us back to the middle ages. The students do not look very happy, and teachers were always very strict:
(Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

On Sunday when I was in Neuss I walked along the remains of the town walls from the middle ages, which can be seen along the river Erft.

And there were a lot of things to look down at (and I don't mean my sneakers!):

This is the Hamtor, one of the two original gates which can still be seen:

There were several models;

Here you can see the model with the real gate in the background:

I still have a lot of photos, and will show them bit by bit.

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Another wonderful 'learned' journal page, those kiddies really don't look happy. The photos are wonderful, you have a good eye for the beautiful corners wherever you go. Hugs, Sarah

  2. What wonderful art! You combine images beautifully. Your photos are also lovely, what a beautiful place to walk...

  3. Neuss is so charming, beautiful old walls, thanks for sharing! Lovely 14th century learning page too.

  4. Valerie, I love the new header and the journal page for school in the middle ages. Your photos of Neuss are fabulous and you captured some magnificent shots of the area and parts of the original wall. I also enjoyed the artifacts you shared on your blog yesterday. It is interesting that every city has a fountain or fountains. Some are more beautiful than others but each has its own character and story to tell. Thank you for sharing them with us. It's ice cream time for me.
    Love hugs,

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the AJJ entry as it fit so well with the photos from Neuss you shared with us today. Your art certainly had that old world feel to it. It was wonderful.

    I am really enjoying these peeks at a new town, and Neuss has some gorgeous statues and original wall. Loved the arch and the model of the arch, too. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

  6. Eine tolle historische Schule-Seite hast Du gewerkelt und die Bilder von Neuss sind spitze. Toll das Modell und das Original auf einem Bild einzufangen! Super!
    Happy Wednesday Valerie!
    Genieße das schöne Herbstwetter. Bin immer noch müde vom gestrigen Haushaltsmarathon, möchte aber später, wenn es wärmer wird heute den Garten in Angriff nehmen.


  7. Shades of the Venerable Bede!

    Love city walls. I drew the gateways (they call them "bars'") around the city of York.The prints from them were very popular.

    Your photographs are, as usual, excellent. Thanks for sharing.

  8. A great medieval page Valerie and I agree those students don't look too happy! Beautiful photos from your visit to Neuss and I'm glad you got good weather.
    Avril xx

  9. Medieval times always intrigue me!
    Thank you for sharing more wonderful photos and your page captures medieval school days brilliantly liebe Valerie.

  10. Great journal piece. I bet school was tough back then.
    Lovely pictures. They give such a feeling of serenity.
    Have a good one.

    1. School is probably always tough, but it must have been really bad back then!

  11. Great journal piece and I LOVE the photos of the old 😃

  12. Great journal piece and I LOVE the photos of the old 😃

  13. Another great page, wonderful photos and it looks as if you are having fun with new blog headers too!

  14. I don't think todays children, nor myself could have been happy at school back then, its a fabulous page.
    The photos look amazing, you share with us the most interesting details and things you've seen , when you are out walking.
    Yvonne xx

  15. A wonderful journal page, I'm glad I didn't go to school in those times, great photos, Neuss looks like a very interesting place.
    xxx Hazel.

  16. I am loving these photos. What a cool place. Those walls are beautiful. And Middle Aged art is very interesting and I love your piece. Its a clever idea for this theme. It was a fun month, wasn't it? Hugs-Erika

    1. Yes it was, and I think especially fun for those of us who are/were teachers.

  17. I'm very fond of your pieces in the Middle Ages style. Beautiful and nice and unique interpretation for the theme. And those stone walls -- WOW!

  18. Love you page Valerie - I do love the Illuminations of the Middle Ages. Most of all I love your pictures. I enjoyed them so much I went through them twice and will probably do so again! One of my favorites is the fountain.
    I lived in Bologna Italy and Bologna has several "doors" from the middle ages. The one I remember most of all was Porta Saragozza. Oh how I loved living in Italy. I am definitely European at heart.
    Thanks for all of your lovely pictures Sugar!!
    Sandy xx

  19. I love this mediaeval page and the connection with the photos you have taken! Chrisx

  20. Wow! Your leaves are really coming down fast- ours are just starting to fall!
    I like those medieval pictures you use- quirky and interesting.
    Great photo spread- love the textured stone walls! hugs


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