Sunday, 18 September 2016

First day at school

Hi Everybody!

Hope you have had a good weekend. Today was cool and 
rather misty here,
but it was pleasant after all the hot days we had. 
I went out early for my walk,and the streets were almost deserted, 
which I also like.

For Elizabeth's 'Back to school' challenge at Art Journal Journey I made a page using a photo of me taken on my first day at school:

I was surprised to see the trees in front of my window looking so autumn like when I looked out this morning:

The Market Place was deserted:

This old 'fire telegraph' is on the corner of one of the streets here. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and saw that is an apparatus built at the end of the 19th century by Siemens and Halske. Inside it there was a handle which you had to turn to set off an alarm by the Fire Brigade:

Another almost deserted street: 

And the trees are turning colour fast:

 Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Lovely page, you were a little cutie! Great selection of photos, the fire telegraph is very interesting, I've never seen one before! Have a good new week, hugs, Sarah

  2. What a gorgeous photo of you...sweet and soulful...such beautiful art!
    Love the Autumn magic you have shared..such super beautiful scenes...inspiring!
    Wonderfully uplifting post..thanks for sharing my friend!

  3. Oh what a fabulous page and such a delightful photo, - gorgeous vintage colouring!
    Autumn truly seems to have arrived in your beautiful corner of the world....Great photos!

  4. what a cute photo of you! It does look very much like fall there already, I saw a few fallen leaves myself today.

  5. Good evening, Valerie. Two more fantastic blog posts with beautiful photos. The Miss Jones page is exceptional and then YOU on your first day of school, a darling photo and journal page.
    The photos you shared on both days are marvelous. I loved the blue heron, the old fire alarm fixture and the lovely autumn shots of the trees already changing colors.

  6. Oh my goodness, Valerie. I can't believe the change in the trees and seemingly overnight. We are supposed to get in the mid 90s F (34ish C) this week, so summer is still in full force here.

    You were truly a lovely girl, and I can see how you attracted such a handsome husband. I am convinced that 10s attract other 10s.

    Thanks for this wonderful new AJJ spread. It's a genuine beauty. And thanks for the scenes from the marketplace, the streets, and the roads in your town where autumn has truly arrived.

  7. Autumn has that knack of sneaking up on you when you least expect it. Then rewards you with such fantastic colours. A bit like aging - from school to retirement - each stage with its surprises and rewards.

    Lovely photographs, as usual.

  8. Such a beautiful little girl on your page today Valerie and you haven't changed at all. Now I want to find a photograph of my first day at school but I am not sure I have one as I was almost 7 before I went to a proper school.

    Can't believe how quickly autumn has arrived where you are. I am sure we won't be far behind as it has turned quite cold now and raining again.

    The Fire Telegraph is a wonderful find. I just love seeing things like that. Thank you for sharing your walk

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. Gorgeous page Valerie. I do love Autumn with all the glorious colours it produces. Wonderful pictures as always . Enjoy your Day. Hugs Rita xxx

  10. Stunning autumn colours, we are feeling the seasons change here as well. Look at your all bright and happy on your first day of school the start of an adventure that never ended! XOXO

  11. You were a cutie! You look very excited, and I bet all excited for school. Nice page. And the leaves are getting some beautiful colors. Well Thursday is the first day of autumn so I guess it is that time. Plus get a little gray in the sky and those colors pop. Happy new week. Hugs-Erika

  12. So charming to see you on your first day at school, the hair-style is one I recognise, the side parting and the hair-bow.
    You are autumny over there - we haven't started yet.
    I like the iron fire telegraph, of a different age.

    1. And keep meaning to say how much I like your header, so colourful and jolly.

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  14. Das ist ja entzückend! So eine süße Taferlklasslerin!
    Wunderschöne Foros heute Valerie.. ich krieg Fern/Heimweh nach Kaiserswerth!


  15. How adorable you are in that photo!! What a little sweetheart! hugs

  16. A lovely photo of you when you started school Valerie, you have made a fantastic page.
    beautiful photos of the leaves starting to change the colours for autumn.
    Yvonne xx

  17. What an adorable photo of you and you made a great page for it :)'s getting very fall like around here too :( So not ready for the summer to end :( Great photos and I love the Fire Alarm!!!!

  18. Hi Valerie, I just love the design your created for back to school using your own precious pic. You looked so darling in your sweet smile going off to school. Love this!!
    Your photos around town are lovely. Fall has blessed you with gorgeous color there.
    We will not see those pretty leaf changes just yet so it is inspiring to see your photos. Have a wonderful week and Happy Creating. xo

  19. Awww, what a sweet face and wonderful art. Your photos are so beautiful too.

  20. Oh my gosh, weren't you the cutest little thing and of course still are:)
    I enjoyed our walk:)

  21. You were so cute as a little one. That's a beautiful picture. And as always, I love joining your walks via cyber world. Thank you for sharing the story of what the old metal box was used for. Everything here is brown from the drought we've been in forever it seems. I look forward to Fall rain and some colors. It's beautiful where you are and the walk was so pretty. Hugs, Rasz

  22. What a cutie you were with that big flower in your hair. You sure looked happy to be starting school. hugs, teresa

  23. First of all, what an adorable child you were! That is the most wonderful photo -- best smile!

    I love seeing your early color. I know what you mean about being surprised when the trees begin to turn -- all of a sudden you realize they aren't the same as they were. It's lovely, though.

  24. What a fabulous page - what a sweetie you look! Autumn certainly looks as though it has arrived by the Rhine - we are just getting leaves turning colour here. I think it will be a colourful Autumn! Hugs,Chrisx


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