Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Autumn foliage

Hi Everybody!

Today we are starting a new challenge at Moo Mania and More -
Autumn Foliage.
This is very fitting just now as the leaves are beginning to turn
and are showing their autumn colours.
The background has been brayered, stamped and given a sprinkle of brushos sprayed with water. The herons silhouette was made from my photos taken here at the Rhine, and the leaves and fungi were added digitally.
Projects of all formats can be linked, and you have 2 weeks to show your creations.

I am still sad that my tree was chopped down yesterday. It all went so quickly:

And this was all that was left over afterwards

And here a few of the hundreds of photos of 'my' tree taken at  various times:

Have  a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. such lovely autumn inspiration! i shall hope to play at moo mania on this theme. i'm sorry for the loss of your tree. i hope the wood will be of use somewhere. take good care. xo

  2. Love your warm coloured autumn page, really glowing and gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the photos, I know how you miss your tree. Hugs, Sarah

  3. I love autumn colors! They are so beautiful, as is your piece, the birds look so lovely there. I'm sorry about your tree, it's hard to lose a tree.

  4. Oh your view is going to be so different without your tree. We had 3 trees cut down on our street last week as the roots were lifting the pavement. the herons look lovely silhouetted on your autumnal page and the other birds seem very happy with their treats! Xx

  5. wonderful new theme, and a beautiful piece! They simply must plant you another tree, I feel your pain.

  6. Deine Arbeit zum neuen Thema bei MMM ist wunderschön - das strahlt so toll... großartig! Dein armer Baum , Du und all die Vögelchen werden ihn sehr vermissen, das glaub ich Euch gerne!
    Hab einen schönen Tag Valerie!

  7. Great art, Valerie, such dramatic colours ... love it!

    The tree, cut and logged is tragic. A tree felled and its timber used to construct something like ... say ... a boat! ... is a continuation of the tree in another life.

    1. That's true, 'my' tree was chopped for firewood....

  8. Sad to see the tree went so quickly after it took so long to grow to that size. Birds love you and will still gather on your balcony I am sure.

    Such a wonderful page today with the autumn colours shining through and the wonderful images as well.

    Great photographs you have to keep of the tree and what you offered to you and the birds.

    Lovve Chrissie xx

  9. Your autumn inspired art is fantastic. I love the warm and inviting colors I think the foliage theme is wonderful and your art pays great tribute to it.

    How sad about the tree. It will certainly not be the same from your window and balcony, now. At least the birds will still know where to get food and find a place to rest.

  10. A beautiful page Valerie, love the black silhouettes against the vibrant background.
    How sad about the tree, your view must look so different now, hope the birds are not too disorientated by it.
    Avril xx

  11. I wonder what is out of your window now? I would miss that tree. Your retrospect of photos is great, but sad too. Also loving your nature inspired autumn piece. It is gorgeous. Those bold background colors are fabulous. :) Hugs-erika

  12. Such great pictures!

  13. Gorgeous colours on your wonderful journal page. I love trees and always feel very sad when they are chopped down - lovely photos.
    xxx Hazel.

  14. Such sad photos of the tree's demise! It does look as though the centre of the trunk was rotting though - hopefully they will plant another soon. Are there other trees still around in your area? I love the new theme and I do love your page with those fabulous herons! Hugs, Chrisx

  15. I hope you have other trees nearby for the birds to perch on? It is so sad to see these pictures, what a shock that must have been, and the tree has gone just like that. As Chris said, I did notice the tree looked bad in the middle but that is scant consolation.
    Your Autumn Foliage piece is a masterpiece with the leaves, the mushrooms and the warm glowing colours.

    1. Thanks Sheila. There is another tree to the right, and the bushes and trees at the back of the garden, but it's not the same!

  16. Camus quote is fabulous as is your page depicting it Valerie. I know about your sadness regarding the tree. We had a beautiful flowering mimosa in our yard which I loved.It looked and smelled so sweet. And yes it was a bit diseased; but one day a nasty storm came and took it down:( Your photos of your tree and the birds are everlasting though.

  17. NICE piece!
    As always, love the pictures.
    Poor tree:(

  18. ooh was für eine schöne seite,der hintergrund sieht wie flammendes feuer aus.
    und ja,der arme baum,das glaube ich dir das du und die vögelchen ihn vermissen werdet.
    tolle bilder hast wider gemacht vom mond und dem sonnenutergang,einfach traumhaft,die niedlichen piepser sind goldig.
    einen schönen donnerstag.

    hugs jenny


  19. Love the art today :) The colors combined with the herons makes it a favorite ♥ Still sad for you and the loss of your beloved tree.

  20. This really speaks to me, Valerie. I love the various layers and then just the silouhettes of the birds.

    I suspect you will miss that tree a lot. I loved the photos but they made me sad, too.

  21. Your page is spectacular. I love the bright orange light. hugs, Teresa

  22. Such a beautiful page! I love the combination of both medias!
    oh my heart is sad to see such a fabulous tree cut down- so sorry Valerie "(


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